Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Got these leftovers free to whoever wants to collect from south london.
    Loathe to just Chuck them
    Middle bottle is some t-cut.
    All bottles half to three quarters full.

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  • Fair enough, just wondering what I’m going to do once I start commuting and it’s raining all evening or something.
    I guess it’s not really worth worrying about.

    Eventually I might build some kind of shelter.

  • FYI the brake fluid will have absorbed water once opened so isn't of any use. So it needs to be deposed of at your recycling centre.

  • There's a link to a cover brand JC or JS something? in here relatively recently. And they advertise their covers as being exhaust proof.

    No idea if the claim is true.

  • Thanks, they’ve been sitting on a shelf for a while.
    I’ll dispose of the brake fluid

  • Hmm….that explains much.

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  • Jeez - well at least now you know.

  • Was the filter hard a crispy too like my SRAD? Orrible job but always gives you peace of mind.

    Currently on holiday in Nice but before flying bought my usual bike mag from Smiths at the airport. Had no idea Katanas had got so expensive, probably only me though. Never ridden one and maybe I'm getting old but can see the appeal for sweeping A roads if you have deep enough pockets. I'm a sucker for anything in the Team Classic Suzuki/Vintage Parts Programme livery.

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  • Have a look at the Motorbike Show - they are restoring a Moto Martin GSXR.

  • Can’t say I enjoyed today, but I kept it upright for the whole day of riding. Super long, more like endurance than enduro. A couple guys crashed countless times. Some seriously rutted and gnarly lanes, but here’s a shot someone took of me doing a chilled uphill on the tractor.

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  • Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on them coming back in stock!

  • I found a bike under all that dirt!

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  • Nah, still had squish. The high pressure filter yielded black goop too! Bikes been out of commission all summer.

    There’s a few people I used to follow on Instagram with Katanas. It’s got a proper cult following over there. Some of the examples are lustworthy.

    @hanford to the point the injectors were destroyed.

  • My bike’s been fucking nicked already.
    Fucking fuming

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  • Aw shit mate, that is fucking terrible. Where did it get nicked from?

  • Fuuuuucks sake. Really really sorry to hear that mate. It’s an absolute bummer.

    From multiple experiences, keep an eye out around the neighbourhood. Initially, it’s not likely to wander around far.

    Sadly though, they disappear quick. One of mine ended up in Bulgaria.

    Really sorry man.

  • Unfortunately it was in my front yard, had been unable to install my ground anchor yet as I didn’t have the tools yet and so it’s just been lifted with the locks still on it.

    I shall be popping a ground anchor in the back yard next time. Just hoping it gets found.

    All involved deserve to stub their toe at least once everyday of their life.

    If any of your are on Facebook a share would be much appreciated.­s/10226972476881881/?d=n

  • I’m still within my cooling off period for my insurance for the next couple of days, should I just try and cancel it? I had to go with the cheapest option (MCE) so it’s pretty much pointless trying to claim as the excess was so high.

  • Up to you but the cost of insurance will go up for the next 5 years if you make a claim so, over that period, I'd say it's more than likely not worth making a claim and just cancelling it.

  • Am I allowed to cancel it though rather than make a claim if it’s been reported as nicked? Can’t find anything online about this, but it seems well within my rights?

    Making a claim isn’t really an option as you’ve mentioned it’s not worth the pay out.

  • You don't have to make a claim for something that's been stolen - same goes for if you get your TV nicked etc on your home insurance or if you bash a kerb with your car. The only time you're obliged to use insurance is for 3rd party claims which this isn't.

    I would cancel, get something new and lock it up / keep it out of sight.

  • Yeah, looking at citizens advice says cancellation within 14 days “for any reason” so I’ve cancelled it.

    That’s the plan.

    Ground anchor or 2 in the back yard.

  • Got some time on your hands - this is worth a look.­ny-kannonball-kannenberg-collection-auct­ion/motorcycles/lot/?orderby=lotnumber

    Look for Gas Monkey on YouTube for a lot more info etc. Now to buy my lottery tickets …

    One of the YouTube links - brand new CBX features towards the end of the vid.

  • Don't really have any official dealer experience, so apologies for the basic question but... does anyone know if an independent dealer who sells Hondas would likely sell a new bike cheaper than an official dealer? Just trying to understand who is more likely to offer a better price.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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