Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • FYI ill be driving back from Spain in October, if you find something on wallapop. Prices here are reasonable

  • Very kind, thanks a lot. Reckon realistically I won't be able to pounce on anything Oct earliest.

  • Challenge accepted.

  • Arghhhh! Fucking VIN number on the Duc was buried under powdercoat and the stupid CA DMV want to inspect it to re reg. Had to strip a patch off with Aircraft remover. Urgh.

  • First ride in over 10 years on this - felt like I was back doing my cbt! Couldn’t even remove a hand to lift my visor whilst moving. Nearly went straight on at the first bend, forgot how much effort it needs compared to a bicycle

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  • Aircraft remover

    Seems a bit OTT!

  • Congrats!

    The silver finish of the back of my license plate bothered me (first world problems I know) so I dipped it.

    Blends in with the holder now instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

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  • Looks great mate well done!

  • Nearly went straight on at the first bend

    I did exactly this on my CBT... first turn on the main road, tried to handle it like a push-bike. Ended up on the pavement in front of someone's fence.

    It did serve as a very quick way to learn, though.

  • Had something similar on a ZXR400 test ride with the seller watching, although had never ridden a sports bike before. Horrifically underestimated how large the turning circle was.

  • That's a really fucking nice one 👌

  • Counter steering is the one for making a heavy bike turn quicker

  • thanks, bit tatty when you get closer - its done 46k! going to have a go at 'making good' over winter!

  • not a heavy bike compared to my last 2 pan european and r1200gs! but definitely heavier than my bicycle...

  • One of the best sounding bikes ever with the naughty pipe too!

  • Anybody else tried the various snake oils being sold by Liqui Moly?

    The XJ600 hasn’t had a carb clean in forever, certainly not in the >4k miles I’ve put on it since March, possibly never in the 13k it had on the clock before me. There was definitely rust in the tank and I have definitely not bothered to strip it and be without the bike for a fortnight to do a molasses/vinegar/whatever treatment. Plan has been to do it sooner than later, sort the tank then clean the carbs properly.

    In the mean time it’s run only V-Power, unless I’m caught refuelling away from Shell. I was warned against using Redex, there was anecdotal evidence of it glazing carb surfaces if nothing else.

    I did, however, use some. It seemed to shift the deposit I could see in the in-line filter. There’s always been a bit of a stutter in the rev range that seemed like a partially clogged jet. It was consistent - one gear higher than necessary, cruise at low revs, crack the throttle to accelerate, get a gurgle. After a bottle of Redex that has got a lot better.

    At a preferred moto gear outlet today I bought the 4T fuel system cleaner shot thing, 80ml of Liqui Moly placebo. I was 60 miles into the fresh full tank and had the same distance home.

    The way home the bike seemed a lot more lively and responsive. Revs picked up faster and it stopped feeling like an unloved 25 year old bike.

    So, am I the only one stupid enough to waste money on miracle cures? Or am I the only one who felt a noticeable difference?

  • I've never had any luck with the carb cleaning magic juices - not tried that one though.
    Citric acid works a treat on tanks and is cheap - doesn't need much more than overnight.

  • Yea, I always assumed they were bad money spent to make the lazy feel like alchemists.

    It made the XJ feel like the little engine that could, so it definitely helped shift something.

    Citric acid sounds like a winner then. Might loom into that.

  • I can't find the name of it, but there's one that WeMoto keep on the counter and I've used it a couple of times. I feel like it's helped in the past but I imagine its just as effective as feeling faster in new bibs and jersey

  • I've had good results with Bilt Hamber Hydrate-80 for rusty petrol tanks.

  • Bilt Hamber Hydrate-80

    The read-up looks good. I’ll add it to the maybe pile.

  • It does sound great, much better than my vtr1000 but that had standard pipes

  • Back in our place in Ireland so today has been Honda exhaust remains removal day.
    Tools assembled; pry bars, mole grips picked up from town this morning and a blowtorch.
    After significant heat application, the new mole grips proved worth the fourteen euros and the stub of exhaust came out, the wee bastard!
    Next stop new exhaust fitting when we get back from the beach.

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  • Are there any fixes for hot exhaust vs covers?

    The guy I bought my bike from at some point has put the cover on too early after riding and melted a little bit of the cover onto the exhaust.

    At the moment I’m just trying to leave it a while before putting the cover on it or putting it on and keeping the exhaust out for a while before putting it on fully.

    Im assuming this is the only way around the issue, unless better covers are exhaust resistant somehow?

  • I believe putting the cover on when the bike is hot is bad for condensation so should be avoided for that reason too.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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