Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Spotted tonight

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  • Banging. With no locks though!

    @MementoMori One of your fellows

  • Yeah the tricolore vibe is a bit too strong on that for my personal liking. No lock at all, not even on steering lock!

    I took mine out yesterday after work, tried the Kriega waist pack which is ace.

    Another snap at my favorite fuel station.

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  • Banging.
    How are your summer evening rides out? You seem like a photo freak, so can you share some?
    How's the waist pack, thinking of getting one.

  • Not the same as the waist pack, but I have a Kriega Hydro back pack (with the 3lt bladder.) It's pretty awesome for hot day rides, you can take a sip whenever you like and it still has room for a phone, wallet, etc. You don't notice it at all, even if it's full.

  • Pack’s great so far.

    The Fuji camera that I use (X100V) fits like a glove with some room to spare.

    I do like my photography but so far haven’t shot much other than what I’ve posted. From now it’ll happen more often as the waist pack allows me to always bring the camera.

    I tend come back home from work rather late these days and it gets dark around 2100 here so I try to squeeze in an hour every now and then. I’m planning to take it out to the Dolomites for a day or what in August.

    I aim for the hills during the evening rides, simply get acquainted with the bike asap.

  • One down, fingers crossed it works. On to the next…More fixing than riding recently which ain’t my style!

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  • I am vaguely keening that if I get the RM250 finished, I have all my 2 wheeled needs covered so shouldn’t have to do anything for a bit…famous last words, natch.

  • Much jealous. Very ride.

  • Had a mini-yeet on the Sherco this morning. Shame it wasn’t on camera. No harm done but it’s definitely becoming apparent ‘if you aren’t falling off you aren’t trying hard enough’ …!

  • Booked my CBT the other day (second time but I never bought a bike after the first one)
    Finding somewhere to do my DAS quickly afterwards is proving difficult though :(

  • least on the Sherco, you're never going fast!

  • The bruise is bigger from the Sherco than from Sunday on the DR… but the body aches a lot less!

  • Keep on pushing. It's a little wild out there.

    lowbrows came out of the other side and is wheeling. By the by @lowbrows how are things going?

    @jambon You tracking this year?

  • Get your theory booked right away. No matter what, get it booked and done. That way you can breeze through a DAS once someone has dates for you.

  • Good question. Probably not on the RSV, but may do with the SRAD if I get my act together and replace the 15 year tyres. Will let you know though.

  • @hp93 100% this.
    @Chak All good- going to play off-roading over the weekend, and managed my first bike pick up already so ticked that box off early enough to snap out of a descending complacency.
    Lots of pillion time with Mrs. 'Brows* so thats all good too.
    Do kinda want something small and nippy and very cheap, but the BMW is just ace for road presence.
    *who now wants to do her CBT and get a scooter.

  • Brands Hatch? I went there once but had no luck. Fully booked. To book weeks in advance it's a pain for me, also the weather... Is there a different way?

  • Any suggestions for kind of circuits of this kind(I mean under the North circular):

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  • Bedford is my local track although should try somewhere new, it's just so close. Is there a different way... not that I know. Think they're always popular so booking months in advance helps but can lead to disappointment with the weather. Obviously booking June/July/Aug helps, but England. Last year it snowed momentarily on track but that was February and I was on 4 wheels so quite fun. Not sure if booking last minute evening sessions could be an option. They tend to be less popular and more chilled from what I hear.

  • Evening sessions would be better for me, sometimes I check on trackdays, no luck so far. Some guy told me to go there for a possible last-minute cancellation, but I live in north london and crossing the entire city for only maybe it's quite tough..

  • Damn I used to love Brands Hatch Indy. Soo much fun.

  • Thanks all, for some reason I thought that some Das courses included theory tests in their pricing but I think I was getting it confused with the “mod 1” & “mod 2”

    Getting very excited looking at bikes.
    I’ve settled on the Husqvarna Svartpilen. Open to looking at other stuff in a similar price range if anyone has any recommendations, but I definitely want something with that scrambler-ish look.

  • Husqvarna Svartpilen­ews/husqvarna/svartpilen-401/2018/

    Pay more for styling? That’s a ‘no’ from me.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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