Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • I’m in

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  • Ho lee shit I missed that one. Gonna watch now. Reminds me I need to finish painting my Spoon Sports inspired mini velo!

  • Not sure where you’re getting subsidised £14k as not crazy priced for a scooter, which this is.
    I’d go electric in a heartbeat, but those entry level costs are prohibitive.

    Then again…Beemer tax.

  • Also, unrelated (to motorcycles) but I have one of these in the post 😁

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  • Oh it is a crazy price to me too but I've never spent more than £1500 on a vehicle in my life. My point was if you were crazy enough to lay £9k on the petrol version I think +39% is a reasonable upsell for the E version that would pay for itself.

  • I should put my Mazinger Z somewhere.

  • At least a photo of it in the anime thread

  • At least a photo of it in the weeb thread


  • 😬 💢😅 ...I'll catch you there later

  • Yeah im not gonna buy one, well maybe would if it was half the price just for something to ride on the odd occasion and sit in the garage.

    I think long term ill buy an electric scooter for servicing work when I dont need to carry a lot of tool.

  • I've done over 1000k on an electric Brompton with about 30kgs of tools from time to time. It works well enough in central London where I'm doing between 1 and 5k. You maybe have to travel a bit further though.

  • In Hertford enjoying a coffee now

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  • NOW I remember who had the RR. 2005? I very much miss the one I had.
    The livery is awesome.

  • Can recommend a cheeky burger in the Woolpack whilst you're there, too.

  • Thanks, Chak. The livery? I didn't know this word, yes very appropriate... it belongs to a family of animals where the ferocity will never cease to amaze me. I'm just back and still full of adrenaline football tonight will be awesome...

  • Next time I will def try, it's difficult to find a place where to stop and bring the bike with me though, but the route and Hertfordshire is delicious .

  • Yep, 2005.

  • I inherited a pretty battered Honda CB400 Hawk from my mum that I want to make into a flat tracker. Does anyone have a recommendation for an outfit that can do some hipster modifications? In or around London.

  • I hope it helps as inspiration...

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  • Apart from the red grips, that is damn near perfect.

  • If you want to keep an eye, the fountain outside Nero is clear when the market isn't on. A couple of indie coffee places, Nero, Greg's. Not been in the White Hart.

    Closest parking for the Woolpack would be between the theatre and spoons but not in eyeline. Might be able to see your bike from the table closest to the back gate in the garden in spoons though.

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  • I see... so Fore st and then Market pl... I thought it was a bit checky to enter the supercenter in this way with that bike... I check next time. A good place where to recharge it's important.. Other times before I stopped at the city hall where a sort of baseball ground ..

  • SV runs lean and clean since I put it back together. Through most of the winter shite, and working like a charm.
    Now it's all perfect weather, it all gone to shit. Misfire and hesitation at about 3k upwards throughout the gear range.
    I just want to fucking ride!

  • Ah man that's so annoying. Hopefully you'll be able to diagnose and fix it before the winter rolls around again. Again idea what it could be?

  • That's a real pain in the ass, I'm sorry to hear that. Has it been stationary for a long time?

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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