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  • But what I mean is, if I do a track day it doesn’t invalidate my insurance it means I’m not covered for the track bit but I am covered for the ride there and back…

  • Found that mad gasket for the Funduro. Good folks at Motorworks (inde BMW parts place for decaying bikes) had some on order from months ago and just happened to turn up the day after I rang to ask about them, might be they had them in the goods in part and hadn't got round to putting them on the parts catalogue yet. £18 and we're back in business.

    Gave me an excuse to sand off the decades worth of road and grit, then polish up the pipes. Insert name of magic toilet cleaning bleach with mild acid in it, takes the tarnish off stainless as well as that name brand stainless cleaner, for £1 a bottle*

    *Also cleans your toilet.

  • Likewise I'm covered for commuting, but not if I use it for work

  • it is in renewal season for me, Swinton have come up cheapest on a comparison site, any reason not to use them?

  • Sounds like Swindon. That’s reason enough.

  • I’m really not sure. My gut says they’d find a way to stiff you.

  • When the club restarts, I believe it’s something like 6 miles away up and down hill. I’m not that keen on walking…

    I’m concerned about using it on public land, and private land without permission, plus as soon as I touch a byway (where a lot of little climbs and interesting sections are) it needs to be taxed insured and MOT’d anyway.

    Around here are a lot of pit bikes and enduros that are getting caught out as the police know where all the fun spots are. Instant confiscation, fine, points etc.

    MSM got back to me and the storage I have is acceptable, so I’ll pay up later and I’m sorted.

  • Seen loads of that on social media, obv targetted by big social as I am defo at risk of riding offroad and having fun..

    Think the UK is really on a knife-edge (Could argue it has been for 20 years) in regard to legal and acceptable places to play of road. The only one near me in Scotland (where there is effectively ZERO legal offroad locations for road registered bikes) is Drumclog, a big farm with many tracks, mostly for proper MX bikes, few little bits you can do on road orientated bikes, only £20 a day which is incredibly fair, but its rarely open now, mostly for special organised mud bogging type events.

    Seen plenty of folk on youtube that I would normally respect, but in the last year during C19 have been off wrecking all the MTB and walkers trails in various forestry sites around, then dumb enough to post online.

    Byeways in England are really under threat, the easily accessible ones for park + play types with proper MX bikes are massively over-used, and technically illegal as they aren't road registered, when police then get involved it brings negativity down on all users of BOATS/green lanes

    In the USA + canada its quite common in some states to have giant pay + park + play type centres, private and some public (Arizona, Oregan and Utah) to keep the masses from the national parks I guess. In the UK hard to do as every bit of land belongs to someone. Family once nearly bought an old pub next to a disused quarry that during the purchase process was bought by a group to use for a pro MX course. Didn't buy it in the end, but was going to have a 'Sunday only' usage limit on it by council which I thought was fine, others hated anything that made any noise.

  • Yes exactly. It’s a big reason for the going through the road-reg/road-legal farce with the trials bike.

    In and around Swindon are absolutely loads of ideal spots, but practically none are viable.

    The old dump 1.5 miles from home is now a ‘park’ with amazing little hills and trees growing. Entire areas are wooded inclines with lumps of concrete sticking out. When the weeds were kept back I had been using it for mtb. Lots of dog walkers mean even by mtb it can be claustrophobic. If the bike was electric, I might have risked there.

    Less than a mile away is Lydiard Park, again, beautiful spots and away from the main walking track is an area people used to practice. Now, there are houses backed onto it meaning it’s asking for trouble.

    It’s the same for almost every green space or plot of wasteland. Lots are locked up to stop travellers, others are overgrown.

    I am in talks with my instructor to clean and tidy the verge between his training area and the road. It would be amazing, but with little or no run-up might be too technical for me to learn on. All the same, being right between a busy road and his motorcycle training area it is an ideal ‘secret’ location to try.

    On some local byways, just as you say, there is a real concern. I’ve had National Trust Member types moan at me when going about my lawful business on the DR. Some lanes are getting TRO’d because of the 4x4 damage, but bikes are slapped with the same restrictions.

    If I could drive, and had a van, the pay and play places are still a fair way away. Being open only one day per week doesn’t suit me either. I want to go do an hour or three of riding in between other responsibilities at home.

    The mechanics said I should just use the skate park round the corner. To be honest the mess that the stoner kids leave there, I’d spend as long litter-picking and sweeping as I would riding.

  • 40 mile commute into the office today. First time since March 13th last year. First one on the GS.

    Like I’ve never been away.

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  • Big bus is big. And mean looking!

  • Needs more farkle

  • Yeah - he's a big boy. Surprisingly nimble through the traffic though. Managed to keep up with an S1000XR with no side cases.

    Finding somewhere to park it when I head into town later might be interesting though.

  • Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not...

    Mods so far:

    • Twatty spot lights
    • Engine bars
    • Dark large screen
    • Aluminium side / top cases
  • “It was only a joke if you were offended.”

    Nah but seriously it looks like it needs maximum farkle, because it’s that kind of bike. Good effort so far but I’d expect a full satnav system, and some other incredibly unnecessary upgrades. Trying to think what else you’re missing, actually.

    Billet levers? Performance upgrades?

  • Expecting paperwork to arrive today, hopefully I can make it across to the insurance agency either today or Monday and Tuesday would be D-day apparently. Then again, this is Italy so you never really know.... :D

    Lovely ride there Soul.

  • Ha - all good.
    It has turn by turn satnav already through the BMW connected app - shows them on the screen.

    I think the main thing I'm missing is the light guard.

    Very important for committing up and down the A10.

    Also - maybe the titanium Akropovic exhaust?

  • Can imagine, the Blackbird was as big, but as soon as it was rolling you would know it weighed anything.

  • Ah hmm. It really is close, then.

  • Yay. Very occasionally everything goes smoothly with the spannering and makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. Re-wired the XR650r with a new reg/Rec and mini 12v sealed lead acid battery. Annnnnd full credit to XRS Only in Hesperia, I swapped in a set of their special race clutch springs and seem to have fixed the clutch issue. Major win if it sticks as it’s dogged me for ages! Barely stiffer at the lever than stock too. Perfect for my messed up hands.

  • The fucks wrong with your hands??? Messed up hands + MX shindigs sounds like agony!
    Glad to hear about the clutch issues. Really need to do the one on the tiger. Rattling like mad.

  • Got a bit of arthritis and various creaks from broken fingers years ago. Can’t abide heavy clutches any more. No idea why they put such a weak clutch in the XR - 4 springs fer fucks sake!

  • Back in business. Rides best it ever has been, rear swing arm bearings been on the way out for donkies, makes a huge difference to confidence, though actual handling still the same! It's a bit low in the ass as still has original shock, tried a longer body shock to raise it, but raised too far, felt amazing on tracks, but the rest of the time was a total pita. Braking into corners you get actively jacked forward.

    Just in time for the really good weather. Screen coming off it, fed up of buffeting problems, nothing really makes it go away

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  • Le Mans 24 hours has just finished. Worth a watch if you need a break from the sun.

  • Will be interested to see if it's an improvement getting a face full of wind. I've got my screen dialled in now but my neck muscles certainly improved on long fast rides before fitting a screen. Different bike of course. BMW often attract negative comments about the screens, not sure what they are doing wrong.

    The bike looks great to my eyes.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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