Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Sweet baby Jesus, you weren’t kidding! And you scrambled down that in a set of road shoes???

  • Haha, yeah. And Speedplay cleats mind you!

    I believe I was 140k in during a planned 180k trip that day and the only realistic way home was that route. The other option was to return the way I came but that would include all the altitude difference once again which wasn’t going to happen.

  • @MementoMori I know it’s not a 1098, but big fan of this guy and how he works on his bikes. As original and OEM as can be.

    Been watching what he does to the MTS1200.

  • That's a great video actually, I'll watch in full when I'm back home from work.

  • Yeah he’s got a series of them on the 1198 and other Ducati bikes.
    I don’t know how you feel about doing mechanical work yourself, but personally, I try to work on all my bikes. His videos give me a little bit of peace now I’m thinking of going for Italian red.

  • Uncharacteristically commented one of the videos in this series, been following him for a while. Garage goals right there. His Toyota 4Runner is all kinds of awesome.

  • Amen brother! I like his style, low key, technical without being patronising. He Doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to being thorough but economical.

    Also good taste all around.

  • Could I have some product recommendations for cleaning/conditioning my leathers please?

  • Talk to @jambon he’s got wizardry up in that leather shiz

  • Seems the sex dungeon secret's out then... Essentially there's two types of products that you need, one to clean and one to condition. Easier said then done but avoid the elbow grease and let the "product" do the work. Decent stuff costs a bit but my clothing lasts longer than my bikes so feels worth it. This guide is useful and both products used would be a decent starting point.

  • Ta, that's helpful! So Motul M3 cleaner, Renapur Leather Balsam and a cosy evening should do the job.

  • Spent all evening pining after a trials bike. Oh no.

  • Spent all evening pining after a fast tourer. Part ex is tempting.

  • I have a couple hundred quids worth of parts for the XJ waiting for me at the mechanics (Hel lines, calliper rebuilds, front sintered pads), and a service/mot happening next month. Should just not.

  • Made the deposit on the Duc this evening, signing purchase agreement on Wednesday and then wait for another 2 weeks whilst the dealer does the Desmo service / fork service /oil and filter service / paperwork. Pick up scheduled around the 10th of June by the looks of it.

    Should be getting my gear later this week. Time to run around the house like a power ranger until actual bike arrives.

  • I rode from Louth to Grimsby wearing new Crowtree leathers on a crappy mountain bike to break them in for a race the following weekend. The guard on the train back to London had to pull me out of them. He let me sit in 1st class and sent me a free drink for being stupid. Follies of youth...

  • I just got a road and gravel bike.....even more challenging!

  • I used to ride to the south of France to the ex in-laws every year. One year I went canoeing the day before riding back and got sunburn on my knees. I could get into my one-piece leathers ok, but as soon as I bent my knees on my 748 it was utter agony.

  • I had something similar whilst using shinprotectors in Chamonix on my DH bike. Quite painful haha!

  • I really need me some knee pads for the mtb. I now have the fear.

  • Anyone else had that combination of tight trousers and high rearsets where your legs go dead? Hate that.

  • Finally figured out why my old bike runs bad occasionally, giving symptoms of lean AND rich seconds apart from each other....

    1) Someone previous has changed carbs to another of same make and model, but different variant which had a vacuum pet cock on it, found this really early one, blocked it, but then found internally with the carb today that the spring thats mean't to keep its little flap shut was broken. So depending on load its been pulling vacuum down on the cv bellows on one carb, roll on throttle slow = no problem, jump on it = behaves like shit.

    2) Both emulsion tubes worn, some holes too big from wear, main bore down the centre ovalised and then a pile of gritty congealed old fuel jammed near the base.

    3) Needles worn (changed them a few years ago, but think the worn emulsion tubes have really made them wear fast).

    4) Had altered needle height severely myself to try and get it leaner (as always running rich).

    5) valve clearances way off on one exhaust valve, cam lobe is potentially keeping it open as zero clearance in it. The other exhaust valve is perfect though. Both inlets are slightly tight, only just off bottom of spec.

    6) blown out gasket between manifold and rear pipe.

    Will see what happens when I put it all back together with all new bits. Graphite doughnut for exhaust cost a fortune and had to import from Germany FML. Japanese carb rebuild kits surprisingly not that bad price wise via Canadian ebay seller, quality of them feel really nice.

  • All the bleeding time. I think I've hit the sweet spot with this current suit though.

    Speaking of which, what did you use to dye that suit? Mine is black and white and it could do with a refresh.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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