Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Spam, for sells dm if interested.

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  • Cheddar Gorge today, pillion wasn’t displeased.

    (She removed all the armour and jacket for the photo, atgatt)

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  • Seen the other side of this too!

    Went to look at a 60's volvo, been MOT and VED/tax exempt for years now, however had a premium price on it as apparently 'restored and mot'd every year regardless'. And I know the place that was doing the MOT's and used them myself, thought they were solid enough.

    Worst car I've ever seen, been crashed multiple times, fair enough, repaired by a guy in his garage with a good few stacks of newspaper and filler. But the real issue was brakes, complete lack of them, well maybe 1 wheel had something. And the steering, the steering box/pitman arm had around an inch of play in it, which results in approx 150-180 degree's of slack at the steering wheel. Apparently the garage in question knew it was bad, but never put it down even as an advisory. Like if it had no MOT and it was just some mad old guy making papier mache cars in his spare time, fair enough, but the fact it had been through a garage I have previously used multiple times, nah.

  • Had this with older cars too, not them failing it for reasons only known to them, but just general mucking about with stuff you would rather they didn't.

  • Exactly. I usually go to someone sympathetic, but occasionally I've gone to your bog standard MOT centre and they just don't have a clue

  • So, I’d like to add a few auxiliaries to the XJ600. Namely USB charger and maybe some lights.

    On the GN and the DR I have previously wired directly to the battery, with separate fuse and switch. However now I’m wondering about having something switched to the ignition, for all those benefits.

    Ideally I’d hard wire a relay and a separate fuse box, to keep everything isolated and safe.

    Although I may hard-wire elsewhere, does anyone have experience piggybacking from a fused connection with one of these add-a-circuit jobs?

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  • Cross-post after stacking it on the mtb yesterday. Decided to make a decal for the mtb and the motorbike.

    Will see how small I can make them before it’s awkward. On the motorbike they won’t be too small, as they’ll go atop the tank.

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  • Also, a greenlaner friend asked me to cut some decals he wanted for his kid’s mean machine.

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  • Ordered the rest of the gear, suit / boots / gloves and tinted visor.

    Gave the green light on the Duc this morning and if all goes well, should go down there on Wednesday to make a deposit.

  • Fingers crossed for some sun and dry roads for you.

  • Well isn't this very exciting?!

  • I usually get desperate for some rain mid-summer. 🥵

  • Yeah it is, just need to wait a bit for some savings to be released before I can pick it up. It’ll be early June.

    Got myself some good old Meguiars to remove the swirls, ordered a LED taillight and I’d like to swap out the halogen front bulbs for some LED as well.

  • ordered a LED taillight and I’d like to swap out the halogen front bulbs for some LED as well.

    Ooooh. Contentious. I used to be all over LED stuff, but now prefer original shindigs.
    Are the lights bad?
    Looking at the MTS1200 and one of the issues with them is the poor lighting.

    Very excited by all this. What gear did you go for? Knowing you and bikes, all gotta match no?

  • Alpinestars GP Plus graphite, supertech gloves and boots. It’ll be a murdered out look, maybe a bit boring but I wasn’t feeling the other color combos.

    I’m not sure which boots I’ll end up with, either the new ones or last years but it’ll be black.

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  • Nope, I can dig it. I normally go for black and white Dainese. Bike is black and silver.

    For boots through. Sidi. Always Sidi. Cycling and motorised. Nothing but Sidi.

  • Front halogen is more like candlelight apparently on the 848 /1098 /1198 and since I’m planning a trip back to the Netherlands with this, I’d like them to see me coming on the autobahn in Germany ;)

    I always prefer a clean license plate area and moving to led will also improve my visibility.

  • Too narrow for me. S-works Sagan and Lake on the bike for me.

  • Then understood. It’s one of the things that’s making me hesitate about the MTS1200. Need a modified loom for LED’s, by comparison, the Tiger has excellent lighting.

    You sure about the boots? I’ve got fat feet and their Mega range fits glove like, with comfort for daaaays.
    The sole however, has already dried and cracked though, so not happy on that front. Warranty has been...non existent.

  • I tried them once, sold it directly after but I don’t think it was their mega range tbh as they didn’t have that back then. I prefer the look of my Sworks although I scuffed the sole up pretty badly during the first ride as I had several landslides to tackle on my descent haha.

  • I had several landslides to tackle on my descent haha.

    Yeaaah, I’ll stick to my greasy London roads thank you very much.

  • We all have our own challenges in life! 😬

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  • I put a dual filament LED replacement bulb in the original tail light housings of the DR and the XJ... but replaced indicators for LED.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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