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  • Ayup all, looking for a bit of help with insuring a Vespa GTS 125 from 2007.

    Just looking at quotes online now & the prices are insane compared to when it was last insured in 2016, wondering why this might be, is it because its not currently taxed?

    Basically I used to pay £25 a month, now prices are saying like £85 a month. I am saying its worth 500 quid, is locked in a garage as it is, and as I need to renew my CBT I am putting I have a full moped licence for a year, as I also have a driving licence. Theoretically I have had CBT for two years but that was back in 2016, and obviously they need renewing every 2 years

    Just wondering if this is just that prices have gone up since then or what? anyone know of cheap scooter insurance places, I am only looking at Third Party only, so literally cheapest of the cheap


  • Ahhh okay, so I have just put in two years no claims discount as I didnt claim in the two years I had it on the road in 2016, and it has dropped to £427 per year..............better!

  • Ahhh okay, so I have just put in two years no claims discount as I didnt claim in the two years I had it on the road in 2016, and it has dropped to £427 per year..............better!

    No claims discounts don't last forever. If you've not been riding for 2 years, it may not count now

  • NCD needs to be continuous without any breaks in cover. After a year you are definitely without.

    Buy some gold-standard Sold Secure locks, maybe even fit a ground anchor in the garage. Call BikeSure and get them to price you up. You want minimum one gold lock and a disc lock or similar, to see any reduction in cost.

  • Amazing isn’t it?

    My setup on the DR is really for standing up and over the bars, with downward facing levers, but the short adjustable levers really helped to dial in where I want the clutch and brake engagement points to be.

    On the XJ I opted for drag bars, with minimum backsweep and no rise. Relatively flat lever position. With the original levers it was hell, but once I swapped for adjustable levers I’ve had no aches from riding.

    I can even ride for a few hours before the nerve damage and muscle weakness on my left side flairs up.

    Correct setup is so important!

  • Have you looked for fully comp insurance too?

    I remember a few years ago, TPFT was £100+ more than the FC for my bike.
    Fuck knows why (other than insurance companies are cunts)

  • ... survived the ride, tweaked wrist falling over when parked on uneven ground !!

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  • First ride with a pillion today. Mostly in South London traffic, Shooters Hill to Eltham to J&S, then a dozen detours.

    XJ600 worked admirably with a tiny lady on the back, and apparently my riding was a seven. No idea what top end of the gauge is, hopefully 7/10, possibly 7/100!

  • Got myself the Arai RX-7V IoM today, that should be enough motivation to quickly sort out the rest.

  • saw a gs bmw the other day with 2x bottle cages mounted at the back of one of the panniers. Thought it would be a good bday present for my dad, who has the silver oem bmw ones for his r1200 gs te bike. Can anyone link something that'll work please?
    Or maybe even something that will hold one bottle for day rides without luggage?

  • Triathlon bottle launcher?

  • It sort of works!
    They rotate slightly with my weight which is good when shifting, foot braking, and standing up when going over very steep hills.
    The hang angle is individually adjusted through an unpatented system of little bolts and washers.
    And it doesn't look as stupid as I had feared.

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  • When does the clipless version come out?

  • That would probably be for a track bike only.

  • Not sure what kind of Hmmmmm.... that was.

  • The hmmmm type of hmmmm I reckon

  • The hmmmm type of hmmmm I reckon


    It’s a long hmmmm, a real mix of “hmm I wanna try that” with “hmm that’s limited toe/lever clearance” and a bit of “hmm I wonder if they’d survive green laning”, but finally “hmmm how much”.

  • What problem were you solving? It looks like a tiny gap for upshifts. I'm generally against modifications like this because I'm not a test pilot but have foot pegs really been a problem all these years?

  • Not a problem really. Just wanted to have improved platform size and grip compared to the old hardened rubber. I noticed some expensive adventure style foot pegs reminded me of old school MTB or BMX pedals so thought I'd see how a more modern and cheap version could work.

  • I think “wide” beartrap adv/mx pegs are the best. Sharp teeth for grip with no loss of distance to the levers.

  • I went to see a 1098s this evening, I think / fear I’m in love.

    24k km on the clock, just had the Desmo service, 12 month warranty from an official Ducati dealership, Termignoni slip-ons and it’s actually not red.

  • Actually not red floats my boat. There’s a guy who commutes same time as me daily, rain or shine on an 848 in black and it always brings a smile to my face.

    12months warranty is a solid bonus too.

  • There’s not much you can do about it being Italian, but being not-red softens the blow.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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