Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Ha - I remember Bullet. Funny old spot. And gorgeous bikes further up NKR on the left.

  • The guy at gorgeous when it was open is a brilliant biker, crazy stories, bought my favourite gloves there.

    Roy is based in Surrey now, still big into bikes but with a big garage.

  • It used to be owned by Colin, who owned Fast Bikes Mag. I had some very funny times around there.

  • atgatt

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  • Even the dog can't look at the camera out of shame.

  • Have a whole drawer full of buff's and different MC + bike gloves.
    In summer stops midges/large bugs ripping holes in your throat, stones also reduces the level of damage, and sun burn*

    *thats it, jinxed it, no sun this year now :(

  • thats it, jinxed it, no sun this year now :(

    THANKS mate!

  • Used 125 prices are crazy.
    Thinking I'll rent one for a couple of weekends before the DAS.

  • That's what I did and as long as you make the most of it and get out on it loads, taking in different types of roads and situations, it was definitely enough for me

  • If you were closer I’d offer you the GN125 for as long as you need (so long as you insure yourself etc). I must say that the summer-lockdown riding definitely gave me all the time to reinforce the skills between the DAS/Mod1 and the delayed Mod2.

  • That's really kind of you thanks.

    I'm sure I'm looking at this backwards but I just want to get the das over as quickly as poss so I can can really get learning on my own bike in my own time.

  • I'm sure I'm looking at this backwards but I just want to get the das over as quickly as poss so I can can really get learning on my own bike in my own time.

    Nah that was my rationale.
    Went from CBT to a week renting a 125 to 3 days DAS.

    I did write off my first 600 within 6 months but don't worry about that...

  • It was well documented on here, but I went CBT, a few months 125, DAS, did Mod1, then lockdown hit 2 days before Mod2, so I had from March until September on the 125. I learned I loved green lanes, so that informed my DR350 purchase by end of June (assumed I'd have a key worker test by then, and gov never got back to any of us).

    You will learn more on your own, so long as you can apply what is being taught and reflect on your grave errors in judgment before writing off a 600.

    As my instructor said when I got my Mod2 pass, "Now the real learning begins..."

  • Ok, so Urban Bikes are moving into the new premises during the lockdown.

  • Long shot but anyone here passed their motorcycle licence course in the States?

  • What's Urban Bikes going to be like?

  • Yes - each state is different but CA is ridiculously easy. Ride around some cones, round in a circle a couple of times without putting your feet down. Job done. You have to do a written test beforehand.

    There are no course / training requirements, you can just turn up and do it.

  • I met a guy (on a RE Himalayan) riding with a TRF group last summer. He said it was cheaper and easier to fly home to the states, do it in one day over there, and then get the license switched to a UK one when he got back.

  • To my knowledge you can't swap a US license for UK one. You can drive in the UK on a US license (and VV) for a certain amount of time if you're non-resident. Insurance could possibly be tricky.

    Oh and there are no learner restrictions or L plates. I rode around on a ZX10R on my provisional.

  • Likely I am not recalling correctly. I know he had a UK-reg bike, on a US license, but the rest could have been misinterpreted.

  • Got around to mounting the now-not-so freshly painted wheels.
    The clearance between the brake disc buttons and fork lowers are a bit on the tight side. Fingers crossed it want block up when the fork flexes...

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  • We have clearance clarence thread >>>>

  • Had a little rideout with the old man. Disc buttons didn’t hit the lowers so I guess everything is fine.

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  • Just started the GN125 for the first time in 6 months (well, maybe it was idled once in that time). Low battery. Took a few times to get moving, but once it was idling it was idling fine. Once warm, started on the button almost instantly. Very likely unkillable.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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