Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • @jambon @DethBeard @pdlouche thanks for the comments. Been enjoying the research. I must have watched every video and read every article on the ninja 400 several times over.

  • Nxr is a great lid. I love mine. Vut go to a shop and try a bunch on. Hopefully a good shop that can help. It should feel snug but not pushing on your temples. You might want to try different brands

  • Good advice cheers. I'll be going to Infinity once lockdown stops for the lid.

  • Front sprocket 1 - me 0. Slid the rear axle in with a screwdriver through both sides of the chain, but was only successful in bending my screwdriver.

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  • Storms forecast for the next week, been hitting as many green lanes as possible and gradually increasing my ability.

    Forcing myself into lots of rut riding to get a good technique, as well as learning to manage speed on undulating terrain. Ruts are a fact of life on the lanes around me, so I prefer to ride them as much as possible and build some kind of rapport. Interesting finding the right flow on loose, soft, hard gravels vs mud vs clay, depending on how steep it is.

    Had a pin it or bin it moment earlier. Well, a few of them but this was the best.

    I tried a little track I wasn’t sure if a BOAT or restricted. Incline along the ridge of Cherhill, lots of grassy whoops, and then a steep incline like a wall. I knew I needed to just accelerate up and worry about it at the top. If I went too slow or hesitated, it was too steep to stop halfway up.

    Carried some momentum and accelerated up to what I thought was the top.

    Well, the top turned out to be a really short tabletop followed by a crater! I found myself more or less catching air over the tabletop and dropping down the other side, wheel aiming at the nasty narrow rut on my left.

    If I slowed down or tried to steer hard, it would end badly.

    Leaned the bike a little and pinned it. Absolute winner. Managed to keep the front really light, and accelerate out of the crater before the front could drift into the rut.

    Didn’t even brown my pants.

    All the lanes after that were a piece of cake!

    (Possible to see the incline on the side of the photo, the fence posts disappear behind the rise)

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  • Heat and a longer lever is often the answer on that kind of tightness.

  • You're welcome.

    Aside from buffs which are essential, it took me a long time to buy an all in one waterproof. It's the best thing to carry rather than 2 separate pieces. If you are layering for wind protection a lightweight windproof jacket can be an asset over textile but if it starts raining you may as well get into a giant neon romper suit and stay dry.

  • Agreed. Two-piece leaves the water pooling on the waist and it is far from pleasant.

  • With or without wheel in? I tend to just lay bike down and strap wheel to something solid whilst I remove spocket.

    What you doing to the bike? That looks like hella fun spannering.

  • Success! I was trying without the wheel in, was fairly comical with the bike sliding along the garage floor on the padock stand but eventually came good. Hella fun spanning was what I wanted, so far it's great. Plan is to make it mint (eventually) and do some choice upgrades along the way. Most parts on eBay are comically cheap so feels very accessible without breaking the bank.

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  • Ooooooh, trade size! Something something man stuff.
    You going restomod or track whip? Get some more roller cabinets and a lathe going dude. Also, more updates.

  • Really I shouldn't have bought the SRAD when I did, my job was on the rocks but in a twist of fate they offered me a permanent contract a couple of days ago. Thankfully. With that sorted I'll continue to improve the garage, an epoxy floor feels like the sensible next step before it gets full. My local track is only 30mins away so the bike will probably be both restomod and track hack, the below video really turned me onto how capable these old bikes can be. Sure it's been tinkered with a lot in a shed but that's much more my style than buying something newer.

  • Seems like a potential option for comp suit to wear under any jacket.­rotection/products/7855-protective-ls-sh­irt-black

  • @pdlouche Double it!

    Speaking of drive sprocket nuts - my el cheapo Harbor Freight 20v rattle gun blasts them off. Best garage purchase for years.

  • A better rider would have cleared it in a cinch. I didn’t even know what was on the other side!

  • Urban Rider right now has a sample sale and there’s a RDS waxed cotton gilet. Things like these are nice under a leather jacket on a cold morning/night, as they block wind and allow that retro look if someone’s into that

  • I’d sooner wear a cycling gilet, if I can find where I put it!

  • The RSD stuff is pretty decent, I have a Ramone jacket and vest, which are both generally worn off the bike (though I leave the REVIT armour in the jacket as its not really noticeable)

  • Has anyone in the south east got a 125 I could borrow/ rent later this year to get a few weeks practice before my DAS?

  • Reminds me of the SR6 Hunter jacket I bought because it was crazy cheap NOS end of line. Worn maybe twice, very comfortable but way too smart. I stopped at my usual coffee place and was told compared to my usual jackets it was “too formal”.

    So, likely suits the retro rider or if I ever had to drive the bike to an event.

    Had actually planned to wear it as a green laner.

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  • Good, properly waterproof gloves are a god sent too.

    Hibora membrane is trash, so go balls deep into the world of GoteTex.
    I’d also commute all year round and London means rain. If you have a winter buff, make sure has a waterproof outer, as there’s nothing worse than a soaking wet, cold polar. Also, remember about the condensation - it gets cold too.

  • I also have a kinda retro leather jacket from RSD. With the Revit/D30 mesh-kinda armour is an everyday garment

  • Urban Rider store on new kings road is empty and being refurbed atm. Not sure if they've gone online only. The premises is owned by Roy who had Bullet there for years. That was a proper bike store, basically just a place for Roy to hang out with bikers. Many happy hours etc...

  • Now via Zoom, I guess :/

    All I’ve been doing, is buying stupid Chinese upgrades that I don’t need, instead of riding

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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