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  • Did a pillion pegs delete on my S1000r this afternoon and went to start it up... nothing! Haven’t run it since Christmas but got used to leaving my CBR for weeks and it being fine.
    New lithium battery incoming.

  • Before you get a new battery... this might be worth a try.

    Canbus compatible so as simple as plugging it straight in. Keeps the GS topped up nicely.

  • Canbus is weird on the S1000r, no din socket but I do need to work it out at some point.
    Battery was £60 so not much in it.

  • You can just wire is straight to the battery with a waterproof connector for easy connection / removal. Comes with the cables to do it.

  • I wear hard armour, hard knee pads and MX boots. Ankles and knees can take a real pounding. Seemingly less so the elbows and shoulders etc, though I wear them anyway. Sharp stones in the chest can be really painful.

    My poor chum lost a boot off his truck on the way there which probably did not contribute to his mood on that trail. Mild revenge on my part. On another ride, not long before he launched a walnut sized rock in a perfect arcing parabola high into the sky before bending down over my handlebars and right into my un-padded knob....

  • un-padded knob....


  • Well project SRAD is going well

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  • I learn't my lesson about joints when I had to have an operation to clean my knee. It's healed now but you have to take any injury to joints seriously because the risk of infection is so high.

    Maybe get your knob some pads :)

  • Fairings not been removed in a while then. Crack it all off and go for the chip shop street fighter look.

  • Raaad, that looks like a great kinda woops!

  • Pillion footpeg bolts. Bike's remarkably unmolested with original rubber brake lines and 20 years of dirt under the tail.

  • There isn’t much excuse against good protection these days. Especially when you consider the cost of a bike and running it, there’s not much in the way of savings by avoiding specific kit.

    I can buy leather bike jackets any day of the week for £20 on ebay, and textile jackets the same or cheaper. Similarly textile trousers. I don’t have an issue with buying un-crashed washable moto clothing. My favourite Richa textile jacket came from a charity shop for something like £15!

    Even the Chinese hard armour is better than no armour, and soft CE armour is plentiful.

    I’m surprised that some people still recommend “a good hiking boot” as an option. I see it on ‘what kit do I buy’ posts on facebook. To me a good hiking boot costs between £50-200. I got a pair of used MX boots for £30, and the NOS unboxed AS Corozals for £50 on a clearance and returns area in a bike shop.

    Then again, any time I’ve moved the bike in shorts and trainers I’ve shinned myself on a footpeg, so I’m always happy to wear proper boots.

    I remove armour from most clothing and wear it directly now, unless the fit is tight enough to avoid slipping. Either Acerbis X-Air soft armour or 661 hard armour fits under the lighter AS jacket come the summer. Might start wearing the Acerbis hard knee pads again now that the tracks are getting more gnarly.

    Can’t help on a crotch cover though.

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  • I have to start looking for some trousers, mine are falling off me. Totally agree on under armour fitted tightly and layering up with textiles/leather/waterproof/windproof depending on the conditions. I didn't have any when we did some big tours but I have a Knox jacket now and it really feels secure.

  • FB targeted ads are getting sus.

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  • Taming the beast, hopefully....

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  • Thought I would post here in case someone has a Yamaha bike that needs rider pegs.

    I have a set of Puig Hi-Tech Trail Rider Footpegs (7319N) and Brackets (6456N) - these have been fitted to my Yamaha XSR700 but not used as I thought they were too nice so I refitted the original ones...

    They will fit many Yamaha models:
    FJR1300A/AS 2013 - 2017
    FZ6 2004 - 2008
    FZ6 FAZER 2007 - 2008
    MT-07 2014 - 2017
    MT-07 TRACER 2016 - 2017
    MT-09 2013 - 2017
    MT-09 TRACER 2015 - 2017
    XJ6 2009 - 2016
    XJ6 DIVERSION 2009 - 2016
    XSR700 2016 - 2018
    XSR900 2016 - 2018

    The footrests (ref 7319N) are "Puig" universal require bike specific brackets (mine are ref 6456N) - you need both items to fit to your bike.

    I have they on eBay at £60 by £40 will do on here

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  • Starting to buy some bits with view to getting test.

    I have no idea what I'm doing, just been reading reviews so I'm posting up here in case anyone sees any issues or has any suggestions. I'm buying for local fairweather leisure riding at the moment till in get my skill level up.

    Shoei NXS lid
    Alpinestars SMX6 boots
    Alpinestars GP plus r v2 jacket
    Haven't decided on trousers, something that zips into the jacket.
    Haven't decided on what to wear underneath, Merino t shirt?

    I'm pretty set on a Ninja 400 now for my first bike pending a test ride.

  • Are they printed metal? Additive layer?

  • You have to start somewhere, seems like a reasonable list. If I were starting again I'd probably get a Knox shirt, then you can put any leather or textile on top or at a push wear it on it's own.

    Matching zips on trousers and jacket can be tricky. Unless I'm riding all day everyday I don't usually worry about having them connect. Like the jacket, having under armour means you can have some safety even if you wear normal jeans.

    Alpinestars boots are pretty decent. Again I have a couple of pairs but my best, most long lasting, warmest, coolest, comfy boots are by Daytona. They will resole them for reasonable money and if you drag your foot a little here and there boots end up needing resoling.

    Shoei are great, I have 2 but sometimes other makes suit your head shape better, so I would try Arai, Roof, Shuberth and there are some newer makes that come recommended.

    Merino base layer is a good shout. Jumper for the evening.

  • As up-thread, I find myself somewhat a collector of jackets. That’s meant I’ve been happier with the Acerbis X-Air comp suit, and then whatever bike jacket on top. However, normally on green lanes while it’s cold I wear a Richa jacket with armour in place.

    Whatever kit you buy, I can more or less guarantee you’ll be buying different kit after a few months of riding, and realising what feels good/bad.

  • Buff is a must IMO.
    Get a light one for the summer and a thermal one for the winter.
    Regardless of weather, it can get stinging on the neck if there are any gaps.

    Regarding lid, pinlock is a revelation, internal sunvisor is a divisive thing, but I love it (I wear glasses all the time) ideal when the weather is changeable.
    I do not know if either of these are applicable to the lid you are suggesting.
    Depending on how much riding you plan to do, but a spare can be a good thing if you can afford it and store it.
    I used to commute 52 weeks a year, torrential rain can get everything soaked, a spare lid for tomorrows commute did me a favour. (took me a year or so to buy the 2nd)
    HJC IS-17, 5 star sharp rating (the gov standard for crash helmet ratings) Think it cost £100 at the excel bike show a few years back

  • Agree with the buffs, spares for rain (or minimum waterproof overalls) if possible. Pinlock is amazing.

  • They are anodized CNC aluminium with a rubber insert.­/trail-footpegs

    Rubber insert image attached for reference

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  • No real advice from me, other than researching any new hobby can feel like an impossible task with the sheer amount of conflicting views online... but rest assured when the sun is shining there is no better feeling then whizzing around on your bike. Clothing-wise my only advice would be don't scrimp if you think it's something you'll be doing for years to come. I still own clothing from 5 bikes ago. Also you don't have to spend lots of money, I've bought quality used stuff and it's still doing great. Helmets are slightly different here but Shoei lids are top-notch although slightly personal as mentioned fit-wise.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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