Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Cheers.

    What bike are you using it with?

  • Also probably worth timing it with the end of the month / payday.

    Do a good listing. Include lots of search terms like project etc.

  • I guess so, but having never had such a bike I dont know untill I get one an investigate. On the other hand, theft here seems a non-problem.

  • Yamaha Xmax 250, it’s fairly loose on that. The previous cover had been on my gt550 with renthal bars, if anything this one’s larger.

  • Thanks.

    Definitely want to avoid the baggy fit this time around.

  • Back in October I went swimming. I think that I mentioned it. Anyway. Finally sorted the video. Here’s the gif.

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  • Splash! I hate water crossings - I have no idea what you’re supposed to do and as there are so few here, not much to practice on. I did one a couple of years back with an excessive application of speed and it was a VERY sketchy feeling.

    Good work for getting stuck in.

  • Well, byways being byways, there are loads of opportunities to bollocks it up within a few miles of here.

    Unfortunately as I’m playing by the rules, I haven’t been on a byway since November/December. It’s frustrating to miss out over the muddier months.

    As far as river crossings, yes speed is definitely your friend... if you can keep upright

    I should have taken (the bridge, or) the heavy bag off the rack, and should have hit it twice or three times as hard, keeping further left where it wasn’t so soft. Instead, once the front tyre dropped the 6” or more into a ditch in the soft mud it was game over and no amount of revving would have saved me drowning.

    Live and learn... mostly learn to take the bridge!

  • Dunno whether I like or hate this. Also realising that someone has been in here before and put the shims wrong side down so numbering is totally faded.

    I need a garage and stand...

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  • And a micrometer

    I need to check the vavles on my 990, but cba. Untill its warm.

  • Ha! You pretty much described my agony for the rest of the day. Had to bounce around looking for one. Mission accomplished though.

    How's the mountain life? You gone full dirt monkey yet?

  • No complaints here!
    Yeah looking to buy one, makes sense, all the good stuff is off-road. A really adventure bike.

  • Picked up my RM 250 in boxes yesterday. Looks pretty much all there and much cleaner than I expected. Owner says he took it apart in 1985 - doesn’t look hard used before that....

    Need some Tyres so I can cobble it together and see what I need. Piston looks completely unmarked through the exhaust port. What are the chances the crank seals are still good....hmm.

    I think it’s a 77 - will have to check the frame # to verify. Super light aluminum tank and full chromoly frame and swingarm. Very racy for back then....

  • Well jell. Keep us posted

  • ....tank is almost too perfect for me really. I’ll feel rotten when it inevitably gets creased on the scenery.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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