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  • What do you do to prevent someone just riding off,

    A la this Husaberg?

    Was chatting about this with some dirt bike owners, and my mechanic.

    When I removed the clutch lever safety switch from the DR350SE, I put an inline fuse, just in case the e-start blows. So my mechanic recommended I leave the fuse accessible by the headlamp - whack out the fuse and it’s one more issue to overcome when thieving.

    One of the guys I went on the green lanes with has that KTM exc 2 smoker, and so no keyed ignition. We were discussing this, about fitting a lanyard killswitch (or else a hidden killswitch) to the same effect.

    Without the lanyard you’re stuffed. Or, if you have a killswitch wired in and hidden from view, it will be pretty difficult to start without knowing where to look.

    Those were the two ideas I’ve heard about.

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  • Yeah that was about what I'd though, wiring a switch in.

    Thankfully I'm out in spain and you can park a bike here without much worry where I am. But I'd need some deterrent as no garage.

  • A disc lock is a good low effort solution.

  • Yeah that and a killswitch would do job fine.

  • That’s literally the same switch they sell for auxiliary lights, pennies on ebay.

    I’d probably look for the much smaller, lower profile button type that are sold as a specific killswitch. They’d be that much smaller for hiding on the bike somewhere.

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  • a mate of mine used to ride an old Enfield Bullet, which was kickstart only. He wired up a killswitch for it that lived on the inside of an ammo box attached to the side, so on brand. That, in combination with the fact that you had to be a sort of bike-whisperer to get it to start anyway, meant it was fairly secure.

  • I have been known to softly say “c’mon baby don’t be like that...” to my bike before.

  • there should probably be a selection of choice phrases in the Troubleshooting section of Haynes manuals

  • Talking of choice phrases, and the DR...been trying to find a better lever option to increase pull, and reduce tension.

    It’s a really heavy clutch even with clean lubed cable. Also, there is almost no free play on the lever and it’s still engaging at near-maximum cable pull.

    Bought some adjustable levers made of Chinesium. They don’t fit the original perches, so tried the perch/lever assy on the clutch side and instantly hated it compared to the tiny rally levers I had fitted. Shame as this was allowing me a greater degree of travel and a choice of clutch engagement.

    So then I tried the EZ-Pull gadget, that so-say improves lever tension. Yes, it works fine, but while riding I found it more difficult to shift down the gears and couldn’t get neutral nearly as easily. I tried to tighten up the cabling more but concerned by the time it runs better I’m just riding the clutch.

    Now, it could be something else clutch-related, but this hasn’t happened at all before fitting the ez-pull. Shame, the device actually works well as far as reducing pressure required to pull the lever.

    Ho hum.

  • Honda nt700, mid size shaftie. Few come up for sale locally, High miles but just after a commuter and occasional mid distance tourer. Think they are all of 60hp from a 700cc v twin, but proper pillion provision on a not 1200cc bike appeals.
    Anyone had one? I imagine they are like a heavier slower nc700

  • NT700? That's a Deuville?

    I have an XL700 (transalp) which is essentially a chain drive version (same Haynes manual)
    It's a fine commuter/ first bike. I did 10k/year for 3 years on it without fault.

    Likes a hill, good torque (v twin innit) but sluggish on the move and not very punchy (40-70 is nothing to be excited about)
    I've accidentally nudged 3 figures* on a quiet stretch of wide motorway, so it can move, but you won't get there before a sports bike.

    *Your honour, this is just internet bravado and nothing more.

    Edit: not related to the NC700, iirc that's a flat twin, essentially a Honda Jazz engine cut in half.

  • Not a lot. Mine's pretty much off road only and lives in a garage. On the rare occasions I do ride it around town, I stick a disc lock on and don't leave it anywhere too long. For what it's worth, kick starting a hi-comp, 650 single is a definite skill - rules out a lot of the random squids.

    The Husqvarna 500 I had before, had no ignition and electric start - that was a bloody liability!

  • Could be someone has put HD clutch springs in. I wouldn't expect the clutch to be particularly heavy, and looks like you've tried everything else.

  • Motorcycle covers.

    Outdoor. Specifically for an air-cooled Triumph Bonniville / Scrambler 900.

    Mine is a bit fucked and was meant for a big long British classic. As a result it always sags at the back and traps water.

    Any brand recommendations?

    Useful features? Lock holes at either end obviously, anything else?

  • Cheers, dropped you a dm

  • Yea that’s what I’d come to conclude as well. It only had two owners before me and 9k, and was more or less unmolested stock, but the HD springs is the only likely reason.

    Some people on the fb group have also commented on the hefty clutch. The biggest benefit is to fit a Pro Taper Profile universal clutch lever assembly. Unfortunately they are out of stock everywhere.

  • I've been green lit for a new (to me) motorbike, on the proviso I shift the existing stock.

    Reckon I can sell the Transalp easy enough, but what do I do with a 2009 CBF125, mild crash damage (gaffer taped indicator), that hasn't moved in 4+ years?
    I can't get it running (useless at spannering), just chuck it on ebay as spares/repairs? or see if my local garage can revive it enough to sell it as working?

    Edit: is there a motorbike equivalent of Parkers for used/ trade price guide? my google-fu was weak.

  • I'd ebay spares just to get rid.
    And prices I just look at what's sold recently. And then it will likely be a bit

  • cheers, probably be easiest tbf

  • Been using a XYZCTEM Motorbike Cover from Amazon. Very happy with it. Not heat proof but much better than the last two covers I’ve had , doesn’t rip and has three clips to stop it flying off.

  • Sometimes stuff isnt worth the hassle for a few quid. In my mind.

    I sold my blackbird for 800. Sure I might have got 1200 if I tidied it a bit and waited a wile. But I sold it in 1 day of listing and no hassle. Time and stress is worth more than money.

  • Could always put a battery/ power isolator on it somewhere?

  • no battery ;)
    but yeah, need to look into it more if an xr650r is the right bike. They are cheaper here

  • Is there no way to wire it in to kill feed to spark plugs though (maybe a stupid question but makes sense in my mind?)

    Either way I suspect a GPS tracker hidden somewhere would be a great solution, it may get nicked but at least you'll get it back?

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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