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  • I didn’t spend much time on a 125 (CBT plus a couple of hours tuition) before going to a 600 but didn’t think it added much other than the basic controls. Most of my road skills were already there from cycling and driving and the feel of a big bike is totally different to a 125.
    I obviously learnt plenty on the 600 after passing my test but never felt it was too much.

  • Spent 2 years on a 125 at 17, but for those who are older/more mature I can understand the appeal of moving up the ladder quickly. Not convinced spending decades on slow bike makes a better rider but definitely some truth to helping understand defensive riding and anticipating everyone trying to kill you.

  • Thanks for taking the time to offer advise everyone - really appreciate it.

    Basically I just wanted to get on any bike. I just need something to get out the house on. Buying a more fun car was the catalyst. I really enjoy going out driving in something that is actually fun to drive, buy I realised that I needed to not rag the shit out of my daily that I need to be working. And that working on a car/throwing money at it isn’t a good idea. No amount of cash is gonna make a 2ltr estate into a sports car after all.

    The main reason I wanted a 125 was simply because it meant I could get on a bike sooner with my budget.

    Cbt, 125, helmet, and trousers, with a jacket for free off a mate was something I could afford in the next few months. And hopefully not lose too much on the resale of a 125.

    But if I wanted to get a big bike, I’d need to budget way more for the bike - 3k vs 1k. And I’d need a proper suit to wear, rather than just trying to get by with what I can beg and borrow. And hopefully through riding a 125 I’ll get a better idea of what bike I actually want. I’m old enough to go straight for my full license and I’ve been driving for over a decade so I don’t need to worry about that side of things.

    In my mind, I want something 600cc, plenty torque, enough fairing that I can nip on the motorway, but mainly just something to enjoy on the B roads round here in Yorkshire. I don’t want it to be too heavy. I don’t want it to be going over 100mph to come alive. Thoughts of touring Europe and Scotland appeal, but it seems silly to buy a bike based on such a far fetched plan. I also appreciate that I need to actually ride more to know what I want. I actively want to avoid the situation where I buy something niche, only to discover I don’t actually enjoy that kind of riding.

    I had a go on my brothers 250cc 4 stroke scrambler on some forestry track and really enjoyed it, and my bro seemed pretty confident in my handling capabilities.

    Fuck knows though. My bro passed his test 2nd or 3rd time, despite being super capable on bikes and other stuff, which kinda shits me up about wasting cash going straight for my full license.

  • understand defensive riding and anticipating everyone trying to kill you.

    I feel like I’m pretty switched on as a driver and cyclist in regards to this. I was lucky to have a couple crashes on my bike when I was younger that really switched me on without putting me to any harm. Obviously the stakes are WAY higher on a motorbike, but I feel like the sense is pretty tuned in already. But I’m also aware that there will be lots to learn.

  • That's a great point. To be fair most of us on this cycling(?) forum are probably a lot more aware of being vulnerable on 2 wheels than joe average.

  • Only thing I’d add to what you’ve said is that I’d spend the money now on quality gear. A 125 will still do 60mph or so and if someone pulls out on you, well you know the consequences and I wouldn’t want to be sliding down the tarmac in a £100 helmet and budget trousers.
    Factor in some money for boots too. It’s rather inevitable that you’ll drop the bike at one time or another and even a lighter 125 could crush your ankle if you’re still sat on the bike when it fancies a nap

  • I agree with @PhilDAS - quality kit lasts a long time. Don’t skimp out or you may as well wear shorts and trainers.

    ATGATT and proud. That doesn’t mean raceday leathers on a scooter. It means CE rated soft comfortable near-invisible armour on knees, elbows shoulders and back, inside comfortable warm/ventilated clothes that won’t shred too quickly on impact.

    The Oxford Montreal trousers survived a lot of abuse this year, and I favour them over my more expensive RST’s. I did wear aramid-lined jeans with knee armour on the hottest days this year, but Oxfords with removable liners and vents suited most occasions.

    Proper boots are a number one priority. You’ll kick your shins on the footpegs and wish you had proper boots long before you drop a bike and roll your ankle.

    Even heavily discounted kit is okay if it provides the right stuff.

    It’s cold until March, now, so you will need warm/waterproof gloves or riding will be miserable.

    Sod £3k on a bike. Find something fully functional for a grand, and spend a few hundred on kit that will last.

  • spend the money now on quality gear

    The plan was to buy a helmet that I wouldn’t need to replace, and the free jacket is a proper bike jacket my mate just doesn’t fit any more. I was hoping that some semi decent second hand trousers would see me through. Boots and gloves too (can’t say I was massively enthusiastic about second hand, but needs must).

    I do appreciate that buying good kit is a necessity. Part of me was just doing mental maths trying to figure out how to get on a bike quickly, but I’m starting to realise that I’ll probably need to invest/save a bit more cash than initially thought.

    Eg, I was trying to get on the road for about £1500, buying a 125 bike for £7-800 etc.

    And it’s mid winter. Tax bill is due at the end of January. I’m functionally unemployed with my field of work being completely dead due to corona. But wangling my way to getting a bike for cheap seemed really appealing, albeit probably a bit stupid.

  • ATGATT and proud

    Had to google that!

  • 125cc’s are more expensive, because there is a greater market for them. One-day CBT and go. You could pay up to £2k for a ‘decent’ 125cc. The £7-800 may have a lot of issues that aren’t advertised, or essential maintenance that hasn’t been performed.

    More likely grand for a middle of the road big bike, £1500 for a serviceable 125cc regardless of the season. The ‘winter is cheaper’ rule didn’t count last year nor this year.

    Mine, I spent hundreds on new battery, tyres, chain, sprockets, bulbs, oil/air filters, etc etc etc. Add it to the tally. Cheaper the bike, less likely any of this has been done for you already.

  • Good gear on eBay can be had for peanuts really. Especially boots. If you really want to do this two wheeled thi by, start hunting for gear on eBay before bike. You can find some utter bargains.

    High quality stuff comes along quite often. Recently got a set of tcx full goretex off road boots for £70. Lid is only thing I buy spanking new.

    Bike wise, patience pays off, and have someone go with you to check it out. Uncomfortable in any way, walk away, there’ll be other bikes. If you’re out in the sticks, you’re likely to find better maintained stuff than in the city. Don’t be scared of aiming far outside of your location to find wheels. It’ll pay off.

    A good history book pays for itself.
    If you get there and the bike is warm, I’d be wary. Always start the bike from
    Cold, especially in winter. That’ll raise a lot of issues on the spot if it has any. If any pop up, that’s your position to negotiate.

  • You probably dodged a bullet. Might be worth a punt on an import model just to see if you like the style (of course you will!!)

  • Don't, I always wanted to try one. They knocked the TZR off the top 250 perch after a very short time on top.

  • Something like the ER6 covers most of your wish list. If you're tall it might not be the most comfortable though.

    Everyone's right about the gear. I still have more money invested in riding gear than I do in m/bikes.

    Some clothing bargains on eBay are incredible. A lot of people buy decent gear when they are old and flush then don't do anywhere near as much riding as they used to and eventually sell it when they sell the bike.

    If I were starting again I'd probably look at Knox under armour and a Tucano Urbano all in one waterproof. Trousers are a bit harder because the best textile trousers are still money but Rukka stuff sometimes comes up that's old but not worn much. If you have an all in one suit it doesn't matter if the textiles not still fully waterproof.

  • Santa is coming soon!!!😁

  • Now you have me searching for them. Ultimately I would only have one if I had a garage and easy access to some A roads. Stuck in the middle of London with a £10k bike in the street outside would be a nightmare.

  • I’m not taking the blame here!! Lol

    This wasn’t last week!

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  • You probably dodged a bullet.

    Probably, but that doesn’t stop the little dream.

    Easy lightweight bikes are where my heart lies, and even when tired the height/weight of the DR isn’t much issue to manoeuvre into the shed, or lift the wheel to shunt into position.

    I got stuck sideways on a byway at the weekend, cross-rutted going uphill, tried to save it, the more I tried the more the rear slipped sending me sideways. Stopped and climbed off before I fell off. The bike felt so heavy trying to rock back and forth giving some gas to climb out and straighten up, I wished I had an even lighter 2T enduro.

    Still, that was way less exhausting than moving a Bandit 600 15ft around a gentle incline during the Module 1 test!

    I’d love me a super light little bullet, but it’s just asking for trouble. Someone in traffic was on their phone and didn’t pull off on the green light at a crossing. Car behind me was beeping, so pulled around the car and went to get by. Realised I must have had the front wheel in the air quite a bit as it slammed back down a few yards further along the road.

    Can imagine the 2T race bikes just want power wheelies all day long, as per your 100mph cornering anecdote!

  • Great photo!

  • Thanks. I was much younger then! The bike looks good too 😁

  • This is my equivalent, such a great bike for £600.

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  • Nice one. I'm guessing like me you've put on a little bit of weight since then :)

    Jung is right about the weight, there's something feels so right about these super light 2 strokes. I've not ridden any modern 600/1000's but they are really light and way more power so it must be similar.

  • Thanks for the advice man.

    Definitely realising that I should pick up all the gear before looking at bikes. Cheers for the heads up on what brands to look for - I’m coming from a position of total ignorance so barely know where to start!

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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