Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • I used to use the relatively cheapie Oxford ones. Never really a problem with getting your hand back in at speed but they can pull on the levers when you're getting a wiggle on. Over 85 or so, they used to pull in the clutch. Handlebar muffs really do work but I still recall the joyous spring days when they came off and went back in the box for another year.

  • Mine were 50% gaffer tape before they got retired. I kind of regret never making fairings from estate agents boards though. That was commitment. Especially if the bike was a Bandit 1200 :)

  • Ha - I’d completely forgotten that. Also of seen on terminally smoking, courier rat GT550s.... ;) London biking in the 90s!

  • The 550's were really the bike of choice. I think Chas bikes used to survive on the income from them alone.

  • I used to ride with handlebar muffs, heated jacket and ski pants. Muffs are great and the jacket was lovely.

  • A few years ago I was given a BMW heated gillet. Aside from it occasionally blowing the accessory fuse it's really nice. Keep your core temperature high and the rest will follow.

    A friend used to use crumpled newspaper under the front of their jacket if they got caught out in the cold.

    Tucano Urbano do some waterproof insulated trousers that feel a bit like the covers they make for scooters. I have a pair and they work well.

  • So far I’ve been lucky. Most of my jaunts have been short and sweaty - even in the cold rain a rutted byway gets you unzipping the jacket.

    they can pull on the levers when you're getting a wiggle on

    I wouldn’t like to run un-structured muffs for that very reason. Then again, I’m placing them over bash guards and not going over 85!

  • What do people think, 68 plate, 4000 miles. £1000.

    I’m looking to get my CBT and a bike, with plans to get a bigger bike in the future, but figure I could ride something smaller/cheaper in the meantime until I decide what I’m after/what riding I enjoy.

    Mate has that bike for sale. Reasonable starter bike?

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  • Lexmoto have really low resale, so consider it worth way less when you come to sell it, unless you trick someone come summer.

    All the same, if it works reliably you’re one up on me when I started last year!!

  • Tbh, it’s a couple hundred more than I wanted to spend and he was knocking some cash off as I know him, and have seen some other 125s that I prefer that will hold resale value better. Not really that keen on it, but figured I’d see what people say. Mate who’s very knowledgeable about these things told me not to touch it with a barge pole!

  • For sure.

    Issue is that Lexmoto are made of cheese. They are worth more in parts than as a whole bike - mostly because people constantly need replacements!!

    I’ve been trying to sell my ‘93 GN125, which after all the money and time I spent on it is a reliable little thing - needs the new cam chain fitted sooner than later, as it’s started to make a bit of noise. All the same all I’ve gotten is lowball offers.

    If you were closer to Swindon I’d offer you a test ride.

  • The easiest 125 to sell is a CB125, at least it was when I last looked. Some people don't even lose money on them. They are brilliant bikes and do hundreds of miles on a tank of petrol.

    Thing is they are so good the newer ones are way over budget. The older ones are still great.

    It's only fair to say that we have all seen the care and attention poured into pdlouche's GN125 so you know you would have some maintenance free miles.

  • Thanks, it’s ugly as sin but it’s a runner.

    To be honest if you didn’t try redline it into every corner and engine brake aggressively like I did over the summer, the cam chain would probably survive thousands more miles. I haven’t even bedded in the new chain or sprockets since fitting them.

    I paid the insurance and tax for another year, just in case I need to run errands, but I’d gladly let someone else try run it into the ground - it just keeps on keeping on!

    That’s the general rule about older (90’s) Jap-made small capacity motors, so I hear; they were made to a standard that makes them much more reliable than the more modern Chinese or Indian made clones. That Lexmoto will use either a GN or a CB clone for its engine.

  • What do you lot reckon to Yamaha SR125’s?

  • Issue is that Lexmoto are made of cheese. They are worth more in parts than as a whole bike - mostly because people constantly need replacements!!

    This is what I needed to hear!

  • Tucano urbano scooter skirt + muffs + heated grips and you can survive anything. Did two years on a scooter with that setup and was never cold or wet.

    Have rock/mx type handguards on mc with Oxford regular heated grips, wearing 3 season gloves its warm enough. A winter glove then ends up insulating you from the heated grip and tbh they are so bulky you can barely control the bike.

    If mc generator has enough capacity without melting any wiring a heated jacket is defo way to go. Borrowed a mates bmw r1200 with a jacket plugged in last winter, 2 to 4c day ride, yeah legs got cold and stiff eventually, but managed a big day out without dying of cold.

  • Suppose I should clean it sometime.

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  • Good idea to strongly consider Honda to begin.

  • So follow up on the XSR700 - the Lithuanian guy sent his friend to pay and organised a courier so not an international scam!

    Bike is gone, money is on my account.

    Next rant is MCE insurance who are refunding me zero as they calculated that my £170 annual premium, after 6 months, is worth £33. And their cancellation fee is £75 so they used their professional discretion to not charge me to cancel 🙄

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  • Congratulations on the successful sale, and commiserations on the scam that is insurance companies.

  • That’s great. Really was a massive coincidence then.

  • @Vince - your annual premium is £170?! Thought you were London based...?

  • All's well that ends well. Also insurance companies... I feel your pain.

  • I am, yes - New Cross SE14.

    The options were:
    £170 TPO
    £1200 Full Comp

    So I used the unspent money to buy a tracker and an extra Kryptonite NY chain

  • Not really into motorbikes myself, but a really good friend of mine has recently started a business:­op_ltd/

    You pay a monthly amount to use workshop stuff for motorbikes. I think most people do maintenance and track day preps on their bikes, pretty cool.

    Please feel free to give him a follow, Bob is an awesome guy.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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