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  • There’s a bit of a trick with the lens. I reckon you can comfortably fit three including the R1250.

    What I can fit and what I’m allowed are two different things.

  • I used up all my luck already today. Felt a little tired but tried to go on a green lane that I’ve done before, as the weather may be horrible all week after today. Heading up over the Ridgeway the misty rain got heavier. The track has some very irregular zigzag-shaped ruts and is mostly stone, and then deep clay ruts, then gravel again. I aimed to get as far as the deep clay ruts.

    Felt a little uncomfortable (I needed a piss) and wanted to go at least halfway before stopping. I got through some huge deep puddles on the track, and across a few ruts and felt like the rain was making it too difficult to see properly. My visor was misty and I could see heavier clouds ahead.

    I was trying to keep to the right groove and then, BAM!!!

    The bike bounced out of the zig-zag rut and started to slide sideways. I could see the bike wasn’t upright and as I tried to regain balance I felt myself falling, with the front wheel almost horizontal and aiming me for the thistly hedge on my right.

    As I tried to regain control, I could feel the bike falling away under me, like I was slipping back on the seat (or going over), and so as I pulled on the bars to try straighten up I twisted the throttle almost wide open and the whole bike accelerated, straightened up and powered over all the shit, and just skimmed the hedge, as I managed to get it over to the left enough to stop on a more stable surface between ruts. Possibly I had wheelied my way out.

    Once I stopped laughing, it turned out I hadn’t wet myself yet, so as good a time as any to relieve myself before heading home.

    10/10 not sure if a cat.

  • Well done surviving. During my riding career I've found the real accidents always come along when you least expect them and hurt enough to remember. Every mile is one mile nearer to the next big one.

    I remember mile after mile of country bypasses at 110 in the rain and mist with very poor visibility and then one night I'm met by a dog loose on the M4 running towards me and moving across the lanes. I had to pick a lane and stick with it. 100m down the road there were 2 policemen in the carriageway that I just happened not to be in. I used to get off the TZR shaking sometimes :)

  • Haha - nice one! As completely counter-intuitive as it is on the road; if in doubt, gas it out has (nearly) always worked for me in the dirt.

    Clay is awful. There’s a riding area that I go that has some red clay and it’s a skating rink with any moisture. As close to black ice as it gets.

  • Sounds scary... and you tried to sell me that bike?!?! Ha! (I would have loved it)

    @Jung that’s what I’m learning. Twice or more on Friday and once yesterday, all saved by just accelerating out of the trouble.

    I’m not keen on relying on luck instead of skill, but the line blurs pretty quickly on these things.

  • Got the front up today, rolling onto WOT in 2nd. Maybe not that surprising on a litre bike but I wasn’t quite expecting it as the initial acceleration wasn’t harsh, it just gently raised up as the CHANGE GEAR light flashed wildly at me.
    Luckily the electronics are smarter than me and it held it there, probably less than a foot off the ground but it felt high!

  • I had one like that on the DR just outside of London a month or so ago off a set of traffic lights. My acceleration was definitely sharp, but I didn’t realise it had lifted in second/third until I began leaning into the turn and felt a wiggle as it hit the ground again.

    Found a stretch of road to practice it yet?

  • haha first unintentional power wheelie is always interesting. With larger bikes its quite subtle as they start lifting, never ridden anything modern and powerful, guess they have an anti wheelie function, or at least it keeps front from coming way up.

  • Do most of you in here ride all rear round? Would create a Poll but no poll funciton #pollfail

  • ACF50 the bike, good gear, a more relaxed wrist and all winter riding.

  • Yup.

    Good gear is 100% the key. Treated myself to a laminated goretex set this year. £££ but so nice to ride in. No more soggy clothes or damp seams.

    Helps that the bike has shaft drive which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

  • My commute has a dead straight section of NSL road, just under 1km long with a decent surface and that happened to be completely empty this morning. Perfect place I think!

  • If you read the manual it sounds like it can’t wheelie at all in ‘road’ mode but I think it’s just very controlled.

  • Local thieves tried to steal my motorbike today but one of my neighbours prevented them doing so.
    Footage attached!

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  • Neighbour being a top bro there. For sure owe him a bottle of your finest...

  • All year round for a long time - do try for alternatives during fog or black ice. These days I just wouldn't do it - side winds are a bugger too especially on high bridges - ask the high sided HGV guys.

  • What the fuck. Did he say "You normally lock it I don't look at it, and today you didn't so it's a free for all"???

  • What was the thief’s excuse, couldn’t quite hear...something along the lines of, “it’s usually chained up...?”

    Edit - WAC’s! Maybe get an alarmed disc lock and decent chain anchor installed.

  • So the "odd" coincidence is that I had a prospective buyer from Lithuania supposed to send a courier to pick up the bike today.

    He contacted me this morning to see when the bike would be ready for pick up so I texted to say I was at home all day, available to assist the courier.

    This morning was the very first time in 2 years that:

    • I didn't have my kryptonite NY chain attached to my driveway anchor & the bike
    • I had removed my alarmed lock
    • I had removed my tracker

    Those guys on the scooter literally cruise the streets daily to spot an unlocked bike.
    This one took 2 years for them to get to that day.

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  • Mental. Neighbour is a legend tho!

  • Amazing if it were a true coincidence and not a scam. I’m surprised that you didn’t leave it locked like crazy til the courier arrived. Then again I suppose I’m way more paranoid

  • The DR350 has a ground-anchored Milenco on one side, another Milenco on the other, a disc lock, and stays inside a shed with two padlocks on the door. I don’t trust any bugger.

    Talking of paranoid, after weeks of agonising over the design I finally decided on six mounting points (two per side) plus the two over the top connecting the pannier bags together.

    Version 1, pretty slimline, roughly 14x10” rack area, with around 5” depth, and roll top. Cordura outer and tarp inner. Rack-facing side is semi-rigid with three thin sheets of foam and three layers of thin para-aramid just in case I drop the bike and the exhaust tries to burn through.

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  • Definitely an 'odd' coincidence.

    Assume the buyer is the culprit and sends round people knowing it'll be unlocked for the courier?

    Have you been paid by the buyer?

  • Look on ebay, choose any bike the last ten years and spot how many good used parts there arr available from these bikes with no crash damage, mostly listed in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Estonia. That's where I'm sure most stolen modern bikes are headed.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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