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  • Triple whammy that borders on zero visibility. Game of visor up and down at every stop

  • Saga continues. Removing header bolts is a shite experience and fuck all manufacturers for not using stainless bolts. On the other hand, plus gas is awesome.

    Oil pan out and gasket replaced. nice to see bottom of pan free of any debris.
    Temptation to go full stainless system is high.

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  • I'm about to have to do this, really not looking forward to it. Original 1996 header bolts on a bike I keep outside :(

  • A bit of a fuck up as I've got few things going on right now.

    My tax ran out yesterday. Tried to renew and it sensibly pointed out that I don't have an MOT.

    What 's the best move here? - It's parked off road on the drive under a cover.

    a. Sorn now today, try and get MOT this week/asap, retax,
    b. Don't sweat and book the MOT asap then tax?

    Any consequences to having a short period of Sorn on the bikes record? (No immediate plans to sell.)


  • B. would be my choice, especially if it's covered with the reg hidden, but feel free to ignore me.

  • Can’t help on the other questions, but call around and try get it done asap. Thanks to that 6 month MOT holiday garages have been inundated. My mechanics told me there’s about 5-6 week wait for appointments at the two places they use.

  • That's my feeling. If I was still commuting it would be a different story.

    On my first bike I went to renew the tax and it wouldn't work. Called up and the lady on the other end gave me a telling off as I'd totally forgotten to tax it for the previous year!

    My usual local place doesn't open until Monday, but at least WFH now means the usually logistical nightmare is removed. Fingers crossed I can get a slot and no new restrictions prevent me from doing it. If it comes to that I'll just sorn and unsorn.

  • Isn’t there insurance implications of sorning?

    I can’t really remember to be honest coz it was a while ago but I had a sort of similar situation where I fucked something right before mot time so there was a couple weeks where it wasn’t taxed or moted but it was in my garage so not too much of an issue.

    Maybe it was actually that you can’t insure an untaxed vehicle?

  • I think it's both.

    Most policies require notice of sorn. But you can call your insurers on a Sunday, and you can't get an mot if your not shop is closed.

    Anyway it passed the MOT today. Going to tax once mini-H is in bed.

  • Bit random, but does anyone have a Richa D3O CE central back insert they don't want?

    Rectangular like this ~48cm x ~18cm:

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  • The DR is running really nice now that it’s back together. The mechanics finally received the post that was delayed thanks to an outbreak at the local sorting office, so a week delayed receiving my rear calliper piston seals. Once it was all back together the braided HEL Performance brakes lines are working (and looking) great. Plus, bleeding them with an ebay cheapo vaccuum bleeder made so much simpler and quicker than squeeze open close release squeeze x30 minutes.

    Poor dad, though.

    He got jealous and went and bought a brand new CRF250L, having not had a bike in 40 years. A couple short rides and he seemed like a duck to water, until we went out today for over an hour and his stamina dropped through the floor.

    A couple miles from home, he was showing some impatience and then the next thing he didn’t get his feet off the pegs, fumbled at the roundabout, kept leaning and turning left toward the kerb rather than feet off, straighten up and stop. He didn’t stop properly, grabbed the brakes leaning over, stumbled and landed on his left hand side with the bike on top of him.

    Really disheartening for him, with a few scratches on the brand new bike, and some scuffs and dirt on the ATGATT clothes I made him wear (mostly on the armour points). He broke the bike’s fall, mostly.

    Gotta say, the CRF’s are incredibly easy to pick up. A lot easier to lift up from a road nap, than the DR was from a swim.

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  • Grease your fecking swing arm bolts people, every year without fail.

    New sawzoll making light work of the old swing arm (nothing wrong with it, but only way forward at this point).

    Also looking at a classic old 50s bike as a winter project, defo won't be any seized bolts on that thing!

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  • I may have acquired a 76/77 Suzuki RM250 in boxes. Perhaps a little vintage MX action if it’s not too far gone...

  • Super jealous @Jung ! Post updates.

    Been getting more and more ‘spirited’ on the road, so decided to risk life and limb for a bit of muddy fun. Wheel change with brake pads took 30 minutes. Not upset with that.

    As much as I hate the Michelin Trackers on-road, couldn’t have done this muddy stuff with anything less aggressive.

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  • Hope the road nap doesn't knock your Dad's confidence too much, awesome that he got the bike and sounds like he protected it from severe damage. DR's looking great.

  • That looks like a shit load of fun! Did you stay upright the whole time?

    Gave mine a quick blast this afternoon and also a quick wash and lube up after....

    @jambon, you still got that RSV4?

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  • @jambon it really knocked him back, which wasn’t a wholly bad thing - at least he became receptive to my militant persistence on drills in the car park (controlled stops, downshifts, etc). We went out the next day and he was a little better, and really concentrated on technique.

    Been doing groundwork and building new sheds (to house the bikes) for a whole week so the bike has sat unused since.

    @matt surprisingly yes. Two heart/throat moments - one on that rutted four-laner in the photo which is very near to where the GN launched me 6 months ago. Sketchy uneven flooded rut on the right deflected the front while the rear was slipping - had to gas it, twist the throttle and ride out the wobbles. I bounced diagonally across all the ruts and just about came to a standstill parallel to the hedge when the bars stopped slapping side to side. Oldboy rambler was watching it unfold, “I thought I might have to turn around and pull you out that hedge” to which I replied “so did I!”

    Further up a similar thing, insane stepped ruts and deep ramp to get over, on a wheel-width, cracked the throttle and bounced my way up and over. The rambler couple looked pleasantly surprised I made it without splashing them or going a different trajectory to the bike.

  • @pdlouche that is true, I'm sure some good will come from it as sounds like he's okay. Getting a few scratches on the bike might mean he'll enjoy it more and not be so precious too? Sounds like you've both got some good times ahead!

    @matt yeah although it's just an RSV Factory, which to be fair is still too quick for 99% of public roads. Just moved house so getting the garage in order then will ride it over and finally have a proper home for it.

  • That looks great, what year is it? I miss my CBR a bit, mainly the howling exhaust note. My BMW is objectively a better bike but the noise isn’t there at the moment. Better with my visor open but that’s a bit cold at the moment...

  • @Dramatic_Hammer - thanks. Its 2017....what did you have? You really have to drop a gear to get the revs up to really get it to push on, but when you do it purrs. Planning to ride the hell out of this all season and save up + credit card an RS660!

  • He was crying over the first scratches and marks. Me, I can’t have nice things - I need to dirty and damage it up as soon possible and get it out the way. I told him he needs to get on the green lanes and drop the damn thing a few times to get over being so precious about a dirt bike.

  • 2001 600r, sounds like a similar riding experience. Great with an open road, less great for easy overtaking when you’re revving the nuts off it behind someone waiting for a gap!

  • What started as a way to fit the bike luggage into a cupboard, turned into a full garage tidy.

    Reckon there’s room for a sports bike in the back somewhere...

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  • You mean space for 4 bikes in there?

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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