Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • It's a classic with bikers. Pop down the shops for 20 bensons, quick tour of Europe and home :)

  • Well as I headed Salisbury way, I started seeing signs for Southampton/Portsmouth. No passport on me or I’d have been very tempted.

  • @Jung seems to be to a degree. Normally they’re just assembled poorly. Some people report new bikes that drain oil.

    Anyway, seems like I got to the bottom of it, literally. Sump gasket seems to have given up the ghost. Easy enough fix, apart from removing the headers first, which means removing the header studs and bolts.
    Out comes plus gas...

  • Did London and back M4/M3/M25 on Sunday just for the motorway practice - needed a full there-and-back day to satisfy curiosity. Decided no, it is not worth the time saving.

    Fuck me the M25 is bad, eastbound I had my front wheel sketch out at 75mph on a pothole, and there were channeled ruts for miles at a time. How? Awful. Also got punish passed and wanker-signed at, while at 70-80 by a guy going over 100. Gotta love London.

    Headwind and rain was so bad I was doing a press-up motion for hours at a time to try keep the front feeling planted.

    Speedo cable broke within 30 miles so I was relying on gps for speed.

    So. Curiosity satisfied. If pushed, I can do hours on the motorway on the DR, but no. It is not worth it unless exceptional or unavoidable.

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  • Motorways on a motorbike are just fucking shit. End of. Only reason to use them is if you need to save time.

    Here's a curious one. Anyone inside the M25 know how one can get about renting industrial space? Maybe shared with others. I'm hitting plural on project and it's getting very fucking boring taking out and stowing tools away every day.

  • Sitting on a massive GS or the Harley I took across the US, the motorway is strangely pleasurable.

    The 700 miles of motorway I did in a single day, on a rainy day in March about 5 years ago, on an MT07 with no windscreen was single handedly the worst day I’ve had on a bike ever.

  • Motorways on a motorbike are just fucking shit. End of.

    Not exactly exciting but always feel slightly relieved getting on the motorway with the RSV. Surprisingly comfortable and runs a lot cooler. I do get your point though, most of the time it's a misery.

  • @Chak @Soul I can imagine a long cool dry day on a highway on some giant Goldwing or Harley you might actually enjoy it with some James Taylor or America playing.

    But really, wouldn’t choose it again unless it was a necessity. Sunday was about ticking it off from an endurance and “if I had to, could I?” POV. I prefer whenever possible to do something at my leisure, so then if push comes to shove I have the experience under my belt.

    Talking of push coming to shove, my dad has been going on about getting a bike since getting jealous. He has an oldboy license so can legally ride anything, except that his last bike was 40 years ago, and a 125 Kawasaki. He doesn’t want power or weight or speed, just that sensation.

    I told him to just ride my GN125 tracker, zero power but also zero weight and good fun. He wants his own new bike. Spent days steering him away from the Royal Enfield Bullet Trials 500 replica.

    He sat on a Honda CRF250L and kinda fell in love. Sorry not sorry, dad.

  • Good choice!

    I fucking hate motorways, though admit to deriving some pleasure over the years traveling at warp factor 9 on the Peage across France.

  • An hour ride in the pissing rain on A roads/dual/motorway was ok today until I stopped to check the map and got rain on the inside of my visor, at which point it turned into a dangerous shitshow for the last 5 mins of trying to balance mist/rain/not getting glasses wet.
    My cheap rain suit and V-wipe combo worked well up until then to make it a normal-ish ride though, with only one minor incident as I spun up on white paint overtaking.

  • No Pinlock on the visor?

  • I skipped straight to contacts after a couple of winters. Pinlock or not, glasses and helmets is a ball ache.

  • Got dad to drive around the pub carpark for half an hour on the 125, and get used to motorcycles again after a 40 year hiatus.

    He enjoyed it but clearly refuses to just take ownership of my 125 for a few months until he’s comfortable enough to ride larger capacity.

    He of course found the super low seat height appealing, but also the light weight. Now the CRF appears too tall but low bikes are all too powerful.

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  • There's a reason a lot of people put their bikes away in the winter. Another one to look out for is low winter sun. Had a friend ran into the back of a low loader that he couldn't see properly because of blinding morning sunlight.

    Worth having a decent winter lid with working pinlock and internal retractable sun visor.

  • So since the DR is waiting on calliper seals, I ran a couple errands on the GN. All went swimmingly until I decided to bunny hop some speed bumps a couple miles from home, engine cut out. Seems I pulled a headlamp wire loose, blowing the fuse. Had the spare, went home without the lights on and will disassemble and trace the wires later.

    Laughing hard about this. Was well worth the 10cm airtime.

  • It’s there but was loose so got rain under it! Sorted now for the ride home. Unfortunately there isn’t a pinlock for glasses though!

  • Fog is the worst.

  • Agreed. On that motorway ride in Sunday the sun was so damn low it was dangerous. Glare was impossible.

  • Damn! You had everything against you then.

  • Yep! Fine on the ride home, which makes me feel more confident about wet-weather riding in general.

  • I bet! A few torrential downpours and regular rain doesn’t seem so scary

  • This is a particularly dangerous time of the year in my experience. Especially if you're commuting.

  • Never seen as much diesel on the roads as I have today.

  • I ride with a peaked helmet, instant sun blocking ability, but adds weight and drag. No idea how folk with regular helmets get through winter and sunset.

  • I’ve spent the past year in the HJC IS Max or whatever long ass name they gave it. Flip front is luxury, incredibly easy and off, and internal sun visor. Everything is still clicky after almost exactly a year now.

    At speed it’s still a noisy helmet, and can feel heavy after some time, and is definitely not suited to less-soft greenlanes. The road shape has been so much better to avoid the drag from a peak.

    I haven’t suffered too bad with sun glare so far, but there is a moment in the day when the light is just flaring between the two visors. It’s less of an issue when the visors are totally clean, but this happens normally toward the end of the riding when the road grime/spray has got all over everything. And yep, lift it for just a second in the rain, and watermarks on the pinlock later add to the flare.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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