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  • Right. So. I thought I was buying a set of Suzuki wheels, turns out I bought a set of Spanish-Made Akront wheels.

    We got to Folkestone (from Swindon) and I wasn’t going home empty handed. In the car on the way back a quick search online turned up only positive remarks about Akron. Apparently long-established, competition level stuff and quite sought after. So I hope they work on my DR (apparently they were fitted on the ‘99 SE the guy has). I’ll find out Next week once the mechanics fit the tyres plus new tubes. The guy gave me a 3 year old and relatively new looking set of Avons gratis, so I saved on buying tyres for the time being.

    When I got home, the emergency tube I’d used yesterday was already at 3.5psi, down from 20. So I had a third attempt at tube changing, with the new UHD tube from the mechanics.

    Lubed the rim and bead like a night in Soho and it was so incredibly painless, I’m embarrassed I had so much trouble last time.

    The trick really is to keep it slippery.

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  • Gonna leave this here

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  • Suzuki did use Akront rims as OEM parts at various points so they could well be original wheels from one of the different models in the 90s.

  • Ah I see. Well, maybe I’ll be okay. I would hope they will fit, just nervous. Since the guy had sent old photos of them fitted to his ‘99 SE, I am hoping to be in with a chance.

  • Has anyone had experience with the Bowtex under armour?­-motorcycle-kevlar-leggings

    I normally have full leathers but now I'm using the bike more casually I want to wear more casual gear.

  • I've not crashed in them, but they have some pretty convincing video footage and the fit is decent. Their standard leggings fit under jeans a little easier than the slightly cheaper option from Merlin, though I went for those in the end, purely based on price

  • How sweaty do they get?

  • I wouldn't stay in them all day at work, but not a problem on the bike or wandering around outside if it's not baking hot anyway

  • Nearly washed out the front end earlier. Knobblies on wet roads. Not my jam.

    Bit of a violent gesture, I guess it was instinct to flick the bars and regain control. Heart-in-throat brown trouser moment for sure.

  • So. As-is with tyres at 20psi (22psi is manufacturer spec) the tyres felt squirrelly and horrid on the road.

    Felt like they were squirming around under me, not slipping but flexing. But I might be wrong. The brown moment was tapping front brake in rain while committing to a turn too fast, so that was lack of concentration.

    Mechanics said (after fitting bike seal earlier today) that 20psi felt too low, like the rear tyre is moving on the rim. They said I should up to minimum 25psi for good road manner, to seat the tyre better and reduce it moving about.

    Experienced rider says drop my tyre pressures to 12/14psi for the road, or else it will feel like riding on ice.

    Gonna have to try both, but amazing how they are saying completely opposite advice. Bike has a rim lock on both wheels, but no wheel weights to balance.

  • Higher, awful. Lower, squirmy but manageable.

  • Crazy narrow weedy looking things. Avon Roadriders fitted to second wheelset. Way better on the road, much more confident. Managed to actually hit the speed limit for a change.

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  • Looking awesome

  • Managed to do the one junction of the motorway in both directions earlier. First time ever driving in motorway traffic and there were narrow lanes from roadworks too. Good to gauge just how sketchy a super tall dirt bike feels at >70mph in relatively windy feeling weather.

    Very unstable compared to a windy day on a Bandit. Need to practice some more before I commit to a long day on the M’s.

    In other news,­ZZc

  • Avoid long days on the motorway. It’ll be miserable. Back roads, 60mph, slower but top fun.

    Agree totally on hyper inflated knobblies. Hopeless. I run about 14 psi. Just treat wet roads like sandy hardpack - slippy. Good fun sliding the back around can do lurid slides on knobblies on the road. Even in the dry!

  • You might find as well at speed your front mudguard affects the steering, I've had trailies where you can see it flexing from side to side sort of spilling the air off.

  • @Jung for sure. At 14psi they started to behave themselves, I was recommended 12f/14r so I’ll try that next time I set the bike for dirt.

    @Dibble yep I think that’s exactly what’s happening. At 65mph it’s manageable, but 70-75mph I can feel significant bar movement. No way like tankslapping, but definitely the high mudguard flapping about makes the front light and awkward. I found myself trying for an aero tuck, which wasn’t exactly ideal for managing speed and traffic awareness.

    Gotta go to from Swindon to Woolwich tomorrow for a few days. Google says 2 1/2 hour motorway or 4 1/2 hours avoiding motorway. Gotta weigh it up, but A-roads have been infinitely more enjoyable so far in life.

    The bike is so fun on road tyres though. There’s an odd fuel starvation that only happens at one particular speed/rev, which must be related to the Acerbis dual petcock. Lots of reports of similar issues online.

  • @pdlouche - B Roads for sure, the motorways are going to be zero fun. Just make a proper morning of it.

  • B4000 to Newbury then A4 to Slough

  • That’s what I would have thought about too, but the various route planners suggest heading right down via Basingstoke to Guildford to come back up via A3

  • Once the movie’s out prices will peak, not that they have seen any dip or trough for a long while.

  • Not really ‘new’ though is it? This has been a thing for more than a decade. At least far before the asap crew ever existed.
    Detroit used to be horses and two bangers.

  • B4000 was alright, some rough surface and a few odd turns. A4 was the same as ever. Fuck London traffic though. Did a wrong turn and went way further in that I planned. Definitely avoiding that next time.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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