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  • Proper brown trouser moment on the way home from the inlaws tonight...

    Leaning into an on ramp (max 20 degrees, 30mph) and went to accelerate.
    ABS Pro / traction control unit failure.

    Massive rear end slide on a 250kg (plus me) adventure bike which I wrestled back to upright but, in doing so, ended up giving a fist full of throttle which started a pretty horrific speed wobble. If the bike wasn't so fat, I think that would have thrown me off. Managed to point it towards the motorway and give it some more power which eased out of the wobble but it lasted a solid 3 seconds or so.

    Not massively pleased to have an electronics failure on a 1,000 mile old bike but glad I wasn't picking it / me up from the motorway barriers.

    It's 'safe to drive' but only to the BMW shop so....

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  • A little bit of wee came out.

  • Was it like this, but way faster?

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  • A bit like the couple at 41 seconds, but probably 50% speed by double duration.

  • You sure only wee came out?

  • Definitely. My arsehole is still clamped shut

  • I hear that if you relax it down there it should only take half as long

  • Is this a 1250? Heard of someone else with an abs failure when it was pretty new, can't remember start caused it, but they didn't have a ride like that, just the warning light.
    @Chak buffeting sucks, spent ages on the last two bikes with bits of abs plastic sheet and cardboard to try and get rid of it, amazes me that bikes don't get wind tunnel/real world testing. Had an Africa twin at launch two years ago for the day, buffeting was so bad at 55 to 72mph that i went to a mates to borrow his schubeth (Way quieter than my own) and made very little difference. Unless i suddenly grew 6" to get clean air or hugged the tank it was unridable

  • Yeah, 1250GS

  • Good job you’ve got experience wrestling the big ‘uns.....Maybe not exactly built to go sideways!

    Speaking of which, who brings a rare Italian classic on dual sport Tyres to the desert.....see if you can spot him.

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  • Yeah, thankful for being used to big / heavy bikes.

    Sore today. Clearly got yanked around more than I thought. Shoulders and inner thighs on fire. Couple of tank slap bruises.

    Guess I need to phone the local BMW dealer...

  • Thats shocking for an expensive new machine - I'm used to old aircooled fours that simply breakdown allowing a gentle freewheel to a halt on the hard shoulder.
    Could have much worse - silver linings etc.

  • Been on the phone to BMW this morning and you can’t fault their service.

    They’re picking up the bike tomorrow. They’ll try to fix at home but then, if they can’t, they’ll take it to my preferred Motorrad location for parts / a fix.

    Don’t know another bike manufacturer with the same level of support.

    Maybe they need it if their bikes break more often!?

  • Jesus fuck that sounds horrific. Glad you’re good. Something to be said about your skill kicking ass.
    Had a similar thing on the first bike I bought coming off the slip road and double down shifting by mistake. Tyre slipped then caught traction again.

    Is it a complete abs unit failure? Those kinda scared me on the older bikes when I was looking at the GS. Looked so bloody complicated.

  • Is it a complete abs unit failure

    I'll find out tomorrow. If I have time, I might drive it round the block today for a quick test.

  • Real human skills will always beat over-complicated rider aids. When said rider aids fail, the point is proven. A lesser rider would likely have come a cropper. Well done for saving it!

  • Don't disagree but the problem was the sudden failure of a system I relied on.

    If it wasn't there, I might have changed the way I approached the bend entirely.

    I guess, moving forwards, I won't be so sure about the bike which really sucks.

  • My bike instructor had his rear brake calliper come off and go into his spokes on his ~2017 GS at 70mph on the 3rd lane of the M4. Common fault apparently but BMW didn’t recognise it as such and tried to squirm out of repairing/replacing.
    Think it was written off in the end. Although he was just glad to be alive

  • Frightening experience and completely understandable that you will have to find your level of confidence in the bike once you start riding again. Well done for saving it.

    There's probably not much option in new bikes to avoid these types of rider aids and lets face it older bikes have their issues too. Thankfully you live to tell the tale.

    Based on what you were saying the bike was adjusting for the amount of brake input to avoid locking the rear and when the system failed it locked the rear instantly. Am I arriving at the right conclusion?

    FWIW I think BMW have been trading on their engineering reputation and their modern bikes have had all sorts of issues. The RT's a few years back had exploding rear shocks and the series before that had issues with the shaft drive, even the earlier 1150rs has a low speed fuelling issue caused by there being only one oxygen sensor.

  • Ouch. I guess that you can only hope to regain trust in the vehicle.

    The service department should do everything to get you riding again - they certainly don’t want you to provide hospital bills (or worse) because of a faulty vehicle nearly killing you. That is pretty much the bare bones of it. Good luck.

  • Based on what you were saying the bike was adjusting for the amount of brake input to avoid locking the rear and when the system failed it locked the rear instantly. Am I arriving at the right conclusion?

    No, the traction control completely failed both on original corner entry and on subsequent input adjustment to modulate the power to the rear wheel, causing megaskidz both on the bike and in my trousers.

  • German engineer friend asked if you have diagnostics equipment to access the OBDLL events reader. He’s interested what the eventlist codes were leading up to and during the failure.

    Think the beemer technician will let you photograph it?

  • Think the beemer technician will let you photograph it?

    No harm in asking when he's here tomorrow...

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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