Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Congrats, awesome!

  • Well done, enjoy the DR :)

  • Thanks all!

    Absolutely knackered. Months and months of worry evaporates. And now the fun of learning to ride knobblies on wet tarmac.

  • Actual footage of me when he said I’d passed:­


    Nice project. Can't remember who was into GSX1000 GS1000 on here

    Reynolds 531 frame as well!

  • One stretch of the Fosse Way and now I’m waiting to pay a recovery van, as I have no tools or tubes with me.

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  • All part of the joys of biking. I've yet to change a tube on the R80 but I've ridden 10 miles on a flat to avoid having to get a recovery van with no ill effects before, obviously took it very slowly.

  • You have pretty good luck don't you

  • @PhilDAS I try to think positively; it was a rear flat, and I didn’t get thrown off. No harm done to anything but my wallet. And yet. Fuuuuuucking hell, what does an uneventful day feel like?

    @Airhead totally would have, especially with rim-locked tyres, but 30 miles from home was a bit much. About 5 miles away was my grandma’s, her neighbour is a biker and I bet he’d have had a spare 18” on the shelf but I didn’t want to risk owing him a favour.

    My instructor did me a solid and came to collect me and the bike. I paid him some cash but it was still much less than it should have been for immediate call-out and rescue.

  • Proper brown trouser moment on the way home from the inlaws tonight...

    Leaning into an on ramp (max 20 degrees, 30mph) and went to accelerate.
    ABS Pro / traction control unit failure.

    Massive rear end slide on a 250kg (plus me) adventure bike which I wrestled back to upright but, in doing so, ended up giving a fist full of throttle which started a pretty horrific speed wobble. If the bike wasn't so fat, I think that would have thrown me off. Managed to point it towards the motorway and give it some more power which eased out of the wobble but it lasted a solid 3 seconds or so.

    Not massively pleased to have an electronics failure on a 1,000 mile old bike but glad I wasn't picking it / me up from the motorway barriers.

    It's 'safe to drive' but only to the BMW shop so....

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  • A little bit of wee came out.

  • Was it like this, but way faster?

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  • A bit like the couple at 41 seconds, but probably 50% speed by double duration.

  • You sure only wee came out?

  • Definitely. My arsehole is still clamped shut

  • I hear that if you relax it down there it should only take half as long

  • Is this a 1250? Heard of someone else with an abs failure when it was pretty new, can't remember start caused it, but they didn't have a ride like that, just the warning light.
    @Chak buffeting sucks, spent ages on the last two bikes with bits of abs plastic sheet and cardboard to try and get rid of it, amazes me that bikes don't get wind tunnel/real world testing. Had an Africa twin at launch two years ago for the day, buffeting was so bad at 55 to 72mph that i went to a mates to borrow his schubeth (Way quieter than my own) and made very little difference. Unless i suddenly grew 6" to get clean air or hugged the tank it was unridable

  • Yeah, 1250GS

  • Good job you’ve got experience wrestling the big ‘uns.....Maybe not exactly built to go sideways!

    Speaking of which, who brings a rare Italian classic on dual sport Tyres to the desert.....see if you can spot him.

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  • Yeah, thankful for being used to big / heavy bikes.

    Sore today. Clearly got yanked around more than I thought. Shoulders and inner thighs on fire. Couple of tank slap bruises.

    Guess I need to phone the local BMW dealer...

  • Thats shocking for an expensive new machine - I'm used to old aircooled fours that simply breakdown allowing a gentle freewheel to a halt on the hard shoulder.
    Could have much worse - silver linings etc.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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