Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Electric Harleys .....

  • I know right, sounds a bit product placementy. I've resisted the urge to try the AppleTV free trial until all episodes are up but a friend said they're constantly looking for places to charge.

  • Absolute beast 2019 Harley was getting new pipes and a few bling bits fitted at the mechanics when I swung by the other day. So loud it asks to get pulled over.

    Mechanic pointed to the left handlebar switches and said ‘guess’.... it had cruise control.


  • Having cruise control is face palm?

  • Cruise control is amazing. Wouldn’t have a bike without it unless it was a track bike or dirt bike.

    Sure it’s pointless if all you do is 30 mile loops on country roads but you try doing an 800km day on french toll roads without it / without wrist surgery.

  • More facepalm that I’d never have expected it of Harley creeping into the 21st Century.

  • Ha.

    They’ve had cruise control for years tbf. The Americans wouldn’t buy anything without it.

  • Fair enough. Never had it on a bike but wish I did when it's ~5 hours to ride to my parents. The hand cramp is real

  • Another vote for cruise control... especially as my hands and wrists are a bit fucked from getting older and various damage over the years.

    When BMW first stuck it on the S1000RR I thought it was a stroke of genius. Speaking of which, saw my first new one the other day and it's undoubtedly the only BMW I've ever had a bit of a lust on for...Carbon wheels from the factory. Hmm.

  • Yeah, the new M Sport one with carbon wheels looks amazing.

    All reviews seem to put it top by a long way, on road and track, and it’s the cheapest litre bike in its competition set.

  • 44t on youtube did a great breakdown on them. Hands down the best bike all around. Daily, usability and performance. Oh yeah, standard heated grips to boot

  • But is it fun enough (runs away)? Only joking, think I'd go for the bimmer too.

  • It's the cheapest and the best! I'm not really in the market but if I was, I'd find that impossible to ignore....might have to book a test ride just for shits and giggles.

  • Cruise control is great! I don’t do many motorway miles but even for just sitting at 30 through villages it’s ideal.

  • Ha. You want off road on a GSXR? Teapot knocks it out of the park. Who says you need an adventure bike.

  • Even that 100 yard section the Revzilla guy took the gixxer over looked scary as hell. I frequently threatened my instructor that we’d take a ‘wrong’ turn and I’d take his 600 Bandits offroad. He nearly accepted the dare.

  • It proper unpleasant but doable. When I had the SV in Spain, to get up to the place I was staying at for a few months, was about 3km dirt road before you hit the house. After about two weeks, it was the best part of the ride!

  • For sure. Having done umpteen little routes on the 125 with ‘road’ tyres, it was only wet mud and grass that posed any issue. On a larger bike I suppose with skilled throttle control anything is possible.

    Haven’t touched any tracks for months since that dirt nap, mostly due to needing the bike to be in one piece until my full license.

  • Fair fair. I reckon you're pretty much destined to ride off road, which might be a better idea these days since there's no where you can really push a road bike without a massive wrist slap. Alternative is the track, but that's expensive.

    Any update on the test?

  • No updates. It was cancelled by accident by the driving school, was supposed to be last Wednesday, but now rescheduled 28th Sept.

    Heart wasn’t in it during the lesson on Tuesday and found myself fingers and thumbs at times. Having been a month without riding the bandit, and having no real impetus, wasn’t my best ride.

    Not holding my breath for the 28th to be honest. Half expect another lockdown, another cancellation/delay, or simply avoidable fail.

  • I tried to ride a GSXR across the pampellone beach near St Tropez once. It was a complete disaster. Sand or really loose stuff and road Tyres is a complete clusterfuck. Lighter bikes are way better too.

  • Used to have that as wallpaper. Might chuck some TKC80's and engine bars on the tiger and give dirt a spin.

    @pdlouche It'll eventually happen. I'm in same boat with car license.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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