Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Great fun - bloody speedfreak.

  • Fun viewing. The legend is strong...(I knew there was a reason I liked them.)­8mI

  • My money’s always on Japanese

  • @pdlouche I've been enjoying the 125 adventures. Seems like a great introduction to motorbikes, you've been on road, off road, maintaining, enen making your own luggage. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  • Thanks! I’m aware it’s all a bit #csb but hey.

    You’re right too, it really has been through mud, muddy water, dual carriageways, rain, sun, wind, country roads, halfway stripped to pieces, seat foam reshaped and recovered, pannier racks and bags fitted, 3 different handlebars, spotlights, etc etc and even dumped headlight-first into a rut and still got me home again.

    There’s been a hell of a lot of disheartening experiences, especially where the running issues from lack of maintenance by previous owners took time to diagnose and rectify.

    All of that melted away today, with a bike that reliably accelerated to what I wanted, and stopped when I needed it to!

    I’m popping LED indicators onto it tomorrow, along with a diode kit to fix the inevitable hazarding/dashboard light issue that will occur.

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  • Not me, shirley

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  • Anyone remember my fleet of bikes withy seized swing arm bolts? Well this one we got out. Drilled it out from one side and a 700nm + air impact from the other (after over a month in kroil) finally broke it free. New swing arm, bearings and bolt fitted then find the brand new yamaha ignition barrel has internal corrosion, fixed that and now runs like a champ again. Mate it taking it on as their first bike, its not pretty close up but mechanically and electrically its now as good as it can be.
    So long little rev box, 110mpg will be missed but that's about it

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  • What's left of the swing arm bolt

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  • Needs more rust

  • Just had a call this morning, due to an admin error my motorcycle test on Wednesday has been cancelled. And earliest date is now 28th.

    I think I’ll die before I ever get to ride.

  • That’s really shit.

    More time to practice I guess.

  • Except, not on the 600 where it matters. Struggled to get the hours with the instructor as it was.

    As far as practicing on the 125.... well... I’m running out of tyre. Probably lowside it by the end of the month.

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  • True - it's never quite the same.

    Those tyres look like they have loads of life left...?

  • More that I’m running out of tyre to lean on.

  • Looks like you've got loads to me... not even rubbed off the knobbly bits yet...!

  • That’s what I thought too, but we’ll see how much is scrubbed when I go sliding

  • Still loads, the lean angle of the bike has to increase a lot more to get the last bit. Generally you'll only run to the edge of the tyre on a track where speeds are much higher, and the corners are long and sustained. Don't go trying to get rid of your 'chicken strips' on public roads just for the sake of it, seen plenty of folk come a cropper trying to do that. No one who actually rides cares, just some bellends standing in a pub car park on litre bikes that only do 500 miles a year lol.

  • For sure. I suppose this is out of frustration and boredom. Lacking the use of the bigger bikes, on the 125 I’m wondering if that 30mph corner could be 35... or 40...

  • If anyone is looking for a bike, I am relisting my 2018 XSR700 ABS properly on eBay!

    I have removed all the add-ons I have fitted and will be giving it a good wash.

    (and for those watching Hoovies Garage on YouTube - use his voice in your head to read the following:

    *Priced at £3,750 with only 3,813 miles on the clocks, this is the cheapest Yamaha XSR700 on the market*

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  • So i finally took the plunge , I managed to get a reasonable quote for insurance and have started my 2 wheel motorised comeback with a Vespa .
    Hopefully I’ll pick it up Wednesday

  • If you use the Harpic x10 on the exhaust go slowly and carefully after doing a test patch.

    It's brutal stuff and I stupidly used it on some stubborn lime scale on our chrome taps. It took the top layer of chrome off in a couple of spots. Only use it on stainless.

  • Just watched a YouTube video about it - who would have thunk it

    I will do a little before / after!

  • It is brilliant stuff.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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