Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Have you got access to a multimeter?

  • You might have a problem with the alternator :)

    If you check the voltage across the battery terminals when the bike is running it should be around 14v. If it's more like 12.8v then the alternator connections or the alternator itself would be a good place to start.

  • It turns out it's the engine warning light not the alternator light. As mentioned its had a new battery and I disconnected an alarm, added a trickle charger port and fitted a gps tracker. I'd better remove all the stuff I've fitted and test again.

    I'll check the battery across the terminals am with the bike running and with it off.

  • Here is a great electric fault finding PDF­ticles/fault_find.pdf

  • The RSV will live again. New rearset spares turned up so hopefully can get these fitted this weekend, AP workshops (prev Aprilia Performance) are such good eggs and couldn't recommend enough.

  • Thanks guys. Checked my alternator as both lynx/airhead suggested but seems the charging current was good. Bought an ebay cheapy OBD reader and cable and found two errors. Cleared both but will look up the numbers.
    I just need to do some tinkering, I snapped the peg off the brake pedal peg so I'm going to fix a new platform once I've cut the stub off and drill a couple holes.

  • Good news matey. Back on the horse.

  • Glad to hear you're back in the game! The RSV shall live for many speedy miles.

    I did a thing.

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  • 1050 tiger sport?

  • 800, other half hated the high seating of the 1050. Quite enjoying it, but it is a lazy motor and doesn't have that punch the street triple had. Reckon will hold on to this till next spring then run away to Orange life! I know I'll miss that twin rush if I keep this.

  • Nice!

    Didn’t want my Tracer 900?

  • Dreamed of it for a solid week with the tab for the ad open daily. Out of budget I'm afraid squire.

    That blue though...that damned blue. Whats the 1250's colour?

  • That’s a shame.

    I’ll probably end up selling it for less than £7k. Market seems super slow.

    The Tigers are great bikes too...

    The blue on the 900 is the best colour I’ve owned on a bike. 1250 is the ‘exclusive’ so it’s a black with gold bits. Not my first choice but it’s the only one it comes with. Also with a black drivetrain which is a plus.

  • Honestly, I wouldn't. They're about to start picking up I reckon when people realise most cities will be getting gridlocked soon.

    Tiger is capable but doesn't have that urgency or slight madness the tracer has. Journey back was comfortable, but there weren't a lot of moments of laughing manically inside your lid.

    So you've ordered a murdered out blunderbuss of a missile that can fit in a hop-hop video?

  • Nice! Any photos?

  • So you've ordered a murdered out blunderbuss of a missile that can fit in a hop-hop video?

    Ha. Something like that.
    Pics as soon as it arrives and you lot can decide.

  • @Chak photos, photos, photos!

  • Two mates have tiger 800 and both complain constantly that they are lifeless /dull/power is too linear.
    Yet in the next breath, they use them constantly, go everywhere in comfort, must do at least 12k a year and have yet to end up in a tree (like their previous bikes).
    So nearly bough

  • When motorbikes go for those big long naps.
    Always grease those swing arm bolts every year. This one has around 140mm buried in a steel frame that's all pretty corroded, never ever been out of there lol. An 800nm capable air gun didn't touch it.
    Chopped the threaded end off, centre drilled it as deep as poss. Then taken it out to 1mm less than OD, slowly turning the rotten bolt into chips. One battery does about 30 to 40mm depth. Then leave overnight full of kroil. Eventually there will be success.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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