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  • Please post a picture of the CBR600F!

    I'm not sure, it just wasn't me and didn't feel it was confidence inspiring as a very new beginner 100+BHP is quite a lot, the delivery is much more choppy and the gearbox not as forgiving as than the inline 4 of a Honda (admittedly there's a huge reduction in bhp between the 2), found the suspension super soft (I'm 90kgs) so the handling wasn't as sharp as I thought it would be - admittedly it was a 2012 version with 49k on the clock. I found the seat height quite low (i'm 6ft 1) and being a naked its windy AF. The nail in the coffin was hot restarts, it just wouldn't start when above 4/5 bars hot. Made petrol stops a day out.

    Funnily both my biker mates said get a CBR600F (one has a VFR800 the other a CBR600F)- something with fairings and narrow-ish for filtering, I didn't listen and wish I had...

  • That’s a great colourscheme. Reminds me of the old Erin Racing blades. Congrats!

  • Called Bikesure yesterday and got my insurance brokered for the DR350SE, and taxed it too. Aegis or whoever it is gives me 60 days to pass my full license, but most importantly it’s 90 days euro travel cover among other things. As far as the Mod2, the DVSA assures me it will happen by the 22nd July, though I don’t hold my breath.

    Had a good chat with my instructor, and he’s waiting on his business insurance to get that all sorted so we can get back on the road.

    Mechanics had a look over the bike today, apparently couldn’t find anything wrong with it. They had a quick test ride and said it was fine, and to put my mind at rest. Phew!!

    To be honest I had a feeling it was okay. I’m not saying that I did but if I had taken it for a couple miles round the block this morning I may have noticed it was responsive, pulled like a train, and felt nimble and everything I hoped it would. But of course that’s only if I had taken it out, which I’m not saying I did.

  • good luck for the Mod2, its mad that you cant do it now, not like you are in a tin can with someone else, you are totally independent!
    Not hard to wipe down the headset between tests either.

    If you are confident on the 125, do regular lifesavers and turn your indicators off, you'll be fine on the big bike test.

  • Forgot what it is like to sell a motorbike - the low ball offers are rolling in on Gumtree!

    Why do people do that? All prices are negotiable up to 15% ish - don't go lowballing at 50% off the asking price, giving me a list of issued I have provided in the description...

  • @Vince - you’d be better on MCN, Autotrader or eBay amazed anything actually sells on GT these days...

  • I'll wait until the next eBay wave of cheap listing fees and do that - thank you!

  • cheap listing fees

    Usually excludes vehicles

  • Same people will low ball you.

    Is there a owners club on facebook, or some yamaha owners?

  • Any Tiger 800 owners on here?

    @Vince It's why I'm not even gonna bother selling mine. I tried a while back and I'd rather give the bloody thing for free to someone who deserves it. Wouldn't even call it low balling, it straight up murder.

  • Thing a friend bought one recently...shall ask so you can chat

  • Aye please. Bike prices are a bit nuts at the moment beyond the summer price hikes.
    Multi 1100s are hens teeth.

  • Thanks! It must be a blanket thing across the whole DVSA, rather than a common sense thing why moto tests have been cancelled.

    I’ll have refresher lesson(s) before the test to beat out the bad habits from months of riding 125 during lockdown.

    Was quite glad for all the slippery green laning though; I was on the 125 in the rain earlier and tapped the rear brake on a bit of diesel I guess. Only about 35mph or so, but wet and potholed as hell bit of service road near the mechanics. Little bit too much brake pressure on the worst crack in the road. Bike absolutely crapped out underneath me as the back end fishtailed like crazy bouncing about. Sounded like the engine wanted to stall, but managed to keep it upright and get the revs back up as I smoothed everything out. Really felt like losing traction on glass, near identical feeling to the road tyres on wet trails.

    Don’t fancy having that experience on the road ever again.

  • @PhilDAS it counts if you do an actual auction/BIN, but not if you list a classifieds ad.

    Good luck selling. Seems like buying and selling bikes in the UK is still the Wild West.

  • I was part of a XSR forum but it is mostly US based.

    Last time I listed a bike on Facebook MarketPlace, I kept getting messages like "£50, cash in hand, today, will not ask for keys or V5"

    It was by far the worst platform of them all but hey, I need to sell it while it is summer so will just deal with it

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  • Sounds like Craigslist over here. If you think London has annoying weirdos....LA is next level. The swap requests can be hilarious.....

    Speaking of Craigs...there's a 2015 675R locally for 7400 with low miles and nice bits....Damn. I still really would like a Daytona, the late model 675Rs with the gold are so choice.

  • The last few cars/bikes I've sold were on either eBay or Autotrader. Both classified ads and priced to sell, so far it's been worth the price of both ads running at the same time with quick sales.

  • Whenever someone mentions Daytona...

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  • I had to dymo tape 'Flashers OFF' onto my thumb's for my big bike test.😂

  • Cube on a Daytona! Cool.

    Wish Triumph weren't such dicks and started making a 765R (but not the Moto2 thing they're flogging for silly money.) Guess the money is all in fake vintage and adventure bikes these days.

  • Yeah the adventure commute or the faux off roader.

    Imo the spondon framed street fighter in pink was the greatest thing. Even the two round headlamps were great at lighting the road.

    Tho the original Tigger was fun. Absolutely poor suspension until tweaked for a fat fucker like me.

  • Last bikes I sold were stripped, cleaned, bearings greased and full fluid service. They were immaculate...and still fuckloads of chancers. But then I am one of those chancers...but I look at the vehicle at least and barttered on the work needed.

  • But it back to standard and sell off all the goodies.

  • Not excusing the time wasters at all, but in terms of constructive advice, looking at the ad I would:

    • make headlight stock
    • thoroughly clean - get that black popping, maybe buy a specific matt black product (you can bring back the exhaust with one of the really strong harpic bleaches I think I'll see if I can find a link)
    • nice photos in a nice location - sell the image / lifestyle
    • proof and correct typos / formatting

    Also a proper classified might be better. But yeah I'm surprised by the number of dickheads and lack of interest. At £3k and that bike, this time of year you'd have thought loads of people would be looking at it for their first big bike. I was at the time.

    Maybe the market is also being depressed by the lack of mod2?

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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