Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Holy shit, a little busier than Whiteways!

  • How long have you gotta wait for a bacon sandwich?

  • I’m veggie 🙈

    Vegetarianism hasn’t reached rural wales yet

  • @PhilDAS I’m not sure it ever will...

    Went straight south from Wroughton. Normally I’d turn West onto the open section of Ridgeway along until Hackpen Hill. I once saw a Triumph Tiger go straight up the hill and into the distance so went and checked it out.

    What a great long track!! Little bit of mud sections, lots of varying degrees of gravel, and a couple seriously rutted lengths where you have to choose which sequence of clay-chalk-mud puddles you want to try survive.

    Stacking it was not an option, nor was slowing down. Some guys were watching from their land rover so I had to look like I knew what I was doing.

    Guy on the far end was riding a 90’s MBK mountain bike, proper retro-cool French thing.

    Hagons need a wash.

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  • If spark plugs are fouled from someone leaving the choke on and me not realising until the engine stalled, will exess soot and stuff burn off by itself and the plugs teturn to normal or do I have to clean or replace?

  • Run at high revs in gear and should clear, how long was the choke left on?

    4 stroke or two stroke?

  • 4 stroke.
    Choke was left on maybe 15 minutes of proper sluggish riding until complete stall. It’s been running okay-ish since with a bit of farting.

  • I have listed my 2018 Yamaha XSR700 on Gumtree.­kes/2018-yamaha-xsr-700-abs-xsr700-only-­3-800-miles-black-in-london-se14-/137681­6944

    If anyone is interested, I am not after £4.5k, I just put that figure up to sift the timewasters who would offer me sub £3k...

  • Italian tune up. My favourite.

  • Had a couple of hundred mile spin yesterday with friends up the coast then inland and over to Ojai. Bloody pissed down in the canyons in Malibu, hence the inland diversion. Glorious through the orange groves near Filmore. Bike is handy, likes the faster stuff better but still a gas in the mountain twisties.

    The only mild gripe is a large nail in the new back tyre that I need to plug.

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  • Not the end of the world.

    As jung called it, Italian tune up once warm will clear things out.

  • Cool. I did ride it a but hard yesterday and when I pulled the plugs today they looked fine.
    I was hoping that would have explained the slight misfires around 5k rpm, though.

  • @Vince - What are you getting?

  • I am not getting another bike.

    I have ridden around 500 miles a year over the last past 10 years in London and never crossed the M25.

    I get mad at the insurance renewable quote every year - prices go up & up while the cover goes down and down (went from fully comp to 3rd party only).

    I'll be giving away the bike cover, Abus disc lock, battery charger, 2x helmets with the bike!

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  • Ah man that’s a shame...! There are some amazing roads just down the A23...

    I was looking at these after I did my DAS last summer, a fella near me pulled up in a green one at my local Tesco garage and got off, he must have been 6ft 3 - the bike looked tiny!!

  • battery charger

    Which one?

    My optimate went missing when I put my bike in storage, so could be interested if you split.

  • Mad Max is on ITV.

    Look at all those bubbles!!

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  • Optimate circa 2005 - definitely not worth posting as it was £35 back in the day!

  • Remember watching it as a kid and thinking the bikes were awesome. Still a savage good movie.

  • I would have contactless collected, but yeah if it's that old probably not worth it / easier to get an ebay one posted.

    Touch wood, my Motobatt has held strong even though limited use after mini-H was born and now lockdown.

  • Picked this up last week - CBR650F - did 100 miles the first day, a lot more confidence inspiring than the Street Triple as a newbie rider.

    I need to sell everything to fund it!

  • What don’t you like about the triple? I’m considering chopping my CBR600F in for something naked and lairy...

  • Atomic red triple for the cool factor ;)

  • Great chargers, if it is going begging ;) Can keep it till someone needs to borrow it. Forum charger.

  • Congrats and have fun.....

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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