Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Ha!

  • I've used hood in the past, great, comfy jeans and free alterations I think. Made in the UK

  • You should ask me what I'm looking for by pm if you are keen, it's probably going to be less than you think :) I'd probably give you a discount just to see it taking shape on this thread.

    I starting to figure out if I can suffer offering delivery as I do have a small van which I could put it in with a bit of dismantling.

  • If budget is no problem look at Rokker. I have 2 pairs and the 'revolution' ones have some kind of temperature regulation built in. Really works.

    Last summer I was visiting hospital in them, so riding an hour in all conditions and sitting around for a few hours in a warm hospital room then an hour home, stayed very comfy.

  • Are you kidding me, you spend half the thread convincing me it will pass and then argue against it being needed!

    For the record I'm the kind of person who used a TZR250 to commute in Central London and I had the time of my life running rings around bigger bikes all day long.

    In this day and age though you're right. There are better options for commuting.

  • Dragged the Lammy kicking and rusting from the shed where its been poorly for the last two years.

    New top end and carb fitted but the guy that worked on it has not torqued the rear hub nut up enough and the locking plate moved causing everything to shift and the hub cone shim to turn to swarf all over the layshaft splines

    Parts are on their way and I've sprung for a torque wrench to get the rear hub tight to correct ft/lbs

    Looking forward to breaking the new kit in (another Mugello 186)

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  • Is anyone here interested in a Vespa PX125? I’ll be selling one shortly.

  • I’m with you! I even couriered on my 350ypvs for a bit. Awesome times.

  • I’ve just stumbled on this thread. I’ve two motorcycles I’ve restored firstly is a 1983 Fantic 240 trials bike the second is a brutal 1981 Suzuki PE400.
    Both are now up for grabs !

  • It’s a Y reg white PX. Was on the road a year back but some local kids broke the plastic horn cover and tried to hotwire it. I haven’t had the energy to sort it out but it’s a quick solder and a £20 piece of plastic away from an MoT. Happy to have people pop over and take a look if interested. I’m pragmatic about price given the issues.

  • Hope it’s not against the rules to drop this link here, but it’s on eBay now, if anyone’s interested.

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  • Finally got me a Panigale. Bit small though.

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  • I’ve been looking at that kit. How do you rate it? Seating department looks a bit lacking.

  • It’s ok. Gearbox is cool.

    This and the GS1200 are both a little small though. Only 600 odd pieces which means probably a 90 min build time. £60 feels a little too much for that.

  • Got a hot restart problem with my Street Triple. Does anyone have experience with Chas Bikes in Kennington?

  • Sailed through MOT! Dancer

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  • Cool. Very cool.

  • Hello, thought they are injected?

    Chas bikes, man has a great 'tache, well did when I was last there. Used to use them for MOTs as they were near where I worked. One MOT guy was honest and the other was a pain in the arse and we had to look at the mot guide a few times.

    Usually FWR is handy in they area. Friends use them and have used them for tyres and parts.

  • It's no GS ;)

  • It's no GS ;)

    Dead to me!


    Best GS reference ever!

  • First photo on the first post on this thread too.

  • Strong Page 1

  • Does it just keep turning over without kicking in? I used to have that with my ST. It was hot starter motor for me. The old starter couldn't turn over properly. Changed for a new one and it never failed to start.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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