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  • I badly want a Curtis bike frame but DAMN! I want this!­?igshid=1aqlosc11y40t

  • That wasn't me.

    ER5 are IMO the same as the gs5 and the cb5. Nice enough, but they do get abused alot as first or learner bikes. I prefered the earlier gpz 500 for some reason. Think it was with the infill it looked like a fully faired bike compared to the others being naked or semi faired. It was something different in that market.

    Hope he has fun with his bike.

  • I was going to do this next year but with lockdown thought I'd attempt the starter upgrades on my to-do list:

    • Shido LTX14-BS lithium battery
    • Starter solenoid upgrade (150 amp)
    • Upgraded starter cables
    • Noco Genius G3500 smart battery charger

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  • Little bit of Salisbury Plains with a local... gravel, grass tracking, ruts, mud and marshland, and a few water crossings! Definitely punishing this little bike (was a little cleaner at the start than the end). Addictive as hell.

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  • Lockdown reading just arrived.

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  • Nice book, now I have a list to check out!

    One lockdown project is getting this TZR in shape or ship it out. I have 4 boxes of parts and a shed full of fairings which I've photographed, now to try and get it running one more time.

    So many jobs to do I think I'm going to let it go, either that or I have to get it through my flat to the back garden in pieces, fix it all and then break it apart to bring it back out again. Tempting but mad.

    I do have the matching sets of wheels!

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  • I feel ya on the flat thing. I managed to snag a key to the big bike shed that gets very little use. Only got weekends so working of swapping the front end.

    Don’t sell that. How many are left in the country?

    @jambon how’s the mod going?

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  • @jambon how’s the mod going?

    Other than resetting the odometer great, don't ask, it's an RSV gen2 thing. Bike is much eager to start and went for a short blast this morning without cutting out, so much better.

    Was going to ask about the SV, nice progress. Love how thin the originals look compared to the new units.

  • Oof. I hate odo specific jobs. No idea why manufacturers make instrument work so bloody difficult.

    Went out for an Essex spin this morning as well before I went spanner mad. Feels good to be rolling again. You forget the the nice rush approaching a corner and tucking into it.

    What’s next on the RSV, you eyeballing any track days?

  • So nice of you to do all that work for me

  • What’s next on the RSV, you eyeballing any track days?

    Indeedy. Had my May date cancelled so now booked on for July, fingers crossed.

  • At the moment 'How Many Left' doesn't even have an entry for TZR 250 so they've got a lot rarer than I thought. Going rate for a jap import in good condition seems to be £3.5k. 3XV's are probably more especially if they are well looked after. This is the earlier 2MA.

    I'm going to try starting it and will probably offer it with all the spares. I have stored it long enough and not got around to running it again, its maybe just time to let it go.

  • I've got hundreds of pieces like this! just the small parts are in 4 boxes that stack 5ft high :)

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  • For anyone with a garage and a desire to race or ride this bike there's plenty of parts to mess about with.

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  • That’s serious OG

  • If you fancy taking it on let me know. It would great to see it go to someone who is really into their bikes.

    I get the feeling you would prefer the DTR 250 though, I'd love a mint DTR 250 and most of the parts are interchangeable but the ULEZ would be killing it for me. Bike was first registered in '92 so it's a long wait for classic status.

  • Yea I think you’re right about the 250. The green lanes and byways are addictive, but I’m not against moto N+1.

    No matter how much I’m working at the charity, and how many boxes I tick as a key worker, I got refused an emergency Mod 2.

    As a result I’m waiting like all the mere mortals for lockdown to end and to join the end of the queue. Sadly that means I’m pushing myself to wait and not commit to any bigger bike until I can ride rather than polish and bemoan.

    But, the little 125 is semi-dead. Very loud top end rattle after the Salisbury Plain torture. Drained oil and checked TDC against cam position with the top off. Haven’t had the heart (or head) to refill the oil and re-re-re-check the valve clearances, reassemble, and hope it was just a cam chain rattle.

    So I am currently without any motor which sucks.

  • To be honest, it was the 7UP livery that had me. It could be a sluggish piece of shit, but stick the 7UP guy on the cowl and I’m sweating.

  • You're not the only one, people love it. Perfect chip shop livery innit!

    Sorry to hear about your 125. Maybe it's just something simple though, cam chains rattle a lot before they go wrong and tappets need adjustment pretty regularly. Sometimes it's better not to worry (says the guy who once dropped a valve on a twin and still rode it home).

    Hopefully you'll get your licence before the summer ends but it's pretty cruel fate as you've braved the winter, you really were due a decent summer of riding.

  • I just reassembled it and readjusted valve clearance best I could, new oil. I replaced the OEM automatic tensioner with a semi-auto one from Sinnis (with the spring and a ratchet). Run from standing for a week or so, it sounds worlds better but definitely sounds tired. At least it’s gone from a slapping sound to a chain-against-guide sound. May try the OEM again and see if it slaps again.

    Got a new KMC cam chain and guides (as a kit with the tensioner) but no impetus/skill to strip down enough to replace without splitting the chain. If I go that far, I may as well go full nut and bolt engine rebuild.

    2T 250... ugh. Now you have me dreaming.

  • Out of interest, how much are you looking for it? A friend may be interested.

  • @Airhead what ^^^^ said.

  • Nice sky hooks ;)

  • Two strokes pass the ULEZ test.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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