Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Don't forget to consider MCAMS before actually claiming on your policy, too...


    Never heard of them before. So if you have a claim, you put it through them and they get you a better deal?

  • The motorcycle instructor rated them highly, and is now some kinda referrer, so I try keep a pinch of salt handy... but basically they’re a 3rd party that in the event of no-fault stuff will get you the best deal by stinging the other party. They get their fees from the other insurer.

    One of the learners got rear-ended and the bike was Cat-B’d I think. Anyway, instructor got a high end loaner bike for weeks and weeks til the insurer paid out, and was paid out well. Heard other stories of people getting their bikes knocked over from stationary in petrol stations and getting new helmet, new fairings, bike repaired and some settlement from it.

    Can’t qualify the stories but can verify the time the instructor had the loaner (and met the rep who came down to help with it all). Seemed pretty legit.

    Also my policy is through Bikesure, and price seemed okay, but haven’t had to claim yet.

  • I got knocked off my bicycle and claimed through them ^ (they also have a cycling branch)
    and as above, replaced my shitty steel beater with a brand new carbon cannondale hire bike for months and then got paid out a 5 figure sum. I did also have 2 broken teeth which explains some of that number. Dentists are expensive

  • Ah a motorcycle combination, and Urals are still made and the tech hasn't moved on much. Check out F2 motorcycles.

    The issue is that the chair is on the wrong side, but you can get a power chair with the EU spec bikes so two wheel drive. They are fun to ride and are not like a motorbike.

  • Yea this was an original 1971, so all the ‘good’ bits hadn’t been updated, like the sidecar. Apparently the guy has a gun (‘replica’) that mounts on top too.

    Watched Ryan F9 (Fortnine) on Youtube, featuring the modern one. Looked great fun and totally unnecessary.

  • I went to the elepantreffen on one.

  • Has anyone got any recommendations for motorbike recovery service (Eg a guy with a trailer and straps etc)? Or does anyone have a trailer and straps they’d be willing to lend / rent?

    Bike is currently west London and I’m east london.

    My bike has died. Sad times.

  • Have used SOS motorbike recovery before, after an accident.

  • Track day booked 💪

  • Used SOS when I got a p_nct_re, rescued me and dropped my bike at the garage
    (Tubed tyres, unrepairable roadside)

  • Decat-ing a bike, is it road legal after?
    And should I tell my insurance?

    Tempted to replace the exhaust in the TransAlp and the LeoVince pipe and can shave several kilos off the stock kit (10+ kg) and add a couple of HP.

    Also, what's good for loosening seized/ rusted bolts on an exhaust?

  • Afaik it’s not road legal, but so long as the can doesn’t say “not for road use” then you can claim ignorance. Don’t tell the insurer, claim ignorance (do they know what it had on when you bought it??)

    Heat and cool the area, spray penetrating lubricant, heat and cool x10. That was the advice in case my header studs were seized. Fortunately they weren’t.

  • Bikes aren't emissions tested so I can't see how it would change road legality. As long as it doesn't end up over a legal decibel level.

  • Decating bike may need some ECU work as it may confuse the ECU.

    Look up plus gas.

  • For cars not bikes.

  • Personally, I wouldn’t want to pollute more than is necessary, though the cat delete would mean a performance boost (but is it necessary etc etc). There was an article or few from a decade ago stating that NOx and other emissions on average measured higher from motorbikes than cars. But I’d poo-poo that considering the successive scandals of fudged emissions tests by the car manufacturers.

    All the same, the Euro 5 article is quite interesting.­ws-and-views/features/bikes/euro-5-emiss­ions-what-they-mean-to-motorcycles

  • NOx aren't issues on motorcycles, hence why most bikes, even two strokes, pass NOx emissions for the Ulez.

  • Articles like this, is what I was referring to.­s-pol/

    Which references­tle11-2008jun11-story.html

    That appears to state yes they meet criteria to pass the tests, but that doesn’t mean they are environmentally friendly. That’s the States not London.

  • The article raises a few interesting and valid points, such as how long the bike has to meet regs. Using Cali rules is interesting as there was a time that air quality (certain pollutants? in the air )going in to an engine was higher than that coming out of the exhaust.

    Would be a more interesting topic to chat about, when I have better concentration levels. Also pollution is not just the exhaust...

    If you are really bored, there is lots of information about motorcycle emissions that the EU collected some from FEMA and those against motorbikes. It is very long, boring yet informative.

  • Plus gas is easiest to get in uk (wilko soemtimes sell it), but have found "kroil" is very effective. Suspect its just acetone and atf (pb blaster) and it stinks, but so far have yet to find a bolt that it hasn't at least helped it come out.
    But patience and prep is your friend, exhauand manifold bolts are often a pita. Scrape as much crusty bits in that might stop the bolt turning, wire brush or wheel it, oil it over a few days, heat it if needed, shock it, consider using an impact screwdriver or impact wrench, have found a quality impact wrench (got a super powerful facom impact which tbh paid for itself in its first few days of use) loosens bolts with much less chance of rounding or snapping

  • What do people reckon I’ll need to do to get a scooter (Yamaha Vity 125) that’s been sitting for 14 months running again? New battery definitely. Reckon filling it with fresh petrol will be enough for the fuel system?

  • Remove and clean carb, may be even replace

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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