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  • I was pleasantly surprised at how good the hazard perception software was compared to when I took my car test (15 or so years ago). It’s fairly easy to get near enough full marks but if you’re not confident there are some ‘tricks’ to make sure you don’t miss anything.

    What was the 600? I tried three different bikes on my DAS - sv650, er6n and hornet. All different to ride, mainly I think due to engine type.

  • My instructor gave me that police book. I read it a few times, and learnt a few things. It's good.
    Coming from cycling your hazard perception and awareness will be pretty good already (unless you're one of those terrible cyclists in bad cycling thread! ;).) So it's more about controlling the bike.
    When I passed I spend a long time going to car parks and getting my slow manoeuvring down and building from there. Check out motorbike gymkhana, awesome stuff.
    If you do get into it look at joining a local ROSPA group and going out with them/instructor.

    I used to hunk a blackbird around at 72kg, with serious cyclist arms. You'll be fine. It's just able learning to get the bike to do the work for you. A lot comes from the hips and legs.

    Enjoy! Motorbikes are awesome.

  • I remember almost dropping my ancient kawasaki in town when standing over it, and my my foot slipped a bit and I was just off balance enough that i couldn't pull it upright. I managed to hold it in place so it didn't knock over the other bikes parked next to it (in comical domino style) but i had no strength to lift it upright. Luckily a big guy was walking past at just the right moment and grabbed the handles at the back and lifted it. Mega cold sweats though just from thinking about it!

  • All been there! Did you try back squatting it?

    I remember putting my foot down in the dark onto a leaf, went straight over. Thankfully I had full boots on with exoskeleton so was fine.­CoI

  • First time i went out on my Honda NC700S after passing my test i was still in peddle bike mode and flipped the side stand before trying to leg over the bike. Of course, as soon as the weight transferred to that side, i didn't have the strength to hold it up. Dropped it right on my leg. Humbling.

  • Stock Nissin callipers from an air-cooled Triumph twin.

    If we are going to get into a grease discussion, please can every product mentioned be readily available from a UK internet retailer?

    The outcome from the last brake pad discussion was buy a pair only available from foreign websites with a total cost inc. P&P that was on par with buying a new set of callipers. So I just bought a set of EBC for £14-20.

  • don’t think this should be so freely handed to any little scrote after a morning’s riding and a U-turn, but I suppose that’s on the head of the various training bodies across the country to make that call.

    Girl on my last CBT was not passed. So I do think examiners or what ever they're called do think about who they pass.

  • More concerned about the notoriously bad hazard perception software.

    Download the app. It's worth whatever it costs.

    The hazard perception software is fine, it just has a timing you need to get used to. If you imagine usually you'd count something; "one, and, two, and, three, etc" I used to count "and, press". Obvs ymmv.

  • I used to hunk a blackbird around at 72kg, with serious cyclist arms. You'll be fine. It's just able learning to get the bike to do the work for you. A lot comes from the hips and legs.

    On the subject of moving heavy bikes, something my uncle told me that I've found useful for stationary manuvers, was to push handlebars on the opposite side rather than pulling them like you normally would. If that makes sense?

  • Countersteering is that? You should be doing that all the time with a motorbike and it surprised me that it's not really part of the training.

    In Japan you have to be able to pick up a large dummy bike that's on it's side to pass the full licence. It's one reason why the 400 class was so popular in Japan.

    I had to pick up a full dress fully loaded Harley Ultra a few times when touring in NZ, you really need to use the squatting method shown in the video then.

  • Countersteering is that?

    I guess. But I think of counter-steering as something you do when moving - which TBH is an action I think everyone does more or less unconsciously.

    I meant more when you are trying to wheel or re-position a bike. In that scenario it's more of a forced / deliberate action.

  • You might be surprised it's not exactly second nature to a lot of people. I understand that one of the reasons it doesn't get explained a lot during training is because the trainers have a tendancy to think you must be doing it or you wouldn't be able to go round a corner.

    Personally I've always had to be very aware of it and conscious of the force and feedback from the handlebars but I'm used to riding in town so my low speed manoeuvring was second nature and the high speed cornering is a bit less natural. It is possible to ride a bike by pulling on the handlebars rather than pushing, probably more people doing that than you would think, normally they struggle with the low speed u turn though.

  • Yeah you might be right.

    But to some extent I feel that there's an internet amplification - either from forum/youtube comments, or just content creators in need of content.

  • @Airhead for sure. I doubt I’d really want anything over 750, and in reality if I did, it would be a beast for touring rather than racing. Intention is something suitable for frequent journeys to/from London, and then in time maybe multi-day tours. Must seriously consider suitability for small amounts of luggage. Sod getting a superbike and scaring myself.

    @lynx thanks!

    @Dramatic_Hammer no idea, Suzuki something. The one in the pic, couldn’t see model decals when I tested it in the carpark.

    @skinny yep for sure. All about the practice.

    @n3il shudder... bet that bruised @Soul !

    @hugo7 you may be right, but I think that some schools are still a little loose. Yep same advice from a few others with that timing. Gonna get the app - is it the same regardless of bike or car?

    Indeed countersteering is something quite subconscious for most of us, but yea it’s some crazy percentage greater effort to pull than push, so definitely worth reminding myself to try push the bars to get the best result.

    Exciting. So much to learn.

    Went out on the bmx immediately after yesterday, and the cargo bike today. Felt good to be on a bicycle but really interesting how that training on the motorbike has already started to inform my use of the bicycle.

  • Mentioned the grease discussion as some say copper grease, others say red rubber grease some say silicone grease. Search on any forum and there is always a discussion.

    The calliper looks the same as bindit, looking at exploded diagrams to see what the pins are.

    Also I recommend OE pads. If the calliper manufacturer is Nissin OE so see if you can cross reference with Honda fitments as Honda dealers seem to get them cheap.­-Tiger-885i-Rear-Brake-Pads-T2020077/101­6910644 as an example of OE being cheap. Most dealers stock ebc or carbon lorraine as the profit margin is bigger.

    Edit: Looked but can't see what is there. But looking at the pins­es/molykote-G-3407-caliper-pin-grease.pd­f will be fine. Gannons is a contact for a price

  • If the examiner feels that the person doesn't have the confidence to be safe they are failed. Used to do CBT's a while ago.

  • I have never done this....Never dropped a bike turning right at a traffic light and was pinned under the bike. There were school kids walking past laughing at me. Two old ladies had to lift the bike off me.

  • Went to view this GN125. ‘93, 14(!) previous owners, 41,000 miles, and bits like grab rail included but not fitted. Missing badges apparently in the bag of bits.

    The guy wouldn’t let me ride it as I’m not insured, but instead he had me on the back for 10-15 mins so I could feel it operating. Seemed okay. Felt a lot nicer than the Yamaha I’d done the CBT on.

    It clearly needs some work but it’s got MOT til March, Chinese tyres on the new rims, and everything seems to check out. New pads as well apparently.

    He’s not in a hurry to sell, apparently, and he wants £685. I think that’s at least £85 too much, but looking at ebay and national prices he seems to be in the middle of the asking/sold prices.

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  • with a 125 you can usually expect to sell it for what you paid for it - if you look after it - so something simple to maintain and scrub up for a sale is probable a good shout.

    You can probably get something newer though - although if this has been going since 1993 then there can't be much to go wrong?

  • Seat has been badly recovered ;)

    Looks a bit rusty, scabby. Good to knock the price down and with a bit of wire wool will come up shiney. What make and model are the tyres? Check the fork seals and check for any play in the headset and rear end.

    Shitty tyres can really knock your confidence.

  • Gonna get the app - is it the same regardless of bike or car?

    No, I don't think so.

    I'll see if it's still in my app library.

  • Just bought Granville's brake caliper grease as it was available on Amazon and per/g it was better value than the previous stuff I linked. Also figured if people are using it on glow plugs as well it should have a high melting point.

    Granville 0841A Ceramic Brake...­ef=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

  • Considering the speed he test rode it with me on the back, albeit dry, the Chinese jobs didn’t feel awful. No tight spots on steering, no play, suspension felt good front and back, and even with the two of us it only felt like it bottomed out at the back once on a speed bump.

    It’s certainly looking like hell, but I like it like that.

  • Be warned! I agreed on £625 for it, sorted insurance with Bikesure, and will shortly be posting a million questions on fixing snags I find in the coming days. Oh, and of course to cover the dent in my overdraft, listing all my earthly possessions for sale too.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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