Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • This time of year you'd hope it would be cheaper. Maybe on the pricey side but it's not wildly out.

    Call around and negotiate.

  • I want to do a project like this:­-electric-cafe-racer-oder-15kw-dingo-spo­rt/?tab=comments#comment-32542
    Yeah, it's in german I don't understand it either, but it's a cool moped with a 1500w e-bike kit.

  • Saw one of those Dingos on Ebay recently, it looked lovely. There are a few different models with varying good looks. I'm pretty sure there are large potential risks once the batteries get larger and the voltage increases but the kits are bound to improve in power and reduced battery size.

    This one looks interesting, coming from the pedal operated motor side but does 50mph and needs a motorbike licence. Will be worth remembering to keep the pedal up on the low side when cornering at 50mph!­/june/pedal-hybrid-motorcycle/

  • @Dramatic_Hammer @hugo7 woulda thought so too, but seems like a few places are busier than expected because of the mild autumn.

    Of the three ‘local’ companies, one of the two returned my call and were glad I could do weekdays as they are very busy at the moment, weekends all booked up. Fortunately this is also the one that’s only a mile or two down the path from me. £130 all in, booked for Tuesday 12th (dad’s birthday no less) with potential for Wednesday if I need any extra time.

  • Sofa surf in london and have a London day out ;)

  • Is the right answer.

  • Once I have license!

  • Good stuff... You basically can't fail the CBT but the controls might take a little time to get used to if it's all new to you - especially if it's manual.
    If you're going onto do a DAS course, I found a couple of hours instructed pootling on a 125 to be quite helpful at cementing the basics, before going onto the big bikes.

  • They'll never V4 it though will they? It'll take away from the legacy of the inline and blade. They'll have to resurrect an older model and chuck that in there.
    Not sure why they didn't to be honest, there's a lot of call out for it. The new blade looks as mish mash as Kawasaki's latest stuff.

  • Nice.

    Yea I’m hoping this guy’s solid, and the training is good. As far as I’m aware it will be manual, as I plan on riding manual as and when.

    I’d prefer to do a day or so fully on 125 and nail controls best I can, before touching anything heavy. Sooner have strong foundations than anything painful.

  • They're weird - they could have positioned a V4, stepped down GP rep as a premium product, a la Ducati's V4. The new blade doesn't appeal at all and I agree the visual styling is wildly incoherent.

  • For a day for your CBT.

  • You can fail, BUT it is if the instructor feels that you are confident enough controlling the bike on the road bit. It is for your safety...

    Note that school bikes will have been abused by many people, so make positive gear changes and don't worry about draging the rear brake is slow speed manoeuvres. Also look where yu want to go and make sure you shoulder check.

  • Yea sorry I know that’s what you meant, but I’d sooner learn on home turf... especially because roads in Swindon are way worse than London. There’s no rhythm here, only impatience. So I’d sooner learn in harsh waters, than engine through London traffic!

  • I desperately want to do an electric conversion build on a classic bike.

    Over been looking into it and researching the pros and cons of hub-mounted motors vs mid-mounted motors etc.
    There's a fair bit to it from a design perspective in terms of weight distribution, obviously performance isn't a big factor on something like this but it would be nice for it to feel nice and not ride like a pig.
    Ideally I'd like a 1940s through to early 1950s donor bike, I've been leaning towards an early to mid-40s BSA M20, they're relatively plentiful.
    I reckon using a 500cc bike of that vintage would give decent scope for battery capacity as opposed to a more lightweight 250cc, the frame and suspension would be on the beefier end of things for its time.
    Ideally I'd like to get about 12/14kw motor capacity (a little more than an original M20, quite usable I'dimagine) and then obviously as much battery capacity as can be made to look aesthetically correct on the bike. I'd plan to make a sort of art-deco inspired, louvred aluminium casing for the batteries to take the place of the engine and then mount all of controls in the tank.

    No idea when I'll get around to doing this but it's definitely on the cards.

  • My dream is to have something like that, all electric and eco as hell. But currently what kind of range are people expecting from e-motor mods? Can't be very far. I'd have the fear about exploding batteries too...

  • Sounds a fun project but why not do it on a new(er) Enfield rather than chopping up an old BSA? Cheaper to start with and not taking an old'un out of the gene pool....

    My mate's got a 46 B31 (I think) 500 Single and it's a sweet thing. They don't feel anything like newer bikes to ride. The engines are lovely, proper long stroke doffers.

  • The issue is battery range and battery life, but this is getting better. Then getting the center of gravity right.

  • Sorry I’m a bit lost on what you mean? Are you talking about the new blade?

  • I always wondered about weight distribution on electric bikes. Must be more of a pain as you’re quite limited by the solid lump of batteries

  • It is interesting how things are developing. Look at how e bikes are developing.

  • Mokka cycles are doing some of this, I saw a moped conversion at a show earlier in the year. Looked pretty decent

  • Not that I'm going to replace my Triumph twin anytime soon, or have space for another bike, but this kit for the BMW GS1200 is pretty cool.­v

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  • If you like the look of the older one so much why not buy one. At least you'll get more than your money back when you sell it (as long as you don't throw it down the road).

  • This is fantastic! Would absolutely love one. On a similar note...

    Japan Legends Classic ZXR inspired kit for Z900.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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