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  • @Jung My thinking exactly with the amount of torque. I've had a slipper clutch kick in a few times on my old ZX-6RR (on track) and that was scary, but the rear wiggling on the RSV is even scarier!

  • Yeah deffo- you have to be going for it a bit but any hard braking / lean / downshift combo will be enough to get things wagging. I don't ride that fast anymore so not an issue for me these days! :)

  • Definitely squeeky bum moment, on the plus side though blipping on downshifts has improved.

  • Quickshifters and blippers are awesome. End of. This is the same argument that people had regarding certain daily use tech. Eventually it becomes the norm; it's also a natural progression as far as I'm concerned. Almost like hydraulics on Bicycles.

    I understand the argument for 'purity' and all that marlarky, and as a bit of a luddite, I don't care much for the whole spectrum of electronics in modern bikes, but those two, especially quick shifters, really are pretty awesome and make riding that bit better.
    Next bike will have a quick shifter for sure as it really enjoyed using it.

    Also, your bike is distressingly clean. I hate you.

  • Okay I'm starting to come round to quickshifters, really though think I just need to try one on a fast bike. That's fine, it's a garage-queen for sure and I'm very lucky.

  • If you’re ever around Cambridge, you’re welcome to try mine...

  • That's very kind, I'm in Herts so not far away. If the hankering doesn't go or I find myself your way I'll get in touch!

  • Cool... I’m in Royston so technically herts too.

    Let me know...

  • Dear Italjet.
    Stop faffing and release the damn thing and pricing in the Uk. Would buy if it was available in UK in 200cc.­588

    Dear Mr Honda San.
    Stop faffing and sort this out. You teased with the CT110 cross cub and then only released in asian markets. Granted the CT125 Cross Cub / Trail Hunter (for maybe us and the Yanks) is a peach, but stop screwing about and make it happen or i am going to get a 2 stroke vespa with fuck off knobbly tyres and waft about in a blue haze instead.­i2g

  • Marquez used one of his 9 lives today in Thailand­7BQ

  • Pretty sure he's on his fifth or something

  • That Honda ct is nice, modern day ausie post bike, wonder if it will have the hi lo gear box like the original

  • The CT photo's doing the rounds may have had an old photo slipped in, some say it has hi-lo box as per a set of photos and others say no.
    Made enquireys about the CT110 when that came out but it wasn't destined for Euro Zone on emissions reasons and requirements of FI and ABS, which appear to have been addressed.

    Going by Super Cub pricing i doubt the CT125 will be cheap like a PCX :( (which is what i keep looking at)

  • Have just stumbled in Suzukiland - I became enchanted by the noise of a Fuel endcan on a SV650. First v-twin ever - will fit the best Electrex can offer and keep my fingers crossed.

  • If you come by a bike that has been knocked over do you pick it up?
    I did that this morning, but then had a thought that by doing so the owner may not know it happened and therefore not check for damages that could turn out dangerous.

    Any thoughts?

    It happened to me a couple of weeks ago and it took me a good few minutes to figure out what had happened, but ultimately I was glad that someone had cared to pick it up for me.

  • Would be more concerned about irate owner going off on one and assuming i knocked the bike over or was trying to steal it.

    Sign of the times, few decades ago people would go out of there way to help, now the first thought is if i involve myself will i get blamed, be dealing with the police or get sued if by helping something else goes wrong.

  • Yeah that was my first thought.

    TBH it would depend on whether I had to get somewhere and how hard it would be to get up myself. Imagine if you dropped it a second time!

    If I did pick it up I would leave a note so they knew.

  • I swung by the scrapyard and this white Yamaha QT50 had been scrapped by someone. I fell in love a little, and then remembered it would be a silly idea and a money pit.

    Reminded me of these two in Italy, Piaggio Si and red something or other. There were actually 4 plus two other Vespas among other ‘stuff’, at the ex’s dad’s.

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  • Think I have 6 or 8 ciao/si all are broken in some way. In the mid 90s to 2000 they were worth nothing and people would give then, or mainly I asked if I could take them as they had no value not even scrap men would take them.

  • Sounds about right, probably how her dad came across so many. I like them in a non-serious kind of way. Shame they didn’t work, or not.

  • Same issue. See it fairly often as folks badly parking their micra knock them over causing between superficial and write off levels of damage, then drive off. Would love to have a little Bobcat or something and in turn knock over their cars onto their roofs, see how they feel then.

    Saw the aftermath of a parking failure on a fairly steep street in Glasgow, was 6 bike I think knocked over into each other, required a recovery truck with a hydraulic crane to untangle the mess, driver who caused it was never found afaik.

  • Would love to have a little Bobcat or something and in turn knock over their cars onto their roofs, see how they feel then.

    Always had a dream of driving an old beat up Volvo 740 following the highway code to the letter knocking into bad drivers.

  • Aluminium bumpers bend quite easily on 740, I can tell you how I know.

  • I’m thinking about changing the old heavy brake rotors for some stainless ones, possibly floating too.
    But there are none made for my bike.
    Can I take the measurements from the old rotors and put them in some kind of database somewhere to find the ones for another brand/model that are the closest fit?
    I’m not afraid to fettle a bit to make it work, but if at least the bcd was the same it would be a lot less work.

  • If you go for a two piece rotor system then you'd have though it would be pretty simple to get a custom rotor drilled and machined. I guess the challenge is if the circumfunce of your drill pattern is super small and all the cnc ones start with a pattern.

    My starting point would be to drop EBC an email with the the bcd numbers and a diagram asking about custom rotors.

    What bike is it?

    Worth noting heavy non-stainless discs are likely to give better braking performance.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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