Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • It's not a great place to visit for sure! I used to go there with a really ratty 2 stroke and get stared down by all the racing rep ninja turtles with their perfect race rep litre sports bikes.

  • Great when you need to pee.

  • Rode to holiday house in sweden.
    Forgot to take photos along the way, but felt smug as.

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  • Guzzi are great bikes.

  • Obviously dad and I would agree.

  • Really lovely bikes. Had a chance to sit on a V9 today but doubt I could ride it too far, found out I'm bit too tall as the cylinder was digging into my shins even when I sat back. Going to see if I can find a Breva 750 or V7 to try.

  • The world agrees, those who don't are wrong.

    There is something about an across the frame v twin. One cylinder closer to one knee, the strange side to side wobble when stopped.

  • @lynx - After 2 weeks on Facebook Marketplace, I can safely say that I would not recommend it to anyone.

    Listed at £1,000, only getting message from people low balling to the max
    £200 cash for it today mate
    could you wait until payday as I am a single dad with 3 kids and a bit skint at the moment
    could you deliver to Chatham
    and the endless use of
    UR in What's your best price?

    I have moved it onto eBay, where I am pretty sure I will get messed around by the exact same people...­andit-GSF600-HPI-Clear-Serviced-MOT-Reli­able-ULEZ-Compliant/163781163412

  • FB marketplace is the method du jour for shifting stolen gear, so I think a lot of people low ball on the assumption that the seller wants rid fast

  • anything will be a step up

    Keep an eye on them.

    This happened to my tecbikeparts shocks who are meant to check over and modify the universal Chinese shocks:

  • Oh bugger! I'll be sure to keep an eye on them!

  • Vesrah [brake pads]

    Which ones? SD series, VD-JL, or ZD-CT? Their website isn't that helpful.

    I gave the front calliper a light clean, and the pads a good scrub. There is life left, but not much so I do need to buy a replacement set soonish. Annoyingly the pistons have some areas of corrosion so that's another job. Luckily it's all close to the pad and unlikely to come into contact with the seals.

    If anyone else has any input that would be good. Bearing in mind that the main use is mixed weather commuting rather than a race track.

  • Yeah. I took the slating the tec ones got on triumph forums as people justifying their Öhlins overspend... but then that happened. Still, they are light, low cost, and better than the stock ones.

    (also just to note, the wear to the cylinder is due to my exhaust location)

  • Funny enough, the £200 offer came with a "does it have keys and papers or not".

    Currently sitting at £800 on eBay so hopefully will get to the £999 I was after.

  • Yeah FB market place is as others mentioned, full of stolen/dodgy/ fake stuff.

    Was thinking of the bandit owners club group on facebook.

  • Are the pistons polishable?

    Is the caliper used on a honda? Honda sell the nissin oe pads, I find them brilliant.

  • Ah!
    That's were I went wrong!
    Sitting at £800 on eBay at the moment so hopefully will creep up to £1k

  • Are the pistons polishable?

    Probably. But that means taking them out.

    Is the caliper used on a honda?

    Not sure. I have a feeling they use a 3-pot version, as iirc they're meant to be a straight or easy swap.

  • Pump one out further than the other then use a scotchbrite pad to polish the piston. Those green washup scrub pads can be used at a push.

    What is the ebc pad number.

  • Has anyone had an Eliminator yet? I still need to buy a helmet...

  • I’ve got a helmet for sale if interested...­

  • Nice lid but sadly too small for my noggin also.

  • No worries - we both clearly have too many smarts.

    I'd recommend a properly sized one though. I've got a couple of pricey Shoei's and this and the fit/comfort, field of view (and price...) make it my favourite helmet now I've got the size right.

  • Those vents are just in an area I wouldn't want rain soaked. It depends on your riding habits but it's super rare in this country not to get caught in some surprise rain. If you don't have the special pad to stop the holes with you then it's going to be an unpleasant journey.

    In short I'd look at a more conventional design.

  • I absolutely agree, the vents look quite irritating but then it looks to have a far superior visor than any of the other retro/ alternative style helmets...

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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