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  • If I look at a spark plug and realise that mixture is a bit rich and adjust the mixture screw a bit. How long will I have to ride before I can look at the spark plug again and see if it’s better?

  • Yes and living in Westminster. So incredibly shortsighted.

  • Do you mean the pilot airscrew? That only affects the running at tickover.
    About the only useful reading you can get from the plug is mixture at WOT on the main jet - there's too much noise everywhere else. You can clean the plug and do a proper wide open plug chop to see what the combustion is like there and if good, a little soot from sitting around idling is no big deal. Add another quarter / half turn out on the pilot airscrew and see if the idle rises.

  • Mostly theoretical as I’m just having fun with a pair of old plugs until the new ones arrive.
    Will the soot burn off in a few minutes of riding or will it fuse into the plug marking it permanently?

  • It's a 1982 bike, not sure if that means it's in or out of ULEZ? I could probably organise delivery if it was something you were keen on though?

  • What's the hive view on moving bikes in parking bays?

    Depends. I have no qualms about moving stuff if it's a heavily used bay and people take up a lot of space needlessly. I work in the city area and there's always muppets who angle bikes taking up two bikes worth of space.
    Some prat the other day parked horizontally.

  • I did move over a 50cc unlocked Vespa, but wouldn’t touch big boi bikes, especially with alarmed disc locks. Too pricey/precious. Kinda dick move.

  • It's a 1982 bike, not sure if that means it's in or out of ULEZ?

    I think it should be pre 1980 to qualify as “historic”.­rbike-gets-ulez-exemption-with-a-nox-tes­t/

  • I'd doubt it would pass the NOX test in that case :(

  • I doubt I’d be able to afford it in that nice state. I’ve just checked how much they go for. I’m still tied up in finance for a year for the scooter.

  • I'll PM you ;)

  • Nah, I'm all for it, quick little shuffle along along as you don't domino them all over no problem shifting bikes along

  • Not so sure that it won't pass.

  • Even straightpiped?

  • Its NOx emissions not noise. It'll have the big valve head too.

    Can show you how to do the belts and valve clearances. Not hard.

  • No, totally agreed. If I can move it safely, then I will. Otherwise leave it alone.

    In other news. This worked out pretty well.

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  • Damn - just saw that Carlin Dunne died at Pikes Peak. Crashed right towards the end of the course. A famously nice guy by all accounts.

  • Also OG of Freeride.


    Sad news.

  • I want to fit my ortlieb back rollers to my motorbike. Guzzi v50.
    Anybody done similar? Or got some bright ideas on how to.
    I’d like to find a sort of frame of 10 mm tubing with a few attatchment points for homemade struts etc.
    I’m on the cheap/bodge...

  • Nice bike tho. Love a guzzi.

  • This is the one, by the way.
    I was offering up a seat from a modern V7. Could work, but it didn’t meet well with the tank.

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  • Nice one.

  • And that’s lush, Drøn

  • I know what a V50 looks like ;)

    Love the across the frame v engine and twin shocks. It just looks right and feels right. For me, hence I am right.

  • You know you want a guzzi.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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