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  • Bummer man - sucks if you went over to watch practice week. Still I bet the pubs are heaving...

  • Best to check and lubricate your chain regularly.

  • New Hagon shocks arrived to replace the bust Tec Bike Parts piggyback shocks. Well packed and look decent, albeit not super bling. They're definitely porky. I can imagine the weight is on par with the stock ones.

    No idea when I'll manage to replace them, but took a quick pic.

    Hoping the non-piggyback will be more OEM looking, and not fall apart randomly like the tec ones. Although surprised by how visually dominant the chrome is.

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    Current view of the Mountain

  • Looks like its a lovely day

  • Glad no one was seriously hurt, but sweet Jesus does all sense seem to evaporate from a lot of people when open throttles are allowed.

  • Right, Anyone with expertise bleeding systems?

    I can bleed whatever bicycle system you throw at me, but I'm struggling here.
    Tokiko calipers with an R6 Brembo MC. Even before this the brakes were spongy at best. I thought new MC would change things.
    Nothing. Even bought a vaccum bleeder, but the nearside caliper seems to barely let any liquid go. I've done maybe two dozen bleeds so far and nothing.

    Spongy galore, what am I missing here, full caliper rebuild?

  • Abs?
    Vacuum blender should have done the job.

  • What a knob. Prime reason why I hate riding in groups.

  • Non Abs

    Utterly stumped man. I've tried every approach apart from removing the whole system and hanging it from a bike stand or something. It feels like there's a giant bubble stuck somewhere and no amount of pressure removes it.
    Really want to sort this out before the track day or it's all out of the window.

  • Weird.

    I'd get the caliper above master and then vacuum again. Give it all a good shake to promote bubbles up.
    If that fails strip the caliper.

  • Good shout - give all the lines a check for bulges etc, check the master cylinder is pumping properly too. You can submerge the union in a jar of brake fluid and check it isn’t blowing bubbles to do that.

  • Assume the right size master cylinder? Too small and it will be super spongy no matter what. I’ve done that before swapping different model master cylinders between bikes.

  • Back to wanting a hike again- what’s the recommended route into a fun machine when you passed your car test years ago- CBT and buy a 125, then pass test and buy whatever?

  • I think so, although sure someone will be along soon to confirm. Just doing the CBT is a fun day out even in the unlikely event you decide not to take it any further.

  • Unless you want to ride around on a 125 for a while, I'd skip it and spend the money on a direct access course and decent gear. Cycling plus driving gives a solid base to work from in terms of using roads safely, so after that it's just mastering the controls and big bikes are quite different feeling.

  • @Dammit pretty much.

    Depends on your age, youngsters do an A2 and have a restricted power licence for 2 years, or if old enough go straight to Direct Access A1, pass your test on a large bike then get whatever 200mph machines you fancy.

    I actually did Direct Access, then after trying a few fast bikes went back to a 250 thumper as way more fun. Test and training used to be cheaper on 125 and restricted, that may have changed.

  • Yes. Or any of the other similar.
    BMW do one with a bike at the end.

  • What does “with a bike at the end” mean in this context?

  • Yes. CBT first, and theory test. Then direct access. I did it in 3 days and I suspect you’re probably a more skilled driver and bike rider than me.

  • Better to do CBT and theory test independently and then book a direct access course?

  • I love this thing.
    Custom rear wheel to match his drift car

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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