Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Ha guys. Whilst 8 grand is indeed £3k+, you're not wrong, I'd like to still spend as little as possible and that means 3k plus a couple hundred, not thousand :)

  • You're not doing this right...

  • Yeah but

  • Yeah but

  • Apparently, if your V5 already has the output written on it, you don't need the certificate.

    @PhilDAS Sub £3k I'll just stick with my SV. Personally, around £5k starts getting interesting for me.

  • Would like a go on a twin. Let’s see your SV again

  • My mate sold his 899 Panigale to buy an MT09 SP after 3 months

  • This £3k+ chat hurts my classic CBRs feelings. Mind you the warm weather seems to have pumped all prices up.

  • £3.5K goes a lot further in the winter. Maybe a little more required now but it was a sweet spot for value a few years ago. Bear in mind a small negotiation is not unheard of in motorbike sales :)

  • Any idea why?

    I've had an MT09 (and have a Tracer 900 with the same engine now) and ridden an 899. The 899 is so much nicer to ride as a Sunday sports bike. Feels special.

    Totally understand if they were after something for the commute...

  • Our group now only has one rider on a sports bike, we all ride MT10 / MT09 / Street Triple and he rode an MT09 SP and found it easier to ride fast than the 899 - he was continually being dropped before - bit embarrassing for him with 35bhp more on an Italian thoroughbred superbike.

    Yes they do feel and sound very special but I think it was an itch he needed to scratch rather than something to live with long term. Ironically he's sold it a month before the group head over to mainland Europe on an 8 day / 2,000 mile trip incorporating Italy!

    Most of our rides are 250-350 mile days - blasts of fast A and B roads and I think the idea of 8 days of them on the Panigale were enough for him to get rid

    Having followed him since he got the MT09 SP he's definitely quicker and more confident

    I also have an MT09 and they're a cracking all round bike once the suspension is binned and replaced, aren't many bikes that'll lose it in the real world

  • NOx=0.180

    If the NOx levels are below the prescribed level of 0.15g/km, there’s no charge.

    Well, that didn't work...

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  • Whatever that is my diesel van has better figures for all the emissions and it's only Euro5!

  • Pretty sure that if I fitted the original exhaust & air filter + did one of those fuel cleaning thing, the number would be lower.

    But I've got a new motorbike so I will sell the Bandit shortly.
    Will MOT & get an oil change to make it easier to sell.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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