Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • From my mate’s go pro. Apparently only taking still photos. Is it blinking? It’s not blinking mate was a refrain of the day...

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  • Has anyone owned or rode a Daytona 675?

  • Yes, and I've not stopped thinking about it since. I instantly felt home.
    It's my next bike before they start going up in price, but living in London kinda shits on the idea.

  • Then we're in the same boat. Pretty much nothing else has gotten me excited in the same price range though my girlfriend would be disappointed. She wants a comfy pillion seat and a top box/pannier boxes.

  • I'd definitely consider the idea of two bikes. It's by no means a daily. It's really narrow, and at first unrealistically low. It's a harsh ride for sure, but once going, it was a marvel.

    I spent time on it here and once out in Spain. It wasn't as fun in SE UK for obvious reasons, mainly road conditions.
    Not sure I'll ever forgive myself if I don't own one at some point. They do have annoying quirks though.

  • well in that case would Sir be interested in my 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 with both of what her indoors is looking for ;-)

    Going to get it MOTd end of month and onto gumtree as it seems to spend a lot of time not getting ridden

  • XC or road model?

  • Borrowed the R version for a day. Best bike I ever dun ridden.

    Comfy too.

  • It's by no means a daily.

    I'm after a weekend toy only. Although current bike does the odd trip to the shops or a sunny weather commute.
    Dreams of long trips around the country make me want something upright with a touring screen and the luggage options though.
    Torn between fun and practical and don't have the budget for both.

  • Probably a bit over a grand too rich for me but it would be my cuppa tea otherwise

  • Road. Non ABS version in Black
    23k miles
    Centre stand, foglights, heated grips, full triumph panniers, engine bars and possibly a few other bits. New chain and sprocket along with v. Low mileage tyres
    Loads of stamps in the book with both sets of keys.

    Ends sales pitch

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  • Yeah, we are pretty much looking for the exact same thing.

    I'm going for practical, and keeping the SV as the weekend whip, with outlook for more track days this year.
    As far as I see it, even if I threw the cash down for the 675, I'd be perpetually paranoid unless it was under a garage tied to the ground.

    Also, just because it has a touring screen doesn't mean it can't be fun as well. My views were totally changed after renting a Multistrada for a few days. Coming off a bike after a whole day and being able to move my neck is a revelation.

  • I'm after a weekend toy only

    My 13 year motorbiking relationship has always been this. I've never relied on it being daily transport so have always had silly (sports) bikes that scratches that itch of blasting around the countryside at the weekend, for my needs I don’t want practical but something that makes me grin like a cheshire cat. Presuming you’re able to securely store it, it’s nice having something that represents ‘good times’.

  • Nowt wrong with most sportsbikes for daily use these days either aside from the theft issue. I've had daft, fast bikes since 1998 and have used them for everything.
    It is a little miserable putting something new and shiny through the daily commute grind but that applies to any bike.

    Oh and as expressed many times previously - love those 675s. Yum. Maybe wait for a moto2 replica? They're bound to release one soon.

  • Maybe wait for a moto2 replica?

    Sweet Jesus

  • Let's not forget the other 3-cyl 675cc sportbike...

  • Man the MV triples are just some of the most beautiful motorcycles ever to turn a wheel. I sat on an F3 800 Reparto Corse last year and it is an exquisite, jewel like, creation. The Triumphs are apparently a superior animal dynamically though...

  • If you manage to resolve this let me know...

    I think my CBR600 is fine, Mrs Hammer disagrees. With a top box as a back rest she might be ok but they're ugly, expensive and I don't need one otherwise.

  • They're bound to release one soon.

    Not if Triumph continue in the direction they're going. The Euro market for sports bike is statistically dipping severely. There's a bigger need for scamblers, 300cc bikes and big touring heifers.
    Everyone wants a GS or an XSR apparently.

  • Been watching videos on the Triumph 675... does it have any flaws? Looks like a great bike.

  • It’s apparently quite small/cramped if you’re above 5”11

  • All you need is this one.­TsI&t=262s

    @PhilDAS It is a bike made for shorter riders. I'm 5"10 and it was bang on, but I do feel like if you're taller it'd get tiring quickly.

  • That was great, something about it reminds me of the bike scenes from Under the Skin

  • That's the bloody movie I've been scratching my head about! Wanted to watch that for yonks. Thanks.

  • Took the XSR700 into work today so effectively first commute ride.

    That thing is so low, it's like a kids PW50!
    I am not tall at 5ft10.5 but feel like a giant on it.

    I need to jack it up by 50mm and get the rear shock changed as it is appalling. Also new lower bars would help so could get the XSR900 ones.

    The throttle response is not great, you need nearly a full turn to get full throttle. Definitely need to change that to the R6 throttle (apparently an easy mod). That and the air filter. And full exhaust. And remap.

    Hold on, we're probably going to need a bigger bike

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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