Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • I could be up for that

  • I'll internerd in from Mulholland somewhere...

  • Have a go on one. still sits at 80-90mph alright on dual carriage ways.

  • I had a 690 loaner when I took my 390 to be serviced. It might have been limited/detuned or whatever due to being a loaner but I was proper underwhelmed. I thought I'd be gutted to hand it back and take my 390 away but nah.

    You don't have to work the gearbox like you do on the 390 but then, that's half the fun innit and only managed to get an extra 15 or 20mph out of the top end of it ragging it back along the a9 to get it back in time.

  • They must have put it on the ‘wet’ fuel map - 50% more power and similar weight plus bags of torque on the 690 - also the sound of the Akra system on mine is quite addictive. True that you can’t wring it’s neck like you can a 390 without being very antisocial indeed.

  • Big single noise is growing on me - I like the crack of my XR650.

    I've not been mad about riding the smaller ones though. I've had a blat on WR and RMZ450s both of which have a bit more poke than the little KTM. You really have to wring them out to get at it though. They'll pull from nothing, but all the real shunt is in the last 3rd of the rev range. I guess they'd probably make good sporty road engines, but you definitely want a top gearbox to keep them on the boil.

  • When I got to ride an RC390 for a day in Herts/ Bucks countryside that was definitely the fun bit - revving the shit out of it and leaning it over. My poor SIDI courier boots were a bit too big and clumsy for the job to be honest - still gave me massive grins though.

  • I like my big single for what I use it for (delivering lazy people's sushi and tpas), standard exhaust is just about enough, can make it pop a little on overrun if you want, just about enough to keep suicide peds at bay, whilst not being enough to bother people coming home late at night all the time.
    However, on open road, yeah, really lacking.
    Wanted to ride the the pyrenees next summer, but don't think I can take 1.5 days each way of motorways on it, just doesn't suit that travel at all.

  • I got rid of the cbf500 and picked up an 11 plate, low mileage Tiger 800 a few weeks back and drove it back down from Shrewsbury. Such a nice bike and came fully loaded with the luggage, heated grips, centre stand and for lights. 6th gear covers everything from about 40mph to low triple digits.. I rode it out to Suffolk last week and it gave me an average of 52mpg.
    Love this bike! Probably some around 600 miles on it now, ticks boxes. Small enough for London roads but big enough to take 2.
    Only issue was a duff battery that needed replacing

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  • It's worth checking the system is charging properly.

  • yay starter motor died over xmas. so plans to commute in by bike when the trains are playing silly buggers are all up the wall

  • Had a similar thing last spring, turned out to be the high amp connection. Nearly had the starter out of the bike but decided to test it with some jump leads first. Cleaned the connection and it's fixed. Had quite a few car starters go bad though, sometimes a tap with a hammer will buy you enough time to get it replaced.

  • On bikes, check the starter motor wiring first.

  • Need some help with my 95/96 CB500.

    Sorry if following is TMI, thought better to start from beginning. It has halogen mini indicators, when in for last MOT rear left had blown, went to bike shop next door who gave me a bulb saying it was the one I needed, box it was in was slightly damaged. Put the bulb in, work for a second then something blew.

    Dash lights/neutral light/brake light and all indicators stopped working, headlight still on.

    I left it with the shop and they sorted it, When I picked it up the mechanic wasn't there so I didn't find out what exactly had gone wrong. Rode it a couple of times then the same happened again, MoT place hadn't changed the bulb I had bought (at this point didn't suspect it was wrong, I now think it is)

    When trying to remove the bulb I've broken the indicator so will need to get some new indicators, reccomendations for something similar to the attached welcomed.

    What I need to find out first though is what has gone, any ideas?

    I've checked the fuses and all are fine. I've got limited experience working on bikes but I'm alright with tools and I've got a Haines manual.

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  • Bike that age the indicator runs from a little clacky relay with one or two wires powering it. A duff or even shorted bulb would only really damage this relay, but even then likely not.

    Those indicator look more modern, defo halogen bulbs in there? Halogen don't really like turning on and off fast, suspect a brighter nornal filament bulb is what's in there. Halogen might draw more current which has melted something like the relay or the wiring powering it.

    I'd be taking any bodywork off, and having a very good scout around all the earth cables you can find, cables that are near the frame are the most plausible causes. A rag and some brake cleaner to get in Al the tight bits is handy

  • Check the battery terminals are on and the earth wire to the engine and frame.

  • I had a recovery van out and they checked the alternator was charging but the battery was not topping up or keeping a charge.
    The mechanic said he changes his battery for a fresh one every year.
    He is also.doing a ride with Charlie Boorman to Capetown next year. He interestingly said he (the mechanic)isn't doing it on the BMW gs as the one bike he has to pick up all the time is the new model GS and it is always an an electrical fault, often due to one of the sensors

  • Got a heated vest for Christmas. Cannot wait to try it out.

  • Nice. But it's too warm today.

    Jeans and jumper weather and lots of lovely grip compared to the last few weeks.

  • Indeed. Be cold again in feb. Bikes been parked up for 2 weeks since term ended.

  • Charlie & Ewan wanted KTMs for the "Long Way" rides, but KTM wouldn't sponsor them. BMW GSs are just horrible, slow, heavy & unreliable IMHO. On the Long Way Round, the only bike to break down and be unrepairable en-route was a GS.

  • I had occasion to get on a motorway on Xmas day to drop of presents etc. can highly recommend - virtually empty, so tempted to pin it against the stop.
    Happy New Year cyclists/motorcyclists.

  • Think they are on the last iteration of the boxer as we know it. Think emissions and other things are getting hard to get around for any longer (? This might be total bump) so going to q new more conventional engine for thr next model.

    The breakdown you mean I think was the abs system dying (torn wiring hardness most likely) which on those bikes is a known, and can mean you have no brakes if it breaks in the wrong place on thr harness, can happen to any bike.
    Some other guys did a similar route on ktm 690/990 of whatever the newer one was and became stranded in part of eastern Russia for a very similar reason, think it was fuel pump or controller for the pump.

  • KTM wouldn't give charlie and Ewan bikes as they didn't think that they boys would complete it.

    BMW showed that even that the bikes had problems, braking frames and being unreliable. The back up that BMW gave was the reason so many were sold.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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