Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • motorcycle and scooter appreciation thread.

    the machines , the porn, the concepts , the clothing

    sorry if i missed something.

  • This is my 1965 Lambretta series 3 Li125 with Mugello 186 kit, 25mm PHBH Dellorto carb, Ram air filter and Ancillotti Clubman exhaust. It will sit at 65mph all day long and tops out at about 75mph. I've been all over on this.

  • That aprillia philipe stark thing looked good, I had one but the handling was appalling and finish was extra poor.

    Air cooled Ducati Monsters are my idea of a naked bike

  • Oh my! That is beautiful.

    I love this Guzzi too:

    About the Zagato Guzzi

    Here are my bikes:
    This is my Vespa 125 Primavera ET3, with a ported Polini 130 engine.

    This is an old photo. It hasn't been on the road in 5 years. It broke down once too often, I bought a Honda and never looked back. When I move out of the East End I'll get it restored.

    After passing my test I bought this Honda VRX 400 Roadster. This was a really nice bike, though its age was really starting to show.

    Almost a year ago I replaced the Honda with this beautiful Triumph Thruxton 900. Shortly afterwards I started cycling to work and have hardly ridden it. It is very hard work to ride, and the gearbox cooks your left leg in traffic. But it looks so pretty and the noise it makes is magical and demonic.

  • ^^ the triumph is gorgeous bluequinn, truly.

    @ga2g that moto guzzi doesnt look like it can go slow, which is scary.

  • Always fancied one of these - fast 2 stroke 250 sport bike­ightball69/rs250b.jpg

  • Eightball, that Lambretta is beautiful, Bluequinn I had my (now written off) Primavera restored by Nial @ in north london
    he did an amazing job and appears to do it for love over money, get it done! I love those little scooters


    Had a black cg125 brazil 1st, this was a wicked bike - uber reliable kickstart only...110 miles to the gallon sometimes.­4135_600.jpg

    Bought a Triumph Trident 750 when i passed my test, sold it on to make some money though. It was too big to fit in mt back yard. Lovely bike though...­20GPZ%20500S.jpg

    Now have a '96 GPZ500S, lovely first/starter bike. light, fast, good fun, looks a lot sporter than it is, just got an open face helmet for cruising round the city. Good MPG here to...

    next i want a new bonneville, a dirtbike, a moto guzzi, but i'll probably only be able to afford an old 600 fazer!

  • Always fancied one of these - fast 2 stroke 250 sport bike­ightball69/rs250b.jpg

    Ah the modern RGV 250. They are great fun, bit of a bugger to get set up the carbs up properly and not run weak or rich.

    I loved mine, but found it more fun on track than on the road, and if tuned with a nice set of pipes the MPG does get a bit comical.

  • One pound please... goes off to start van appreciation thread

  • One pound please... goes off to start van appreciation thread

    nice idea :-)

  • just sold me sv1000s.

    Sad to see it go, but you got to pay for your travels somehow. Wasn't riding it enough anyway.

    If I ever buy another motorbike, thinking about getting the ducati sport classic

    find attached one I saw in he south of france

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  • first bike, honda cb1. ace little 400 which never failed to start. amazingly reliable, nice for town riding and short people.­ctpic/09/04/p7422553n1.jpg

    then got a f650gs

    ugly but lovely to ride shorter distances, commuting was a breeze, so high up you could see over cars. longer rides were a little uncomfy but if you went slower on the back roads instead of motorway it was a lot of fun.­W%20F650GS.jpg

  • what i really really want is a honda c90.

    would love an older one like i used to ride round the fields on when i was a lad. weld up some rack mounts and do a tour with some mates all riding the same bikes. somewhere sunny. that would make me real happy...

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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