Security Skewers

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  • I've seen a few variations on the security skewer, the turn upside down one, the Hublox/pitlock Skewer and the cheaper Trans-x ones.

    Anyone have any of the above and can throw in their opinion on how they stand-up?


  • pitlock, pinhead are the best since they offer a proper key .
    but they are not 100% but certainly good enough to give you confidence in leaving your bike, while you go shopping or something.

    one thing you have to make sure is that your cones on the wheel spindles are done up properly, otherwise you can tighten them down and loosen the grip nuts to release the wheel.
    that's the flaw they have.
    even if the cones are done properly there is still a chance they can tighten them a bit to be able to release the grips nuts.

  • ball bearings.

    job done.

    I'm still befuddled why Globe put quick-release on a town bike.

  • I favour the pitlocks, there has been a lot of discussion on the forum about them so use the search. They are not ultra secure as mentioned by Dylan, but they add minimal weight, certainly lighter and quicker than a mini d lock or cable.

    If you have to leave the bike for long periods of time then a mini d lock is better, especially if your wheel set is good, but then I wouldn't leave a bike with a good wheel set for more than brief periods. Summation, pitlocks add almost no weight and make the bike more secure.

  • PS Unlikely but are you Chicago artist Tom as in Tom and Holly?

  • Nope, sorry to dissapoint.

    London artist Tom as in Tom "nobody" Burton.

    yeah, i UTFS after making the thread and have read the pitlock discussion.

  • Oh well, nice to "meet" you.

    I kind of prefer UTS to the LFGSS bearpit UTFS.

  • I can vouch(ish) for pitlocks.

    I bent the seat post one inside my seat clamp... it took the best part of 30mins with tools to saw thru/brake it appart. Very tough.

    Altho after hearing about Dylan's point, maybe they're not as awesome as I thought...

    ...also is that common knowledge? If not then maybe it shouldn't be posted in a public post?

  • Serious thread dredge -

    I've head that pitlock and pinhead are crackable, and Atomic 22 are unbelievably expensive at the moment*. Apart from the old superglue and ball bearings trick, are there any other products on the market for this kind of stuff?

    I want to do my seatpost, saddle, stem and bars, ideally. Pitlock have a set that almost covers it, but after the thread on here, I'm weary of spending money on a shit system.

  • *I've heard that Mash are doing something with Atomic 22, which might mean a price drop / price hike, depending how it turns out...

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Security Skewers

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