To all you sewing lot...

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  • ahhh cool, gotcha! Great stuff :) Really enjoy this LFGSS thread, always great to see the progression of ideas and skills

  • Cheers @eskay - was this to the Burner thing? One turned up - The rider finished the route, said they'd been dreaming about Ben & Jerry's for days, they've definitely earned it.

    ....Been frustrating not to have had the time, but am hoping to finish the jeans later this week. I need to finish them soon, my current pair are threatening to crumble to dust like a vampire in sunlight! :/

  • Oh my… I think I’ll just put waterproof stuff inside. Thanks for you help!

  • Anyone got any suggestions for relatively lightweight webbing for crossbody / musette style bags? I have an Apidura packable musette that uses 18mm width stuff that's perfect - plenty strong but also not so stiff that it easily packs down. Has the same angled weave as seatbelt, as opposed to the stiffer stuff that has 'lines' across the width.

    Edit: just answered my own question, it's herringbone nylon tape. Any suggestions for stockists most appreciated.

  • profabrics, contactleft are the usual suspects.

  • I’ve been looking for decent quality webbing as you describe @tb Seen lots of budget stuff, coarse/loose weave, really shiny

    I’ve got some of the 20mm (might be 18mm?) herringbone tape from Pro Fabrics, which is ok but not amazing; it’s relatively light and folds, so prob more suitable for binding than load-bearing straps. But earlier today I also ordered some of the 20mm webbing too; I’ll let you know when it arrives, post some pics/comments to compare the two qualities.

  • Thanks for the answers.

    This is the stuff I was thinking of getting - is that the stuff you’ve just ordered?

  • Yes, the 19mm herringbone is the one I've got already; it is a 'good' quality, but just comparing to a rucksack strap, is slightly thinner and more pliable. To this end, if needed for something that will take weight into a buckle or slide, or is used in a long run, I'd say this would be more prone to twisting/folding.

    The herringbone is quite pronounced too, giving it quite a crisp, textured grain.

    This is the one I'm expecting - dispatched yesterday, so possibly today/tomorrow­aditional-weave-webbing-20mm?variant=594­0930179

    Will let you know how it compares!

  • ah-ha cool, thanks @Kurai - that does look good.

  • Just realised they've listed it as 19mm/1" which doesn't compute. I'll check when I get home.

    The real 19mm stuff is­ts/light-olive-19mm-0-75-webbing.html

    I think its made by Bowmer Bond, but be amazed if they sell non-wholesale.

  • I'd like to try to make a bag for a front rack/basket.
    What kind of foam would you recommend to use for the bottom/lower side?

  • Evazote is pretty dependable.

  • Evazote is hard to find if you're in the UK. ProFabrics has some different foams from what I can remember - most closed cell foams ought to be fine. You can also reuse old camping mats - you might be able to pick some up for cheap locally.

    I've been wanting to try latex foam, which is apparently 'natural', as I have a feeling normal foam is not particularly sustainable. Anyone have any experience with latex foam/know about the sustainability of regular foam?

  • Maybe ask a shop that specializes in natural bedding and mattresses, they might have off cuts available.

  • Despite having a foam shop nearby, I think that many of the suppliers are out in the middle of nowhere, so it wouldn't be so easy to buy scraps and off cuts. That would be ideal though!

    When I've got my workshop set up I'll be getting various samples in, as there's a bunch of materials I have bookmarked but not yet had the chance to experiment with.

  • Ah, the one close to me also manufactures their pads and beds onsite.

  • Anybody know of a shop in South West London which sells seatbelt webbings like the photo? I only need a couple of meters.
    Thank you

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    • 48mm-wide-seatbelt-webbing-1-2.jpg
  • Know anyplace that's getting rid of old/out of date baby seats? It's narrower but still mighty strong.

  • Good shout. I like the idea to reuse some part of stuff people want to get rid of. I always see a lot of stuff dropped on the streets I ll keep my eyes open tomorrow morning during my long commute! Thanks

  • Right on, post if you find something and tell us what you're making.

  • @Chopsicle Hope you don't mind me asking, but where do you get your ripstop nylon? Want to remake some insulated windproof type overshorts for girlfriend who always has a cold arse when out walking!

  • No not at all! I have to get creative and piggy-back onto bigger production orders, or get hold of surplus/excess from production, hence why things are a little intermittent.

    Send me a dm and I can mail you some, no problem - the quality I have at the moment is relatively light, 28gsm, so ideal for an insulated undershort, but prob won’t last long as a standalone short!

  • Also my brother has fabrics in Hackney at the Raeburn Lab. It’s roll-ends and as such changing/intermittent, there’s sometime technical windproofs, but more on the heavier side­und-up/raeburn-fabric-shop
    Was actually some v nice stuff for luggage, and heavier bonded cottons a while back, all at v good prices

  • Thanks, I've sent you a dm, I'll check that link out too. Brexit sux :(

    Hopefully getting some samples of CLO insulation, looks a lot easier to sew into clothes than the Apex Climashield I've used for quilts.
    Not going to be anything too advanced, just a bum and a thigh panel (sewn in like a shirt yoke), with a pull cord for legs. Main priority is warm and lightweight.

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To all you sewing lot...

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