To all you sewing lot...

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  • obviously somewhat machine dependent and difficult to describe, but, how easy should it be to pull the thread once it has gone through all the ins and outs and ends up down by the needle?

  • If the thread corresponds to the needle hole (ie thick thread = big needle), it should be possible when the foot is up.

    The foot up/down mechanism also compresses the thread tension dial; When the foot is down, it compresses a spring in the dial, giving the true rate of tension for the thread. When the foot is up, it releases the spring/tension, allowing you to pull the work away from the needle after sewing, or thread the machine.

  • thanks

    with the foot up i can pull it through, but its not a delicate pull between finger and thumb, more of a grab it firmly in the fist and pull hard

  • Binder update: I wasn't sold on the swing away binder, it still got in the way so I found myself removing it when not in use, meaning the swinging mechanism only made it harder to adjust and keep in place. And it offered little clearance in tight corners etc. So I've bought a right angle binder and it's great, the vertical clearance isn't quite as good so I can't bind over zippers, but I don't see that being a huge problem. It feeds nicely and it's clearance makes it easier to keep everything aligned.

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  • Ooh yeah that looks good!!

  • on my watch list, if we can get a few more in on it would be good, 200kg is alot

  • Which binder did you go for? Any link?

  •­108.html The 26mm size as I use 1" tape, which works well enough. There's some skill to it but I'm starting to get the hang of it, keeping my index finger against the edge of the fabric to push the binding in place and keep everything aligned helps a lot. If only I could find the funds for / convince my partner of the decorative value of a cylinder arm sewing machine with binding attachment...

  • Thanks, I'd love to try one of this kind of binder for neat edges. I really need to convince myself one day to order something on aliexpress though. Lol
    Your stuff are excellent, really well done.

  • Finally got around to making a half framebag for my rockhopper, still wanted the bottles cages to be useable so made this that goes around them.

    A few issues here and there but really happy with how it came out even with the slightly tricky shape of the bottom.

    Just need some form of padding on the bottom to protect any gadgets from smashing around.

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To all you sewing lot...

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