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  • It's been a while since I used it but I think it was just the standard foot with the needle position offset to get closer to the binding edge. I just had a look at the last binding I did and the top/bottom balance is pretty equal, getting the binding really tight to the fabric edge was more of an issue for me.

    If I get time at the weekend I'll set it up and can take a few photos.

  • € 17,91 15% Off | Swing Away Adjustable Plain Raw Single Fold Binder For Industrial Sewing Machine

    I looked at the Suisei binders Mack Workshop uses but they’re hard to buy and about thrice the price for not much difference. Although I’ll probably end up getting one as I find out this cheap one is a bit meh.

  • Oh shit! Gonna get one immediately, thank you very much.

  • is there a foot you’d recommend with this attachment? I’m using this guy at the moment and the width is quite frustrating.

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  • As mine's a needle feed I don't have much choice, I was planning on getting this which looks about as wide as yours.­dj-binder-presser-foot-needle-feed/

    I might go for the real Suisei foot then, looks a bit better:­SUISEI-nr-kat.-SAN55-stopka-standardowa-­ruchoma-do-lamownika-do-maszyny-z-krocza­ca-igla-Hinged-Binding-Foot-for-Needle-F­eed-Machine/76784

    I think you can get on of the SAxx (e.g. SA45 or SA130) feet which are easier to get by, I believe the number is specific for each tape width. The foot for a finished width of 13mm looks about as wide as the one you have though.­-attachments/suisei-folders-attachments/­suisei-presser-feet/suisei-binding-feet.­html

  • This has been incredibly helpful, thank you. Will report back!

  • also I think (if i've got my head around this properly) that it's less an issue with the foot's width, which you're right looks fine, as its length compared to those susei ones? The one I have means the gap between the fold point of the tape as it comes out of the binder attachment and the needle has to be pretty big, which I think might be part of the problem with it slipping.

  • Feel like this might fit the bill but I can't work out from the specs which one I'd need for 1" tape??­94789528.html

  • It depends on your binder, I believe you're using pre-folded tape in a single fold binder? That would give a finished width of 12.5mm meaning you'd need the biggest foot? If you're using a double fold binder 1 inch tape would give a finished width of 7mm and you'd need option 4?

  • I'm doing raw edge binding I think people call it, so just 1" grosgrain into a single-fold attachment. Think your assessment of that presser foot sounds right, came to the same conclusion. Cheers

  • Am thinking of getting this machine for the local members workshop/makerspace. For heavy duty sewing - bags, leather, canvas, webbing etc­/highlead-GC0618.html

    The GC0618-1SC model is an improved product based on the original Highlead GC0618 and is specially designed for use on medium to heavy weight materials and leather.

    With its powerful feeding system, wider presser foot stroke, higher foot lift and longer stitch length, this sturdy industrial sewing machine can deal with many different types of material and thick sewing threads.

    It features a triple feeding action by way of lower drop feed, needle bar feed and top alternating walking feet. These 3 proven feed devices are optimally timed to work in unison and allow the GC0618-1SC to respond to various heavy duty applications while maintaining a consistent stitched seam quality.

    A horizontal axis double capacity hook is fitted, which increases lower bobbin thread capacity, allowing for fewer bobbin changes which can be of particular use when stitching with the thicker sewing threads associated with heavier materials.

    Anyone have experience with this manufacturer?

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  • Looks identical to my old Sewmaq compound feed.

  • Like, identical identical

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  • Yeah, think they are both (along with various other brands) Chinese clones of old Singers

  • Anyone have use for a handful of buckles and webbing locks? Buckles looks to be for 50mm webbing, locks for 25mm. Neither are branded.

    Happy to post the lot within the UK if you'll make use of them.

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  • I'd take them for the local hackspace if no-one else wants them

  • PM me your address and I'll get them in the post on Tuesday. I'll see if I can turn up any other bits and pieces, have a feeling there might be a bunch of unused zips in another box, if they'd use those too?

  • pm sent

  • I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I hope I can make sense of it later by documenting it here.

    I made some progress on the cycling jersey for a friend, I took this pattern as a starting point and went to work. The S seemed to be the closest fit, but it was still a bit big in the shoulder (or so I think, it's very hard to see with a raglan sleeve and I really regret not going for a standard sleeve) so I made it a tad narrower there. Then I messed around with the shoulder part of the body bits (technical term) until the lengths of the curves matched again. I'm aiming for about 15% stretch so I multiplied the circumference measures with 0.85 and then I did some calculations I can't quite trace back to make the back a bit wider than the front, as that's what the original pattern did. I made a curved spline around the three width measures and then added the dropped tail by making the spline tangent with the curve on the front.

    Up next is figuring out seam allowances for hemming, zipper, and collar and then I'll just have to cut and slap something together. I'm using the overcast stitch on my sewing machine as that's the neatest looking stretch stitch, I don't see myself getting a serger anytime soon so I hope it works. I also bought twin needles for hemming the sleeves.

    I might get some stretch thread as it'd be nice to just use a straight stitch (I could even use the industrial machine then?), any thoughts on that?

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  • I'm in the market for a sewing machine for bag making.

    My 60's Bernina has died and is not worth repairing according to the local repair place. The pedal has given out and to be honest it used to struggle with Cordura seams once they got somewhat thick, despite it being old/heavy/supposedly a good Singer 201k alike

    I thought I wanted a Juki dnu-1541, I watched a few videos of middle aged men enthusing about how the walking foot will climb over anything as they merrily rip through big stacks of leather. Tijmen patiently pointed out to me that this is not the be all and end all and that a needle feed machine might be more appropriate if I am trying to have a "one machine to do it all" - that the walking foot is not that preferable for some lighter/liner materials.

    Do people have suggestions for a machine around the 1k mark, new or used, available in the UK that is suitable for bike bag type purposes? 1000D Cordura being the thickest thing it is likely to sew. Industrial, straight stitch, something with decent parts availability in the UK.

  • Apologies if this has been covered ad nauseam, but don't want to go through all 36 pages!

    Does anyone have a link for a good website that sells webbing / buckles / zips etc?

    Also cordura any good links?

    Really want to make something similar to this:

    Mostly for towing my polo bike on my cargo bike and carrying a cooler on the rear rack!

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  • @fax_yourself

    I've been looking at this, which comes in at £1020, although carriage adds another £80­/highlead-GC0618.html

    It will be used for most of the things you describe

  • Ebay is a good place to start, you can get decent webbing, zips and metal d-rings. Finding good tri-glides seems hard.

    These are some other links i have bookmarked­tings/rings-dees-loops/dee-rings.html­ategory/plastic-hardware/

  • Point North are also worth a look -

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To all you sewing lot...

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