To all you sewing lot...

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  • Easier to turn the crank by hand... and just keep going by hand.

    I'm sure I'll get the hang of the treadle but so far I lack the coordination.

  • You rest your foot (without pressure) on an adequately tensioned treadle foot, shunt the crank with a sharp turn to start, and allow the momentum to start your foot turning it in the right direction.

    Ymmv, I learned on these.

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  • Hello sewing enthusiasts! Tim Hunkin’s remastered his videos, including The Secret Life of the Sewing Machine


  • Just watched, thanks!

  • First time I’ve made something I haven’t seen anyone else do. Maybe for good reason, but I’m happy nonetheless. Little zippered pouch for my tools with compression straps to keep the contents from rattling.

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  • Very neat in both senses

  • Compression straps are a very nice touch imo!

  • Does anyone have suggestions for tape to repair a torn waterproof? I've got some clear Gorilla tape but I think it'll leave a load of residue and also peel off.

  • Tenacious Tape.

    That said I fixed an insulated gillet with Gorilla Tape 4 years ago and it's still in place.

  • This got out of hand. Was meant to be a single prototype but ‘orders’ kept coming in. A couple of tight corners made it very challenging but I’ve learned a lot. Soon to be seen on the streets and lanes of London famous London under the saddle of a #1 influencer.

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  • Profabrics have colourful xpac in stock.

  • Amazing, cheers for the heads up on this!

  • I have a 4 thread overlocker for sale in the classifieds. Apologies for the spam :)

  • Finally got around to making myself a little stem bag! Followed the pattern from

    Main body is from 500d coated courdura
    Top drawstring part from silicon coated nylon rs

    Great little make!

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  • Somehow lost one of these from my courier bag, have no idea what it’s called. Any suggestions on where I could find a replacement?

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  • search for 2 slot buckle / tri-glide.

  • Very nice.

  • That looks great, I cannot find the article on though, have you get a link?

  • Thank you!! Was a great little project lots of options to change to make it work with your bike or what you want to store in it!

    Stem Bag

    Here ya go! Though in the first instruction where is says a-b-a follow the picture not the tutorial as it’s b-a-b. There is a few good comments that help on some of the more confusing parts!

  • Ive been thinking about getting a big boy sewing machine. I learned to sew on a machine with automatic thread cutting, start stop tacks and needle positioning and I sort of miss it but don’t think it’s worth the ~€500 premium?

    See a lot of people talking about the Juki 8700 but then it might not be powerful enough for 500d cordura and xpac according to some? But I find it hard to imagine it wouldn’t be able to handle what my domestic machine can do?

    Walking foot 1181 is better for heavy fabrics but I’d lose the ability to do light stuff from what I understand? I’m sort of keen to get into making jackets out of lighter ripstop (20d I guess, not ultralight sub 10d stuff) but I suppose I could still do that on the domestic machine.

    I also saw seemingly identical machines under the ZOJE brand for half price, bad idea?

    Oh and the main reason I want to upgrade is that I currently spend a lot of time adjusting thread tension for different stacks of fabric, from what I recall I never really had to do that. Bigger table is also a big plus.

  • I seriously doubt any of the 8700 series would have trouble with 500D.
    There are 3 versions and I have the heavy duty one.
    No walking foot but I haven’t missed it, though I’ve really only pushed the machine on tests, not projects.

  • Here’s ten layers of seatbelt material.

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  • Yeah that's more than I'd ever do, would you do light fabrics on it as well?

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To all you sewing lot...

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