To all you sewing lot...

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  • Looks like tubular webbing with bungee inside, but i would second the use of Voile mentioned, they were invented for strapping skis.

  • Thanks all for all the ideas.

    Usually people put the skis together,
    stuck with Voile straps or similar.

    Stuck to the frame,
    with a good part hanging at the back to avoid banging the knees on bindings.

    My set up is shorter and slimmer than skis,
    with no bulge from bindings,
    just minimal inserts.
    I want to leave the Carradice at the back to stick the rucksack on.
    The boards have to come forward
    on each side of top tube,
    with the edges inward to avoid injuries.
    It s more balanced,
    and the Carradice is interfering with the usual rear placement anyway.

    I m not desperate,
    I just have the skis on my back tied to the emptied rucksak.
    All the stuff goes into the Carradice.
    15 k max cycling.

  • Partner got gifted a 70s (maybe 80s) Singer Futura. The amount of electronics on it had me doubtful it would work and it quickly went up in smoke after we plugged it in. Totally knackered you think? I'm sure I read something about this happening to someone else on this thread but can't find it now

  • did it run really fast on its own, without touching the foot pedal then just stop, along with a burning smell?

  • Footpedal seemed fine but we heard a pop and then smoke eminating from the bottom of the machine. Seems like it could be a capacitor(?)

  • Looks like you might be on to something, regarding the foot pedal. Hopefully it's good to go after I swap this out

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  • Yeah, that’s all it is. Swap that out and you’re good. Common problem, over time they degrade and appear to cause the machine to blow up. Off the top of my head it’s a 0.1uf capacitor but you may want to check.

  • That classic burning-sewing-machine smell we all know and love.

  • Has anyone got 2 webbing G hooks going spare that I could buy?
    For 20mm webbing.

    Ideally silver Aluminium colour.

  • Contactleft had some last I looked!

  • Cool will investigate, they were on my radar, but I only saw 1inch when I looked before (a while ago admittedly)

  • Anyone have a link for this specific G hook, 1”?

    I’m obsessing a bit but I do really like this style. Recreating the simple but brilliant Strawfoot Handmade musette, with its sternum strap, for a friend.

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  • At $72 for a musette, you are probably looking at custom hooks.­s/hooks/g-buckle-hook-for-webbing.html

    *Could be a Duraflex Alula

  • Does anyone have an idea how this zipper could be fixed without a replacement?

    Might be hard to get from the image but the last couple of mm's of the fabric next to the zipper has worn out. As there's no fabric next to the zipper bottom I can't really see how I can attach anything to it. Unless I pry off the zipper bottom bit, add fabric and then clamp it back on? Worried I'll ruin it though which means a £60 replacement zipper if I want the proper one...

  • pry off the zipper bottom bit, add fabric and then clamp it back ong with a 'greater than'

    Pretty much nailed it for a shortterm fix. Though I'd imagine it'll be a pig to get it opened and clamped back properly without trashing the zipper fabric. You might get lucky and be able to source a matching new insertion pin.

    You are going to need a new zipper I'm afraid. Antique brass open two way heavy duty YKK ~ £8 + ~£35-45 for labour. Heck even Barbour only charge £29 for a new zip.

  • I can sew it on myself. It’s stitched straight on so won’t be too hard.

    Found NOS 70s zipper in Japan...£60 with shipping

  • Don’t bother with NOS or ‘old’ zippers. Buy a new zip that is the correct style. You can always put the old zip fly on if you buy smart.

  • Ah, wasn't sure if that was the price quoted because it was a tailored coat or something.

    Still, it's unsalvageable. They talk about Crown and Talon zips in this thread.­zipper-repair-of-the-thread-behind-the-m­ale-insertion-pin.86432/

  • Why not? For functional reasons or that’s it’s a waste of money? For me, keeping the jacket original has a value. Not sure it’s worth £60 for a zipper, but maybe. I also like getting post from Japan.

  • Do you know what fibre the zip tape is? If it’s synthetic you can arrest the fraying with heat (lighter, iron, or temp controlled soldering iron and Teflon paper) before attaching new tape. Use a heat-cut blade to cut new tape to graft on, so you get a low profile overlap/join with no fraying, then crimp on a new pin (or the old one you carefully pried off).

    You potentially can get inside the garment, and cut the required amount of zip tape from the top of the zipper - there’s sometimes a good few cm of tape beyond the last tooth - but it’s a big ask and risks the upper tape fraying if it’s not finished properly.

    .....with something like this, I guess you don’t have anything to loose before reverting to a full replacement if it doesn’t work.

  • Had some fun turning scraps into a wallet. Not the neatest but decent, very little room for error with something as small as this.

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  • Picked up a working Singer 127 from 1916, with the treadle table. I think it will take a while to master the pedalling it forwards without accidentally going backwards.

    Thrown in for spares was an almost seized 127 from 1914 with quite worn Sphinx decals. I spent last weekend stripping it down to just the body and main shaft remaining and cleaned decades of crud from the workings. I need some new feed dogs as these are very worn and some feeler blades to adjust the shuttle correctly, but it sews OK already

    Work trousers repaired already.

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  • Well done, I never got the hang of the required foot rhythm.

  • Easier to turn the crank by hand for the first shunt, to get it rolling.

  • Oh yah, an expert with about 80 years experience (my mom) attempted to teach me the finer points of treadle sewing machines, didn't take.

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To all you sewing lot...

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