To all you sewing lot...

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  • It’s a weekend bag for my brother, 55x35x25cm to fit in most airlines’ carry on requirements. He wanted the shoe compartment for his running shoes.

    I had a hunch you’d like it, I can share the pattern when it’s done, probably next weekend, but I want to be sure everything matches up first.

  • Yeah that’d be cool. My list of things to make is growing!!

  • Not quite a Mondrian.

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  • I want to buy that, the right one (not the left one which is similar but slightly different ;-). What key words I have to use to find it on google?

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  • Polyamid webbing, I think the left one is polyester.

  • The two in the picture are different weaves - they could even be the same material.

    I would advise avoiding polypropylene webbing and using polyester or nylon (be aware that nylon will stretch considerably when wet). Use a hot knife to seal the ends to prevent fraying.

  • These look really good! Seeing this thread always make me want to get back on a machine and make some more bags.

    My current idea is to needlessly make an improved under the saddle tool roll (I made a basic one ages ago that lives on my bike) using the Fidlock Winch system for closure similar to the Silca ones that use the BOA system

  • Thanks for all your links. I ll look into it, they definitely have interesting items on their website to start with. Cheers

  • Looking into getting a heavy duty machine - able to do denim, leather, waxed cotton, tent materials etc

    We have up to 1.5k to spend and a JUKI seems the favorite, but they have a lot of models

    Two stand out to me:­/du-1181/
    1-needle, Top and Bottom-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Double-capacity Hook

    With its strong top and bottom feed mechanism, the machine insures the smooth feeding of hard-to-feed materials or multilayered sections of materials to achieve consistent seam quality that is free from irregular stitch pitches. The automatic lubricating mechanism dramatically improves maintainability of the machine.­/dnu-1541-7/

    1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Double-capacity Hook with Automatic thread trimmer

    With its larger needlebar stroke, higher presser foot lift, and newly adopted double-tension mechanism, the machine offers excellent sewing capabilities and responsiveness. The machine's rectangular feeding motion promises the consistent feeding of materials of all thicknesses without stitch gathering.

    But I dont know much, for example, the difference between Unison Feed and Top and Bottom Feed

    What would you buy?

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  • I d like to carry skis along the top tube of my bike, making a kind of sling.
    One on each side.
    What kind of material will be able to resist ski edges?
    How difficult is it to sew?

  • Check out GoldStar on youtube, they have lots of comparisons of Juki machines.
    I don't do a lot of sewing but in the past I found that when the occasion arose I needed something heavy duty and ended up with an 8700H. Not sorry.

  • Maybe leather?

  • There are textile loops on rucksacks to hold skis,
    I don't know what they are made of.
    That's the only material that resist.
    All the diy lines I've used gets eaten away,
    even in a vertical position,
    with skis stuck together.

  • Probably 1000d Cordura. Straps are probably going to be a dense weave polyester/nylon.

  • I got a load of toggles for drawstring/paracord. I need about 20 of them and have 100. If anyone wants a handful of them, I'm happy to lob them in the post (just shove a quid into a suitable collection box next time you see one).

    Edit - these ones:­91059513.html

  • @atz I'd love some if you have any left!

  • Drop me your address and I'll sort it out. They're coming from Europe so be warned, they may take some time.

  • I 'll have a look.
    I ve asked a local mountain bag company.

  • That's what the loops for skis look like.

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  • Hm, yeah Hypalon is usually a monochromatic, rubbery texture.

  • Maybe create some kind of wrap around the skis, made of sleeping mat or similar, and then tie that to the frame. Or create something made of two parts where you can replace the part that wears down easily.

    Cake's Ösa has a ski mount. Maybe a bit overkill for a bicycle but I think the idea of using basic straps that can be easily replaced is good

  • Voile straps might be good too, I think they were actually invented for this. Because they don’t slide the edge doesn’t get to cut them maybe?

  • Just a thought on the sliding thing, why not use ‘sock stop’ or similar?

    I can’t remember the name, but there was a silicone/glue type stuff you could buy to hold clothing in place, like you find on the thighs of cycling shorts.

    Looking at DIY solutions people have used hot glue guns to add non-slip patterns to socks.

    Maybe any kind of liquid latex or rubber glue could make a regular webbing strap less slippery and more durable for the skis?

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To all you sewing lot...

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