To all you sewing lot...

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  • Facebook can be a great source for waxed cottons if that is something you are after. Recently got ~20m for about £25 delivered.

  • ^ you have a link for that?

  • Couple of top tube jobbies for some friends.

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  • And a badman chestpack thing for another friend. I tried modeling it, not really my thing. Too scrawny to look mean anyway.

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  • Totes today. Promised a lot of stuff to various people to force myself to keep going. About halfway through now.

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  • I could see Pris or Leeloo with one of those...

  • Ha, the ones I did last summer were even Fifth Elementier.

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  • A successor for my previous zippered tote, out of 1000d instead of 500d cordura this time. Well nice and surprisingly easy to work with.

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  • Great work in those last few posts, where are you sourcing your X-Pac?

  • Theses are really good. Might try something similar

  • These look great!

  • Thanks all! @GoatandTricycle I've attached the pattern I used for the tote. I first attach the webbing to the upper part, then attach the lower part and then top stitch to finish. Then sew together the sides, close the bottom and do a triangle fold thingy to give it some shape. I bias bind to edge at the end, but you could also fold it over and top stitch.

    To me the Filson bag doesn't seem very complicated, but it's a lot of work with all of the pockets, especially if you want to put some pockets on the lining too. I'm planning on doing a weekend bag sometime soon, I reckon that if you'd scale that to be flatter and higher it'd be quite close to this.

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  • I'm rounding of my sewing drive with two Outer Shell Drawstring copies, particularly happy with finally getting my head around the snips needed for neat corners. I made the all-white bag last summer.

    Need to take some decent daylight pictures this weekend and then ship everything.

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  • Thanks that’s ace. What’s the deal are you selling stuff or just a hobby for friends or...?
    I’m pretty good at designing the stuff and deconstructing other designs, my sewing skills however are very basic!!
    What I like about the filson bag is the little touches, I agree it looks pretty simple but I’d really like a good flight bag as I’m a nervous flyer hahaha

  • Just a hobby for friends at this point, selling for material cost rounded to the next fiver roughly. I don't really plan on making a business out of this for fear of it taking the fun out of it, but who knows. At 50 labels for a tenner I thought it would be a nice touch, the name Wit Slingers is a Dutch play on words meaning both 'white bunting' but could also pass as slang for a coke dealer so would probably have to revise that before going commercial. :)

    And what I meant to say about the Filson bag is that it's a good project to start with, because it's a lot of practice without ever getting too complicated. In my experience even shoddy stitching is pretty bomb proof as long as the tension is in the right ballpark, maybe get abrasion resistant thread like Nylbond although my machine has never really liked it.

    @Kurai I'm getting all of my fabric from ExtremTextil.

  • I like the labels. Might be a bit more than I’d need but they are a nice touch.
    If you want to add me as a friend for your hobby feel free ;-)
    Do you have pictures of stuff in one place anywhere?

  • Hey everyone, can I ask what people are using for padding in hip/sling/rack bags? I have found a few options online but nothing definitive about what works best in terms of minimal bulk and weight. Thanks!

  • Evazote might not be the lightest but I like the balance of firmness and protection that it gives. I've used old cut up sleeping pads made of the stuff to protect laptops et cetera when transporting in an unlined bag.

  • Thought so, a bit miffed I forgot to put an order in before XMas/Brexit.
    @GoatandTricycle Thanks, I've used them quite a lot, a bland colour selection though.

  • Yeah true! If you find anywhere let me know.
    Have you seen the Oveja Negra x Brink stuff? Not sure if it’s screen printed or painted. Looks great tho!

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  • I bought the orange from Gramm Tourpacking, worked out about twice as expensive as ExtremTextil because she quoted me ex VAT and went for what I think was the most expensive shipping possible, but it worked nonetheless. You could ask Straightcut or another UK bagmaker (don’t think Wizard Works is big on XPAC though) to sell you a small amount. ExtremTextil’s colour range has gotten better, but when I see the stuff Hungry is using I’m still left wanting.

    @merl I’ll second Evazote, I have 4mm but I’ll probably look at a slightly thicker option by the time I’ve finished this sheet.

    @GoatandTricycle I might, but I’ll have to warn you I’m very picky in the projects I take on. And as it’s strictly mates rates there’s no kind of warranty / liability, I’ll of course give it my all but just tot be clear.

  • Yeah totally get that. Would be cool though.
    Have you lined any bags? That looks kinda next level in terms of complexity.
    And do you have an insta with any previous stuff on?

  • Good shout, I'll drop a few an email. Don't know the cost of foam etc but Blacks have multimats for about £5-6.

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To all you sewing lot...

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