To all you sewing lot...

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  • Not against doing that, still quite under the weather so my making has been at a massive standstill. If you are in urgent need, I may not be the person to ask!

  • Thanks mate, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon. I'm really not in a rush, happy to wait, if you do get overwhelmed tho I can try put it out to tender on here see if anyone is up for a project, send me a message when you feel ready dude. Take it easy.

  • possibly a long shot but.... my JUKI DNU-1541 needs oil. i'm out of the stuff it came with (JUKI defrix #2) and the internet is not forthcoming with either replacement of this or a substitute. from what i can gather, #1 is for home/small/light machines, #2 is for industrial machines. does anyone have a recommended alternative? cc. @Black_Rainbow_Project 👋

  • If you're desperate I have over half a bottle still of the official stuff, which is hard to get in the UK. Most places either don't stock or are out of stock.
    This stuff could be a worthy alternative.

  • that's really kind, thank you Scott >^.^< i'm sure i'll be able to find something but i'll keep it in mind, i'd feel bad taking some off you as i know it's hard to get! i've emailed college sewing (who i got some parts off after one of the dogs chewed the knobs off, sigh) to ask if i can get away with their #1 stuff, but i'll probably get the ebay one you recommended. cheers bud

  • Ok not 100% sewing but bag related. I have a new job starting and am oddly excited about the prospect of commuting by bike again (It's been years since it was an necessary/an option) so I've been thinking about luggage. I wanted a bag to go on top of my Nitto front rack on my Specialized Awol that was the right size to carry minimal amounts of stuff and be easy to take on and off whilst still looking kind of cool and that I'll probably also use for touring.

    A few hours later and I have bought a second hand Carradice super C... Which at first glance seems like a bit of a hassle to easily take on and off when mounted up front but I have a plan. I recently noticed that Fidlock have made their various magnetic attachment bits available in small quantities on in the UK you can get them from contactleft. So my idea is to get some of the screw together ones and attached through the bottom of the super C and then mount some to the top of the rack using a similar approach to the Restrap rando bag.

    Anyone done something similar before with any advice?

  • I'm going to make a zippered holdall style bag out of waxed cotton. I'd like to line it with some generic fabric.

    Should I make a floating liner and if so, do I just attach this at the zip?

    Or, should I attach the liner to the outer at all edges?

  • I don't know about that, but does the number of attachment points affect how rigid the bag will be? I find that those bags tend to look better if they don't flex too much.

  • it probably would be more boxy if attached at every seam.

    this Filson bag is what i am aiming for. i'm not expecting to look quite as good

  • Ah, a duffle.
    I got an incredibly heavy duty one from sailsmith bags. He’s in eastern US and makes everything he sells.
    My bag was $65USD and is made mostly of #4 canvas!

  • And in terms of shape holding, this bag has no problem in that department thanks to the weight of canvas used in it’s construction.

  • My canvas is pretty thin. Perhaps I'll just get some thicker material. But this is what I have now, and now is when I want to make it

  • I think I’d just attach the lining to the zip, mostly because I can’t think of a way of attaching it to anything else really. Or skip the lining entirely and use piping on the seams inside the bag?

  • Not the best pic. Why is this row of stitching like this. The loops of the bottom thread are coming up through the material and the top thread is just a line...

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  • Looks like a tension issue

  • So that's what that mystery dial is for...

  • the row next to it was fine, but i could have inconsistent tightness of thread on the bobbin. Sometimes i go slow, other times hit the pedal to give it maximum beans

  • Tension issues also come up when the machine is overwhelmed by the materials. My poor little 1948 Singer was tough but multiple layers of canvas/leather quickly overwhelmed it, the Juki eats that shit right up.
    Also check your needles are matched to the thread.

  • managed to do a couple of metres without a problem

    ran into further issues - excuse the lack of terminology

    the bottom bit which houses the bobbin stopped moving when the foot pedal was pressed.
    diagnosed that at the back the cog had come away from the gear, so pushed it back on and tightened up the grub screws.

    that now moves as you'd expect, but the bottom thread just wont pick up. tried multiple times, different materials, re-threading everything but no joy.

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  • Might be a hook timing issue if the cog has effectively slipped position relative to the other moving parts.

    Edit: https://sewing-machine-service-and-repai­

  • nice, i'll investigate!

  • That helped enormously. I seem to be back up and running. Also: discovered the machine has a light :) gamechanger

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  • Awesome, glad it was easily solved once known, bonus light too!

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To all you sewing lot...

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