To all you sewing lot...

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  • I've used Gütterman Top Stitch, as that was what my LSS sells.

    (Reply to @moocher )

  • cool. i was looking at that brand on Ebay

  • Not sure the difference between Top Stitch at £1.85 for 30m and Extra Strong at £4.25 for 100m.

    Extra Strong is a bit cheaper per metre

  • I think Top Stitch is more "decorative" whilst E.S is a brute?

    I'll probably switch to E.S. now based on reading the blurbs.

  • i'm gonna go for ES


  • You want bonded nylon ideally. Nylbond or similar stuff, where the thread won’t snap under tension - you’ll have a lot of tension going through webbing.

  • I used to use polyester sailthread for my bags -­ed-polyester.html (nylon soaks up water and then stretches much more than polyester)

    Depending on the machine you might get away with V92. V69 should be fine for domestic machines generally.­ight-Thread-Size#:~:text=V%2D69%20is%20t­he%20heaviest,of%20thread%20on%20the%20s­pool.

  • Although it’s super strong, the top stitch thread plays to the visual and decorative. It’s more loosely spun and ‘lofty’ than a dedicated tightly-spun strong yarn.

    One trick you can try is simply double threading the machine with standard threads. Two reels on the top, threaded through machine and both through same needle. Regular single thread in bobbin, and adjust top tension if needed.

    It won’t give a stronger seam to tear/tension forces, but it will to abrasion and stress on the topside where the double thread is ...mix thread colours and twist in the feeding sections if you’re feeling frisky!

  • Oh! And if you haven’t already, definitely worth getting needles to match the thickness of thread and thickness of material, ...and adjust stitch length :) Tiny stitches in thick thread and fabric looks weird, and it creates an easy perforation to tear.

  • Anyone interested in some high quality Cordura/nomex? We’re selling a roll end, 160cm wide, I’d say 600d, techy-grid from the aramid fibre, snips/tape for scale, £9pm which is an absolute bargain.

    Raeburn Lab, Hackney, opens tomorrow 12-6, bikes welcome inside

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    • also a selection of lighter fabrics, inc Millerrain bonded cottons, recycled ripstops, stretch grey denim, all bargain prices

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  • Anyone know where I can get nice rubbery velcro tabs like these?

  • The brand name for the grippy, coated textile is Hypalon. I‘ve not worked with it - aside from speccing on zip pullers - But a quick look around and you can order by the more in different weights.

    What are you planning? It might be worth looking into how best to work with it, and heat-sealing edges (laser-cutting, hot knife cutting) to get a neat finish.

  • I'm wanting to make a frame bag and my flatmate's got a Restrap. The velcro tabs don't slip around, and feel very nice! Was hoping to find something similar.

  • Hypalon isn't made anymore though you may find supplies of it here and there.
    Heat sealing I don't think is necessary, at least it doesn't look like it on the items I've used (strap on shoe spikes, snowshoes, my Travoy trailer).
    Couldn't you sew the velcro onto any grippy material?

  • Depending how much weight will be carried, could you try pre-moulded Velcro cuff tabs? You can pick up ‘hook & loop cuff tabs’ and these will have a clean finish around the edges, and avoid the velcro/grippy fabric edges splaying after a bit of use.

    ...huh, showing my age there I guess! Is there a generic name for that grippy coated textile?

  • You could also buy a couple cheap decathlon stem bags and use the velcro tabs from those - they're amazing

  • you could just hack some normal velcro and add with some sock grip paint
    Google "sock grip paint".

  • Burned through 100m of extra strong making a giant bag. I carry a lot of 600mm x 400mm sheets of ply around. This will cater for that. The back will either take straps vertically, or the d rings will attach onto my existing backpack.

    Thanks to @pdlouche for the seatbelts.

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  • We also have some v nice quality (mil spec?) webbing, olive, grey, cream, 50mm + other cotton tapes and grosgrains

    Raeburn Lab Hackney, open Fri/Sat/Sun but let me know any other times and I can arrange

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  • Looks good - if I was within cycling distance I'd be in for a browse

  • I could see about a video call with our head of retail (or me!) and can show the tapes off, and if interested, it’s not a problem to mail over. He’s away today/tomorrow but I’ll try to get some pricing for you - I do know everything is ‘priced to sell’.

    The tapes and the nylon fabric are v good quality, so I’d love to see them get used for interesting bike stuff, and not disappear into just aesthetic applications.

  • I think I'm ok thanks. That grid and camo cloth is super nice though, I'm sure someone will want it.

  • That digicam is a lighter poly/cotton feel, so prob not suitable for luggage - Prob make up a nice musette/drawstring bag, or lining for a bigger bag. ...Oh, or a Bucket hat!

    We’ve got a (free) downloadable pattern, instructions, vid etc if anyone is feeling inspired in this hot weather;­journal/post/id/depop-x-raeburn

  • nice. i'm gonna give that a go i think

    i'll post up a pic

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To all you sewing lot...

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