To all you sewing lot...

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  • Does even paper blunt them? Y tho?

  • Wondered that myself for a long time so did a google:

    Paper typically contains hard minerals that aren’t found in fabric, so cutting even ordinary paper will dull blades more than cutting fabric. Wrapping paper is worse, and holiday wrap with all its foil and sparkly accents may be the most damaging of all. Fabric shears are quickly dulled by using them for household purposes, so hide those shears from the rest of the family! Cutting fabric (and hair, etc.) requires very sharp scissors because the fibers bend and slip away from the blades so easily. (Ever tried cutting a lock of hair?) But scissors used mainly for cutting paper don’t need to be sharp. Even kiddie scissors work on just about everything.

  • Oh yeah for sure fabric shears are for fabric :-)

    I was just drooling over the big full metal tailor shears, but fiskars are cool too (plus, orange handles).

  • Thread dredge - need a simple machine for a few running repairs in various materials and thicknesses, anyone got any recommendations or have a cheap/free machine going?

  • I’ve heard good things about the singer 4411 for heavier work. I’ll hopefully pick one up in a few weeks

  • Another vote for the Singer 4411. Good, sturdy machine. I think @jaeyukdapbap has/had one too?

  • My advice is to go vintage a solid cast singer machine are cheap and bomb proof.
    Having watched a video of a singer 15k working it's way through a tin can I promptly bought one for £15 irc.
    Not used it enough but it's very basic straight stitch without reverse.
    Runs like a Swiss watch with a few drops of oil.

  • This guy?­nYw

    My mum's got one of these in the attic (as well as probably 2 or 3 other machines). I've been wanting to repair a few things for a while. I'll borrow it!

  • Yep that's the one..amazing machine.
    But lacks all the functions of a modern one.
    Would be great if it had a reverse gear..but it can be forgiven.

  • Love his label on the top drawer to the left

  • Lots of sewing going on on the forum lately, would be cool to see the updates that don't fit in other threads here. @jaeyukdapbap @SoYaap! @pdlouche

    My mum gave me her old sewing machine as she never uses it anymore and I'm using to get into bag making. I've mostly been doing ripoffs of existing bags by reverse engineering them, most notably Shazam and bagel bag. But I'm slowly getting to the point where I can at least mix different features and start thinking up my own stuff. I have plans (and orders from friends which is very daunting) for frame bags, top tube bags, a roll top backpack, totebags, little pouches, wallets, and a crossbody something. I'm figuring out a lot of design stuff with prototypes and practicing my stitching as I go.

    Today was spent trying new presser feet I got and the button hole feature of my sewing machine. I've bought a rolled hem foot and a bias tape feeding foot to neaten up my edges, but so far it doesn't seem to be a huge upgrade over doing it by hand. Hope to get a bit more feel for it as I use them more and can incorporate them into actual bags.

    Up until now virtually everything has been done out of cheap fabric left over from a study project. I have ordered a bunch of nicer fabrics (X-pac and cordura) but don't want to waste them on shit prototypes. I'll probably take plunge sometime soon though.

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  • Bias tape feet are poop - much better to use a tape making machine (with iron) and do by hand.

  • Need to fire mine up again soon. I’m giving myself the task of making a full size frame bag for the orange I’m currently building.

  • I’ve been too under the weather to do anything for months now. Laaaaaaaaaame.

  • Just finished my first feed bag, ordered some posh cordlocks for one handed operation.

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  • Looks great..

  • Ah cool I just found this thread! Great to see some of other people’s projects. I’m in Budapest now without a machine so nothing new from me but I don’t think i’ve put up any pics of this before. A few years ago now, after flying with a bike in numerous forms cardboard box/large soft bike bag, I knew I wanted something a bit smaller and suited to my needs so I made my own. I took the basic design of the Orucase and took apart an old hiking rucksack from a charity shop and re-used the whole back and straps as well as long zip. It’s doesn’t look like much but it’s got some cool features like 3 internal pockets for tools and Velcro removable 3 layer foam pads on all sides meaning that when not in use it packs down pretty small. So far I think it’s survived 12+ flights!

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  • Probably one of the simplest but favourite of my bags I’ve made is this rolltop handlebar bag with flap and two simple side pockets. It basically stays on my bike permanently with my tools and spares in it and easily has room for a snack or to stuff a layer in.

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  • posted this is the crafts thread, I'm going to make another but slightly different to this.

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  • Nice things going on the last posts, makes me want to dust off my machine! Last thing I made was a tote bag for a friend’s birthday (actually we made it together with friends visiting for the occasion :))

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  • Great, really tidy stitching, was that self drafted? Just making a shirt as next project.

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    Thoughts anyone? Usually more inclined to get something second hand but there's a Lidl 500m down the road and it'll only get light use. Maybe a little bit of MYOG at most.

  • Nah. Don’t. Good for patching a shirt or hemming the trousers, no good for actual use. £80 from a proper sewing mechanic/shop will get you much more for your money. Try find someone local who services machines and stocks a few. You’re better paying £100 new/used for much more, than £80 new for much less.

  • Cool, I'll avoid. I'll ask my sewing pals if they've got any local leads

  • Yeah, we made it up on the spot with the idea that it should hold vinyls (the other presents). It did in the end, just. Good luck with the shirt!

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To all you sewing lot...

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